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  1. Season 2032 - Versport FC - J1 League Our first ever season in the top league started off with a huge slap of the face! First game at home against Nagoya who were predicted to finish 8th and within 55 minutes we found ourselves 5 - 0 down. We ended up fighting back to 5 - 3 but i had expected the worse from there. Next game away against Tosu who were predicted 17th, we walked away 7 - 0 winners haha. With this young team, it was consistently inconsistent as we were good enough to knock off the top teams but then fall away and lose a few games in a row as well. But overall, I couldnt have asked for more than a midtable finish and not losing any players either. However quite a few have resigned with minimum fee release clauses, so watch this space. As we were promoted to the same league as Gamba Osaka, im glad our affiliation was ceased without any awkwards moments. Our Youth Facilities were upgraded, although we really didnt need to take out a loan of 21m to complete the works as per the Chairperson's statement, id sack your accountant buddy! Other thing of note is that one of my key winger/attacker did his ACL and will be missing for 12 months. I needed not to worry about the loan taken out for the stadium as finances weren't too bad and hopefully improve again when we move into our new stadium. Youth Preview wasnt the best, but there's a common theme with these previews amongst all of us i reckon Youth Intake much better than the preview suggested, with no less then 7 elite prospects Kazuki Yoyoda 32B is probably my pick of the bunch despite the average personality. Good physicals, not bad mentals and pretty good finishing for a 16yo Hiroki Tsuda 32D is my second pick although I dont start off with a DM so might need to retrain to a B2B midfielder my third pick is a little left field in Suguru Ishii 32E and probably more so out of necessity in the position combined with a good personality
  2. Season 2031 - Versport FC - J2 League Our second season in the J2 started off really poor with only 1 win and a draw in the first six games and found ourselves in the relegation spots. I had feared we had overachieved last year and reality was sinking in. Couldnt have been further from the truth as we slowly but surely climbed the ladder through the middle part of the season then went on a strong run towards the end of the season to be in the hunt for the automatic promotion spots. We had hit second with 4 games to go but of course we drew the next game which put us back to third chasing Tokyo V in first and Oita in second. Focus was on Oita in second but what i hadnt realised was that Tokyo V had bottled it. We won our last 3 games and they lost 2 of the last 3 for us to overtake them and clinch second spot. In the mid season transfer window, as usual we get hundreds of bids for our players and our chairman seems to be trigger happy in accepting bids. However to date, ive been able to twist his arm to wait for higher bids but with Shin Kitamura our starting AMC, he didnt allow me to protest so off he went. Luckily this didnt derail the season though i wish he had asked for more. He did the same with our starting right back but luckily Tojo rejected the contract from Roilec who are mid table in the same league. It's not often players make sensible decisions in this game! We did manage to finally update the youth facilities once sponsorship money came in. But before that, the board need to inject some cash to offset the losses which are getting a concern. On top of that, at the end of the season the Board made a financially crippling decision by announcing the plans to build a new 15k capacity stadium. Repayments are 225k per month which means we'll be broke for the next 10 years unless we get continental money coming in. Stadium wont be ready for another 2 years and in the meantime we are renting a 15k stadium for only 57k a year.... thank you board! Youth Preview Was horrible, its the first with my newish HOYD Youth Intake wasnt as bad as the preview but not sure there will be too many first team players out of it Shuhei Horgome 31A is the coaches brightest propsect but with 4 determination i cant see him developing too much. I dont play with DM's either Shinsuke Miztumi 31B doesnt look too bad but not too good either. Yuta Kubota 31C might be the pick of the bunch. Has got good mentals and not overly slow for a short light framed striker
