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  1. Okay pretty embarrassing here....at some point when clicking a million boxes and simming a year out to see what could possibly be the issue, I changed # of teams to add to round to 0. Well then of course it won't setup the match! The core issue shown by the screenshots was resolved via using "Year Offset From Game Start Year" instead if "Start Year Offset". I imagine Appy's suggestion would have worked as well.
  2. Edit: I figured out that using the "Year Offset From Game Start Year" instead of just the "Start Year Offset" was the solution to avoid the error in the editor. Weird, but good to know! Hi all, I've been working on a database that I hope will include a Super Cup between winners of two competitions from the previous season. One qualifying comp has history, the other is brand new. When verifying the rules, the editor can only find one team (from the history of the first competition), despite my setting that the Super Cup should start one year later, after both competitions have new champions. Anyone run into this issue before who have been able to figure out how to offset competition start years? I feel like I didn't have this much trouble in my old FM18 builds but those files are long gone... and I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious. The Super Cup takes place in July, while the competitions it pull from are completed during the previous May.
  3. Gotta say this is one of the most fun databases I've managed. Thank you ZZ for putting this together!
  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm planning on rebuilding the NACL anyways, so this shouldn't be a showstopper for me. Hopefully they fix it for you soon though.
  5. All, this has been fixed in 23.3! I'm able to test AR without the error popping up in USA databases. Thank you FM team!
  6. I bought this game to create a custom database and now I'm running into this same issue. It seems pretty widespread based on the comments here and other posts and kills the functionality of the editor.... Is this actually being worked on, or is this something I need to accept will never be fixed and get my money back? Other references to same issue: A B https://steamcommunity.com/app/2066750/discussions/0/6204299339034854487/
  7. Ah excellent! That worked. Thank you for the help (and making this tool in the first place!).
  8. Yes of course. Thank you! new added clubs.xml
  9. Hello, I've used this generator to create 350+ clubs - I generated the xml and imported to the editor, but then none of the new clubs can be found when searching by any criteria (ID, name, nation, etc.). Is there anything else needed to ensure this is all parsed correctly? I encountered no errors in the process nor in importing. Example of part of the xml and the search in the editor attached. I'm excited to get this to work, it's going to be such an incredible timesaver!
  10. Figured it out! I had been trying to qualify the teams to different rounds in the same stage, but I was instead successful when qualifying them to separate stages instead using the Group Stage's Qualification Rules. Also discovering that Top and Bottom position should both be the same in the Qualification Rules since both group winners are position 0 unlocked the final key. Mods can lock this, but if anyone needs help building something similar in the future, I'd be happy to help.
  11. Has anyone here ever tried to/successfully setup a 6-team competition like this? 2 groups of 3 teams Winners of each group advance directly to Final Second place teams play a third place game Third place teams play a fifth place game I can get the Final to happen no problem, but figuring out how to assign other group places to different knockout round has been tough. I have setup third place games after a semifinal knockout, using the convenient Index of Next Round options, but a separate Group Stage has no similar function. Any tips are appreciated!
  12. I managed to work this out - pretty simple mistake in hindsight. I asked for the parent competition to be completed, but needed to include all the child comps on the requirements page. So you were right on to what my issue was.
  13. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having an identical issue in my build and have tried messing with gaps between the competitions, setup dates, competition dates, and many other advanced editor options but I'm still never able to get this playoff to start.
  14. RESOLVED Original post: Hello brain trust. I'm trying to create two in-nation Champions League-type cups. I have a domestic top division with a number of subleagues. The champions of each subleague enter a playoff at the end of the season to determine a national champion. Easy enough. I would like those subleague champions to also qualify for a "Champions League" the following season. In the Nation rules I can setup a cup to include 1 team from each subleague, but I can't choose which position that team finished the previous season at. I've had success creating this cup and have been perhaps lucky that the correct teams qualified each year. The tricky part seems to be what follows. I then want all the non-Champions to be entered into a second cup, the "Challenge League". I can again pick the number of teams to be entered per subleague, but not which position in the table those teams should be from. In my testing, I get teams appearing in both the Champions League and Challenge League, since I can't specify year-by-year which subleague position should enter each cup. Is there a way to accomplish this in the editor within a single nation? Or is the only way to build these subleagues as separate top divisions each in their own nation, and rely on Club Continental rules instead? Edit: Figured out how to grab the last champions of each subleague using the advanced rules, but still having trouble with the Challenge League populating with clubs also selected for Champions League. Double edit: I've got it! In the Advanced Rules I have to select the teams that I want to exclude in the competition, and then Ignore them. Then I can populate with the remainder of the subleague's teams.
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