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Are Officials Fallible?

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Does anyone know if officially the officials are designed to be fallible, or are such instances considered bugs? I'm aware of how FIFA want their officials to be portrayed in digital games, so didn't know whether what I just saw was legit or not.

As below, Avci passes to Mahmutaj, who then looks for  massively offside Samuelsson:


Samuelsson finishes:


Goal is given and off pops the linesman:


It was a 90th minute goal in my favour, but just wondered if such events were by design or by fault.

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Yes, officials can get things wrong in the game. That's part and parcel of football after all. If you see something happen too often, though, it's often nice to report it in the bug tracker just in case.

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You can often tell if it’s a mistake by design, as in these cases, in the post game screen there’ll be a line of text in the analysis referencing the error. This is also how you’ll see red cards (occasionally) overturned.

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