  3. Season 2030 - Versport FC - J2 League The year started off with a left field new senior affiliate with Gamba Osaka. Am i little worried they might send players to me on loan so will have to be watchful of this. Our first quest in the second division started off on fire with a 6 - 6 away draw, then 4 wins and another draw to have us sitting in second. Games early on were thick and fast as its a World Cup year and so had a largish break towards the end of our calendar season. We did run out of steam after that and slipped below the play off zones, but some late form towards the back end of the season meant we finished 5th and would play Tochigi away in the semi final. Unfortunately we could only muster a 1 - 1 draw and were knocked out because of seeding. It is now the 4th time playing in a semi final and not progressing in my career so far. With our improved junior academy, it's being noticed and we did have 2 players poached. We are also getting hundreds of bids for our players which is getting really annoying. Our chairman seems to be very eager to approve some bids but lucky i was able convince him to reject and hold out for bigger fees. I fear this is merely a bandaid for future offers. Making a small loss each year but our sponsorship money is dwindling. The first few seasons we were getting 2.4m and even though we're in a division higher than last year, it's dropped again by 500k. The club is also eager to build a new stadium which im a little unsure about. We're only averaging 4k fans and we're renting at the moment which suits me fine. I just dont think there's enough money in warranting a new stadium right now. Youth Preview Less A's in this preview, but its probably reflective of the development of the current squad Youth Intake Still a quality intake with several elite prospects. Not the worst personalities and got lucky as the unambitious players are towards the least potential talents
  4. Season 2029 - Versport FC - J3 League The year started off with a bit of a wake up call, not on the pitch but off it. One of our better midfield prospects was signed on a free contract as he was only given a youth contract from last years intake. I was only given 84k in compensation so I'll definitely be giving full time professional contracts from now on. Season started ok but not great and it was obvious early on that everyone else was playing for second as Kanazawa were clearly better than the rest of us. As the season wore on and the players from last years intake were finally settled, we finally hit some form and with 11 games remaining we went on a 9 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss run that clinched promotion on the last day. Kudos to Kagoshima Utd who went on some run at the end as well and pushed us all the way. In the last 20 games, they won 15, drew 4 and loss 1. Thankfully for us, their start of the season wasnt great. Finally after 6 seasons of getting close, we are going up to J2 League and its come at a good time as finances were not sustainable in this league, making significant losses. Youth Preview a lovely preview Youth Intake an even lovelier intake! Daiki Miyamoto is my pick of the bunch even tho my coaches rated him as third. A versatile midfielder with a great touch, passing and technique. Hopefully he can build on his physicals Bit controversial, but Naotaka Osaki 29I is my second best prospect, more out of necessity as i lack in good wingers. Good personality should see him develop quicker than others and will get game time next season Third pick is also controversial, but Shota Sasaki 29L comes in at a good time as my ageing centre backs need replacing. Love a good personality, this fella should also get lots of game time next season
  5. Season 2028 - Versport FC - J3 League Our fifth straight season in J3 was used as a transition season to ingrain more youngsters into the team and push out the ageing team I inherited at start. On this basis, i wasnt expecting much from the season however we were surprised that after a sluggish start we went on some really good runs and with 8 games to go were sitting in second. However, the same cliff that has hampered us in previous years hit about the same time and 1 win in 7 games put us not only out of automatic promotion but got us out of the play off spots. Two wins in the end made it look respectable. Studying for my last licence so im glad we have this out of the way. Surprised theyve let me continue all the way whilst sitting in the lowest playable league. Youth Preview Something to get really excited about! Youth Intake I swear I had taken a picture of the youth intake, my screenshots have been playing up a little but I did take a snapshot of the two best prospects (even though im sure i had taken 3) Ive got Sho Nishimura 28C as my best prospect as he is a walk in starter for me so should develop nicely with his good determination and great personality This fella is also a walk in starter and will slot in the Mezzala role well. Im playing 2 men up front this save but would have been suited in the Shadow Striker role i usually play so might change tactics when required.
