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  1. Ah yeah so I grabbed that which in this scenario is 2000317027 so then i edited the config over the original stadium which was 7200005. Had a touch and I've just noticed that non of the other teams has mini stadium images.
  2. Hey @stevemc love this pack. I remoed my other packs as I feel the quality on this pack is superior. So my scenario is that I have had a new stadium built. So i have renamed the original "sparta" file in your file structure to sparta.old and then renamed the new image to "sparta". Happy days this works on lots of the screens however because this is a new stadium how can i get the sparta image to show on the club overview?
  3. @Danny_Pt many thanks for this useful lines of text! So when you are mentioning backgrounds/default) if say whichever im editing i would then change that to suit. so in this example <!-- tunnel interview scene - pre match - covers entire screen - home --> <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/default" appearance="boxes/custom/home/paper" scale_picture="true" keep_aspect_ratio="false"> I'd edit the file= part and say if i had a tunnel_interviewscene1.png file in the backgrounds folder i would name it here? so then the line would read <widget class="picture" file="backgrounds/tunnel_interviewscene1" Is that on the right lines?
  4. Love this, will it overwrite things like licensed scoreboards UCL/UEL etc
  5. Woah what can i say really enjoying this tactic so far, what I love about it is that it feels good and feels tight at the back. My players are not my desired ones, yet still we are playing some nice stuff and such and improvement over my previous results and general playstyle. Brought in an advanced playmaker as required who has helped alot. A tall striker was tricky at the time as i had alot of similar player around the same height range 179-186. Finally found a guy who might be able to do a job little norweigan guy whos started promisingly after being on loan. Clearly struggled against teams that are predicted to be in the say top ten. This is due to my team being nowhere ready for where I want to be. Pompeys predictions are to be not involved with a relegation catfight - which isnt going to happen if things continue how they are. Previously I played with wide wingers who cut in so those are being shipped out to focus on the new positions and roles. Players are now being trainined in the new roles too. As the team has begun to be more familiar then the results have improved. Theres something going on here which i really like. Before I'd go into big games thinking (how high is this one going to be) however not now. We have even had some cracking results against the bigger teams. Plenty to build on and the squad probably wont be ready for another two seasons then hopefully go time to the promised land. Setup and affiliation with City as to help with the financial side of things for loaned players. Free transfers from prem teams academies have helped no end. Finding replacement players and players who can grow into the roles are my main focus now. Wingbacks are pretty key in the formation but not the be all end all as the output has been shared quite fairly. Top six for clean sheets which has been very nice. And again as the quality of players increase hopefully this number will also climb. Conceeded goals top eight, which for a club that is expected for a relegation fight has been impressive to say the least. Using Jayden Danns a bit in the Second Striker role behind and has been playing very well as he doesnt suit the pressing striker and is top of the conversion table. Happy days! Leander work in progress as i didnt really have a target forward as per formation. Hes not going to be world class but will help towards getting players into that mold.
  6. Can someone please convert the original with all settings into a current tactic file please? Going off the originally supplied screenshot you can only go so far with it. Unsure if there are any settings that im missing. Thanks in advance if you are able to do so!
  7. Loving this thread! I've just joined Paganese Calcio 1926 in Serie C Girone C for my first ever Youth challenge. So I have two questions, one here >> Do i cancel all of these? As i need to start a blank canvas so to speak? Also whats the rules with senior affiliate clubs? As this would help with scouting etc?
  8. Hi chaps loving the thread, whats the best italian league structure to use?
  9. Negative! Thanks for pointing me in this direction, hmmm maybe scale or ratio will have a play! Cheers mate Set both to "true" and "true" and worked like a charm!
  10. Does anyone know why when adding a new main menu background its cropped and zoomed? Turns into Anyway to stop this or counteract it?
  11. Ah thanks for this! @hyrule_king So before applying your file my titlebar was like this And after your file I think I may have given the impression that I didnt have a titlebar ready - apologies! So with the top one I like the size of it and the layout, however in the background i want to add texture and depth. I have ideas for patterns etc that I would like to use, just unsure about how to apply to the Titlebar and get them to work.
  12. Thanks for your help on this - think those are the two that you are after? titlebar search panel.xml titlebar.xml
  13. Appreciate the direction @snowofman, if you ever have some time @hyrule_king that would be great to find out a bit about inserting patterns/backgrounds into titlebar areas.
  14. Thanks for the previous info! If i wanted to insert/create graphics/pattern into the title bar - are there any guides on this?
  15. This might be a quick answer, but wanted to check. I've tried looking but cant find anything related to editing the search panel. Below is my titlebar, however when i click into the panel itself, to say search for something... This then shows What i am trying to achieve is to get the greyed box to be in the middle inline with the text, as its trggering my OCD bigtime! No worries if it cant be done.
  16. Regarding badges, metallic logos via Sortitoutsi has you. Fc'12 Italian kits via Slovakia site go down to level 3 Italy. Hope that helps. True competition color fix via Sortitoutsi helps too! Adios!
  17. Thanks will have a look! Cheers for the reply
  18. Love the skin! I've been learning recently about different panels and how they interact. The nation overview panel has stadiums to be shown however if I just copy the nation overview xml over to a blank canvas the stadiums don't show - is it tied to another file?
  19. No worries i might download ver 2 and use those, thanks for clarifying
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