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  1. was getting too easy....2nd season...and than...this happened. I present you...my ingame son...first time that has happened in LONG time for me.... The future KING IN THE NORTH!
  2. yeah....it kinda got boring...I becoame champions second season. I got 120mln to spend and I could sell for around 100mln...so you got alot to play around with and the youth is amazing. felt like playing on very easy.
  3. makes sense slim...great job eitehr way
  4. very fast first of all. very well optimized. UI was also great. simulation was great too. and tactics was more simple...but felt like you had more impact. in many ways fm24 is better. but since 12 none of the games had that speed.
  5. I can confirm that is the case. many thanks!
  6. may I ask you to share the game-breaking bugs you are refering to with me (can also pm me) as im not aware of some to be there that long.
  7. Worst for me is that they havn't fixed gamebraking bugs that have been reported more than a month ago.
  8. Sadly latest patch/update has not fixed the issues with S-League. Its unplayable right now. Literally as all staff gets fired within 2 months of starting new saves. A bug that was reported more than a month ago. Its sad, the lack of attention SI gives to this league. Might aswell just scrap it.
  9. Guess Singapore is not important. This has not been solved/fixed for the FINAL update. So it will not be solved for fm24? Singapore is unplayable. Unaccaptable. It was flagged more than a month ago.
  10. This FM 12 is still the best in the series and yet to be surpassed.
  11. regarding the second part. I've been playing 10 seasons in Malta and the National team is doing well. Still players prefer to not switch nationalities. I've had only one player switch out of 30+ and it was my thirs goaly who would become the reserve goaly of Malta. yeah if that is WAD, than the design is wrong.
  12. i see the exact same issue. all clubs fire all their staff within one month. Singapore is ATM unplayable.
  13. any new tycooons guys? Would love Valencia or AC Milan. or some other fallen great.
  14. up? if anything the potential is too high. The avaerage amount of players with 170 potential or higher between 17-26 year old is 8 for each year. and than suddenly the first game generates in the first year about 30 players with 170+ potential and a few 190+ that should be generational. the current database is a joke.
  15. that is amazing. Now you need to show us his progress!
  16. ohh thats amazing I grew up close to the stadium before moving to the netherlands.
  17. thanks!. def a break. want to play a bit with my hometown club (Widzew Lodz). and maybe in jan/feb I will start a new save
  18. Thanks guys. Japan is also a great country for the challange, although once you are enstablished than winning the CL is quite easy (seems). and veertien mie was a great fun. Next year when I visit Japan i'm going to try to buy a jersey
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