  6. Season 2027 - Versport FC - J3 League I used this season as a bit of a reset year. Each year we've made it in the play offs and failed at the first hurdle so taking a more longer term approach and tried to introduce some youngsters in the team even though they are quite far off the level. All bar Kanazawa, our A prospect from last years intake who by the end of the year scored 16 and assisted 13 as a DLF and is probably our best ployer now. Unfortunately no ones else really developed. And so the expected drop to 10th was probably the right result. During the year we maxed out both our junior coaching and youth recruitment but that has now put pressure on our finances. By the end of the year we were in the read by 800k so its something ill need to keep an eye on. Im also studying for Continental A licence now. We also had our first youth prospect poached, but i dont think he was all that great. Youth Preview Need a really good GK, sick of playing a 1.5 star keeper. We're good with forwards tho Youth Intake Intakes are definitely getting better however i was hoping for at least 1 player that goes straight into the lineup. Although, i'll probably start playing this GK Ryo Kikuchi is probably just at good as my starting GK which tells you a lot. Hopefully by starting games he will improve quickly Kengo Saito didnt take a snapshot at the time of the intake but did so at the end of the year. Will have to bide his time in the u18's as i have 2 decent strikers in the starting line up Yuto Hayashi has a couple of decent attributes but his casual nature will definitely restrict his development
  7. Season 2026 - Versport FC - J3 League Season started off well again and we spent majority of the season in top spot, but never really managed to build a gap between 3rd spot. Similar to the season before we ran out of puff towards the end of the season and slipped all the way to scrapping into the play offs. Our play off game against 3rd spot was for some reason at home and we managed to go up 1 - 0 in the 32nd minute but then conceded after the break and Toyama went through as the higher seed. We made some improvements throughout the year and have now got excellent youth recruitment and junior coaching so hopefully we should start seeing some good intakes come through. Our level is still low so hopefully some that we can slot straight into the team would be nice. We also improved training facilities at the end of the year once sponsorship money came in, Im yet to see the youth facility upgrade become available throughout the save! Youth Preview It's getting better... Youth Intake Not quite there but i can see fruits. Kanazawa looks handy
  8. Season 2025 - Versport FC - J3 League Second season i was hoping for much of the same as we have enough players to fill out the bench albeit some with no CA stars at all. We started off really well but then had 4 losses in a row and never really recovered after that. Form was patchy and we needed a win on the last day to make playoffs, funnily enough games on the last day arent at the same time and we were the last game. We needed to beat FC Osaka away and after going down 2 - 0 after 24 minutes, i thought our season was over. However we fought back to go in at half time square then managed to score a latish winner to set us up a play off game against 3rd spot Iwate. Neither team was able to score and so they went through to the final on seeding and subsequently did the same thing in the final going up a division by seeding. We got some more upgrades this year and also managed to start studying towards my A licence. We did get a youth preview this year, although it wasnt worth looking at. The intake was that bad again that i forgot to take a picture of it but this is a snapshop of part of the squad sorted by youngest to oldest which shows you how far off the youth intakes are.
  9. Season 2024 - Versport FC - J3 League Im pretty sure the real team name is Verspah Oita and the logo above is correct. A club that was founded just over 20 years ago havent really achieved too much in their short history. They do have 1,000 season tickholders which should help the coffers at the start. The first team is pretty strong by the bench is full of greyed out players. There were 3 players already scheduled to come to the club, however for some reason only 2 arrived. These were pre arranged before my arrival so i made the call to play them throughout the year. Board expectation was for a midtable finish but we had a really strong year and finished 3rd, one spot beneath the automatic promotion spots which put us against FC Gifu in a one off play off match at home to make the promotion final. We stunk that game up and lost 2 - 1. Our best player refused to sign a contract and hence we left at the end of the year. Managed to resign everyone else for an extra year or two. We started off with no academy and so was crucial that we we got some improvements which we did. We also started with over 2m in the bank so we used that up for updating our training facilities as well. Also studied for my first badge. No youth preview this year cos we didnt have an academy, but we did get a youth intake as we made the necessary updates before the intake date. Not surprising it was a poor intake and i suspect that to be the case for the next couple years at least.
  10. Season 2044/45 - Macclesfield FC - Premier League Our first ever back to back season in the Premier League was something to be proud of, especially after having a good season last and avoiding a relegation battle altogether. Unfortunately we werent able to build on last year and struggled to gain any prolong periods of decent results. We were always hovering around the relegation zone without really dropping in it until round 33. And from there we couldnt manage the results to survive. A disappointing season. We did get a decent intake tho however ive decided to pause on this save and try somewhere where i think I can actually complete the challenge which be the make of my next update.
  11. Season 2043/44 - Macclesfield FC - Premier League After surviving the drop last year for the first time, the goal against was just to survive, by any means necessary. And that we did, with much more ease which you'll notice not only in the league table but also past positions where we were sitting equal second after 15 rounds. Unfortunately realist set in on the second half of the season where we completely fell away where we we lost 17 out of the last 24 games which included 1 draw and 7 losses in an 8 game stint. Our early good season form meant that relegation was never in question. We agreed to a new affiliate and I think i chose the right link type to benefit our youth academy, but please let me know if im choosing the wrong link type. Decided to go with Defensor Sporting who had the best academy available in the list provided. We also have a new international star in Nigerian Isaac Umaar who has been given some game time this year in defence. Youth Preview One of our better previews this year which had 4x A grade talents in only two different positions Youth Intake A much better intake then what we've been getting and first time there's been a 5 star potential player in ages. Lucas Hodgson is the top prodigy. Has all the right attributes to become a top class winger for us and love it when the media classify a talent as 'promissing' Jai Chand has been compared to Luke Harvey 30A whos our starting BBM and is another 'promising' player even tho they have him listed as the 4th best prospect Javid Peterson is their second best prospect and listed as a striker although his finishing, positioning and composure is poor so might be better suited out on the right to utilise his pace and dribbling
  12. Season 2042/43 - Macclesfield FC - Premier League The clear strategy was just to survive and the opening round loss of 5 - 0 to Man Utd was evidence that this was going to be a struggle. Next game we beat Forest 6 - 0 so maybe we have a chance?? We then went 1 point in 7 games albeit against Man City but that would evidently by the low point of the season as we turned that form around and won 5 out of the next 6. We never dipped back into the relegation zone after that even after only winning two games in the remaining 17 games. For the first time in the save, i was approached to manage their national teams with a superb list of Brazil, Argentina, France and Netherlands on offer. Was also approached by Spurs and Arsenal at either end of the season as well. Youth Preview Looked like there was a rose amongst the thorns Youth Intake Was surprised to see two decent prospects. Jake Swann 43A is the pick of the bunch with a good personality. A player that might be suited better on the wing to utilise his pace, crossing and dribbling. Joe Haywood 43B has decent starting attributes for a midfielder but 3 determination and unambitious is probably going to hold him back from developing much. Josh Kimber 43C might be the surprise packet of the intake. Whilst a little greener compared to the other two, he has the potential to develop into a first team squad
  13. Dont mind this idea. Would it be starting at tier 1 first or the other way round?
  14. Season 2041/42 - Macclesfield FC - Championship The pattern of promotion every other season is back. The lowest we ever spent on the league table was in 8th position back in round 7 but we generally spent the season in the top two spots then remained 1st from matchday 30. Hopefully we can have a better premier league campaign next year. We're still not maxed out in our facilities but did improve our training facilities to be start of the art. Havent been able to get the board to improve our youth facilities for some reason. We also had our first Scotland call ups for two of my youngsters but neither of them were given any game time. I suspect that will happen very soon. Youth Preview The preview is better than the past few years. Youth Intake forgot to take a snapshot of the intake but took one of the best prospects. Patrick Ejofor 42A is a 178cm with decent starting attributes at only 15. Javanne Sucharewycz 42B is a mouthful and hopefully can become a handful on the pitch. Good technically but low determination might not help his cause. Ourdy Mbemba 42C looks more of a winger than a front man.
  15. Season 2040/41 - Macclesfield FC - Championship A season back in the Championship was always going to be interesting to see if we were good enough to bounce back. It took a while before we found our groove and were hovering just outside the play offs for the first quarter of the season. We then hit some strong form around the midpoint of the year and hit top of the table however there were a lot of come from behind nuggety wins that werent all that deserved. Once we hit top, our form slowly dwindled and the question was then are we going to hold on to second spot. Our last 9 games of the season went like this LWDLLDLWL which meant we finished 4th. On the final day, we played Sunderland and were second by 1 point over them and West Ham. A draw wouldnt have been enough as West Ham won their game, but we also got smashed 4 - 0. We played Leicester away in the first Semi Final leg and lost that 2 - 0 and were looking all but out. However the home leg we rallied, with Andrew Rees 31D scoring a brace in the 10th and 14th minutes before getting injured for 4 weeks 5 minutes later. We scored a third just after the break to book ourselves a spot in the final, a remarkable turnaround after a disastrous couple months. A final against a West Ham team that we had lost twice two in the season with an aggregate score of 8 - 4. Make that 3 losses in the season with an aggregate of 10 - 4 as we didnt give the best account for ourselves in the final. We improved training facilities to reach Superb level, but kept getting knocked back to improve further and we finally hit Youth Rating 1 (after the intake came in). We were also taken over which didnt really impact us at all and the kept me in the top job so no issue there. At the end of the season, we moved into our new 21k capacity stadium, a couple weeks later they decided to expand the stadium by a further 6.5k seats and will be ready towards the start of the season which is great. We also had our first player poached from our youth squad - more upset about not having 'the tickler' in the squad Youth Preview Was not overwhelmed by the preview Youth Intake Was not overwhelmed by the intake either. Really not getting the talent coming through the club which will impact us soon Tommy Johnson 41A is the top of his class and hopefully he can develop into a first team player in the future. I will give him the time to develop as he is quite raw still. Fairly Sporting is not a great personality tho. Luke Ponde 41B is an aggressive tackling defender but is mentally weak with low determination. Willie Anderson 41B is probably the player that has more of a chance of playing first team football in the future. Lots of pace, good heading and good head on his shoulders for a 15yo.
  16. Season 2039/40 - Macclesfield FC - Premier League Our first season in the big league and I couldnt have asked for a better start. We won our first game at home and by our 10th game we were sitting in the European spots in 6th position. The 3 games leading into the 10th match of the season were a 3 - 3 draw at Man City (copped a 91st min equaliser), 1 - 1 draw against Arsenal (copped a 76th equaliser) and a strong 3 - 1 win at Stamford Bridge. We then slumped to 5 straight defeats but against teams that all finished in the top 10 but managed to turn it around for 3 games, beating Fulham 4 - 0 and Villa 2 - 0 and drawing with Newcastle 1 - 1 away. We then crumbled and pretty much threw the season away losing the next 15 out of 20 matches. With the riches of the TV rights, we managed to improve the training facilities but kept getting denied with the Youth Facilities for some reason until the end of the season they agreed to improve the Youth Rating to 1 which enforced improvements to said YF. The board also approved plans to expand our stadium from 14k which we sold out every game to 21k which is a decent increase. We then were put under a club embargo for a takeover which promoted the fact that Wayne Rooney would take my position. Luckily tho, after months of anxiety that takeover collapsed and I find myself still at the role. Youth Preview A much better preview which got me really excited, I had forgotten what the letter A looked like Youth Intake Bit of an anticlimax with only 1 elite prospect and that only being 4.5 stars at that Isaac Umar 40A is the pick of the bunch although im not sure how he's managed to defend in his youth days with 5 tackling. Faris Tunnacliffe 40B looks ok, is pacy and determined but still very raw. Dom King 40C might be the one who excels the most as his attributes arent too bad for a playmaker.
  17. I faced something similar the season before. I ended up selling one player which then provided the cash injection to adjust the wage budget and managed to resign others during the season
  18. Excellent first season in the top league and the talent seems to be coming in thick and fast too!
  19. what I have found useful is to delay the transfer date to the end of the season. Especially on players where their contracts are running down and wont resign
  20. Never done a post like this but thought it was worthy as I'm quite proud of these lads... note im saying this before kicking a ball in the premier league and my view could change very quickly! In goals we have the one time capped Greek International Theofanis Dalamitras 32A who played about two thirds of the season. He was injured in the middle of the season and our 19 year old German keeper deputised whilst he was injured and did a really good job and kept Theo on the bench. We play an attacking brand of football and we do leak a lot of goals but he will be key for us if we are to stay up next year. Alex McParland 34E is our right back who has really developed and made this position his own over the past couple years. Still think there is more to come from him as he can sometimes rate poorly even in solid wins. Charlie Cooper 35A is our first choice left back playing his second full season with us. As an 18yo in League 1, out of necessity he was thrown into the squad early and has done ok. We dont really have much competition for him and so had to play him even when his form was a little off this season. We're working on his forward output and would love to see more assists to his name. Our best centre back is Leighton Truffas 31C. Somehow we've managed to keep him on the books having to fight back numerous offers over the years. His rating isnt great but thats a bit of a result of how we play. Was just about ever present over the season and is quite versatile if required. His main partner in CB is Tommy Malone 31E who has remained as unambitious which is probably why his physicals just havent developed over the years. Both my centre backs came in the same youth intake and have a great partnership in the heart of my defence. Tommy is usually the one sacrificed when I play my third rotational defender hence only starting 34 league games. I rotate my B2B midfielder as I have two equally as good players for this position, however Luke Harvey is my more defensive workhorse. Only league 26 starts is symbolic of how i try to rotate the team where I can but bobbed up with a few crucial goals and assists as well. Luke really came of age in his loan to Hyde as I never really had him earmarked for the first team before that even tho he was top of his class in 2030. Our Mezzala is probably pound for pound our best player. Can play both behind the striker and in our Mezzala role and really drives the team forward. He is also our penalty taker and does miss more than he scores which really annoys his coach and does hurt his overall rating (not at home in time of writing this so can state the figures but its not a good record). 30 goal contributions in 39 starts is an amazing season averaging almost a goal every third game out of midfield over his career for us. Our right wing is one of our weakest positions and is currently filled by Josh Hamilton 35F. Gave this kid a lot of game time this year as we really do lack depth on the right and when available, he did quite well. Started the season strong but then was injured and never really found the form that we know he's capable of after that. Andrew Rees 31D is our left wing and came out of that amazing intake of 2031. Started his junior days as a striker however I've retrained him as a left wing as we've generally had good depth of talents up front. His pace on the left is crucial in the way we play and broke the record of assist in the Championship this season with 26. I'd say he's not too far off being called up to the Wales national team if he can continue to perform well. Our Shadow Striker is Leighton Dorney 33A who replaced Cole Hay this year. Similar to Rees, his best position is up front and you can tell by his attributes below that he's made to be an Advanced Forward but we had a hole to fill and he filled it well. Was virtually ever present and definitely had his best ever and most consistent season for us to date. Had previously played him up front and never really scored as many as you'd like when you play with 1 striker. Our record break and man of the moment is definitely Kyle Wood 34A. What an absolute breakout season he had. Scoring 40 (no penalties) in his first full season as a starter was an absolute stellar performance scoring many crucial goals and winners along the way. They were rarely in big batches but more spread out evenly just about every game which is what you like to see in this game. His goals will be crucial for us if we are to stay up next season.
  21. I'm a bit surprised myself, most of my players are league 1 level at best. Will post something shortly
  22. Season 15 - Macclesfield FC - Championship The past few seasons it's been consolidate the first season in the new league then the second season in that league would end with promotion. This was our second season in the championship and it would be rude to ruin that trend wouldnt it? You're damn right it would be! An unbelievable season where we really grew into the season. After 13 games, we were sitting in 19th spot coming off 4 straight defeats and headed towards a real dog fight to stay up. just kept getting stronger and stronger and results just kept coming and coming. But that would be our lowest point as we won 8 out of the next 9. We would then only lose 4 out of the next 24 games with the majority of those results being wins to put us in a nervy battle for the automatic play spots. In the last 5 games we had QPR, Brentford and Palace and managed to beat both Brentford and QPR but lost to Palace which put them 3 points ahead of us. Going into the last game, we had already secured promotion thanks to our healthy goal difference but the cherry on top was Palace losing away to Bristol City which allowed us our second ever league title. I seriously didnt expect this and we are by no means ready to play premier league football, but i will make use of the riches that comes with. We had another international debut for our young Bulgarian who at that point only appeared once off the bench for us. He did get a little bit more game time towards the end of the season and even notched his first goal playing as a mezzala. Youth Preview I really need to understand what is going wrong here. It cant be that our senior players are getting better only cos these really suck Youth Intake Only one decent player again and just wait till you see his stats... One of my bug bears is having an attribute of 1 and Georges Ewington 39A has it for the most important attribute in Determination. Seriously! Here are B and C who arent worthy of having their names typed. I will post a complete squad write up tomorrow when I get a chance, showing the Macclesfield names who will go down in history as the ones who got us to the top flight!
  23. Season 14 - Macclesfield FC - Championship First season in the Championship i honest thought we would struggle to stay up. In Cup games against this level we have fought strong but struggled however the season surprisingly started off well and we were sitting second after beating eventual champions Everton after 5 games. We then continued to hold our own and by the time the transfer window opened up in Jan we were sitting comfortably in 10th spot only a couple games away from play offs. We then had a poor transfer window which ill touch on in a sec and post January, we hit the type of form that would get a team relegated and hence dropped down to 18th, 10 points above the relegation zone. That dip in form is really ominous of what next season could potentially be for us. Transfer window - so all the talk was about Cole Hay who i touched on in the prior update. I was really trying to renew his contract and he was willing to sit down and talk however we just couldnt offer the 20k weekly wages he was demanding. I gave myself until the last week of Jan to twist his arm before offering him out and at that point, a few of the clubs from his hometown in Scotland had offered to sign him on a free. He had accepted Heart's contract however I managed to negotiate an early sell from them of 3m which is better then nothing i guess. Not well played on my behalf and a definitely learning curve for me! Funny that he only wanted 100 a week to play for them which is friggen frustrating! Our club form really did dip without him.... Other News We got another international cap in the form of our Greek goalkeeper. Theofanis Dalamitras 32A finally got some game time for Greece as he's been called up many times. Unfortunately for him it was a 3 - 0 loss to Denmark. We have our first affiliate in FC United for us to loan our players to. Not sure how useful this will be but they are professional and ply their trade in the VNL. Was looking for an affiliate to help our youth academy but I think this is the wrong type of partnership. I was also offered an interview with Chelsea who are struggling in the premier league which is a nice compliment. And we also played in the final match of the Moss Rose stadium as our new stadium is finally complete after two years of patiently waiting. Really cannot wait for the financial benefit to come through with capacity now at 14k. At the end of the season we were given a bit of cash through league standings and season tickets and whilst my attempt to improve the youth facilities was denied, a week later they approved my request to move to Youth Category 1 which meant we improved the youth facilities anyways. And a week later the board approached me and asked to improve training facilities, again a week after they rejected us so that was good. Youth Preview Another really bad preview with no good prospects. Youth Intake Much to my delight, there's a really talented lad and a couple of others that might develop into first team players. One Scott to replace another. Peter McJannet 38A has the potential to make Cole Hay a fond memory. He has the making to be a great behind the striker player where his lack of speed and physical presence can be hidden. No doubt he will be locked into gym for a few years. Matt Ellis 38B is another who could be vying for that Advanced Playmaking role. Let's see if they can really push each other to develop into the best players they can be. Darragh Girdwood 38C needs a bit of work and could be a squad player in years to come. Lacks pace, crossing and dribbling so wont be holding my breath.
  24. I'm feeling your pain! I cant remember previous versions being this difficult financially once you got to League 2
  25. getting a ready made player in the youth intake at this point is gold!
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