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  1. By the way if it starts raining I turn off short passing to more balanced and direct passing.
  2. The Stadium Gamla Ullevi in Sweden doesen't look like it does in real life and needs an overhaul. Ingame Gamla Ullevi has striped corrugated sheet as walls, it does not IRL. The worst part is that when the club built a new arena in my save, there was even more corrugated sheet as walls. It doesen't look pretty. It looks like the arena is 50 years old and poor. It breaks the immersion for me. Can the look/type of this stadium please, please be changed to FM25? =) Not sure which forum section to post in for this question of graphics. Many thanks in advance!
  3. I think he will get low ratings from bad stats in passing and jumping reach. Get a striker whos good at those too and it can be better. What's the stats of your striker?
  4. Hi! The Stadium Gamla Ullevi of IFK Göteborg doesen't look like IRL with the striped corrugated sheet as walls ingame. The worst part is that when the club built a new arena in my save, there was even more corrugated sheet as walls. It looks terrible, like the arena is 50 years old and poorly made. It breaks the immersion somewhat. Can the look/type of this stadium please, please be changed to FM25? =) Many thanks in advance!
  5. You need to load ”players from top clubs” aswell for African continent. Its also in the top clubs where the best regens have the largest chance to spawn.
  6. I play 4-2-3-1. If they play a narrow tactic I max our offensive width. Same when they get a red card and they change to narrow formation. If they play a low block with many center backs and DM’s, I turn on ”be more expressive”, higher lines and max offensive width. Possibly also turn off work ball into box as box is crowded. But vs bad teams it works anyway. When you play a good team away and they start attacking or positive, I think it works to start balanced when we use counters in our tactic.
  7. As kings Lynn we had a 7500 stadium with only a few seats then the board built a 5000 all seater. Perhaps your board will also build a smaller stadium but with full seating.
  8. Yes nevermind the roles, I just picked the best roles of the players. Yeah I agree, I’m also after immersion and you have a good point there. Continuing with the normal 4-2-3-1 until theres something better out there
  9. Good input, appreciated Yeah I started up a save to run som games with it and it didnt convince me exactly. I read up on double pivot and kind of understand why noone is doing this alternative version So I kind of buried this idea for now. I also noticed that mezzala and carrilero aren't available for a single MC. That made the DM roles of segundo volante, regista and RPM feel even more exciting again actually. For the FM future I will continue to look for the formations that use most positions on the pitch, simply because it makes it easier to find players for your formation and to fit in the youth players you get ;P A bit exaggerated but there are like 10x as many OMLCR in the game than MLCR for example.
  10. Turn on more disciplined when facing a better team or when you want to preserve a lead.
  11. Hello! I like to use as many positions as possible in my formation, and I like symmetry. Do you think this could work? (mowing a DM up to CM) Perhaps play through middle and narrow etc I guess? The analysis tab seems OK? I see Knap has a few succesful 4-1-1-3-1 but unfortunately they are assymetrical. Do you see problems with this symmetrical version? Thanks in advance!
  12. I wondered why I found less good talents in FM24. Then I realized that the reputation of my favourite club had dropped a half star in FM24 from FM23. Less better talents want to join my club atm. So I hope to see more great scout reports with time and better reputation.
  13. I hope you are right. To get global and exotic regens I'm now loading 18 top divisions and custom data with 110k players in total. Players from top clubs from all continents shall give exotic regens.
  14. Interesting about support duties! But I miss guidance on mentality and adjusting tactics after player quality. For example if you play a really low division with bad players or have slow centerbacks with low anticipation etc they are gonna be caught out high up vs longer balls on fast attackers etc. I think the game more than ever tells us that the best managers of this game are the ones that can adapt to anything and use as many tools of the tactics as possible. So I'm looking for guidance how to counter different tactics. For example 4231 that I'm playing has a weakness vs 4-1-2-2-1 and their DM+2 CM . But 4-1-2-2-1 also has a weakness in no Central Attacking midfielder. I started to "counter-counter" that by "force opposition inside" and it seems to work. Confirmation bias or not I dont know but I want to learn more ways to counter different tactics =)
  15. Check under facilities if they plan a new stadium meanwhile or not.
  16. First winter update was 1 mars last year so it could come anyday now and I'm waiting for it.
  17. League One, here comes King's Lynn all the way from Vanarama North Second attempt on winning League 2, we are more ready this year.
  18. You need to change the 100 detailed scouting settings, I believe you have'nt found them. They are under Scouting -> Scouting center -> click the little gear on the right side of the screen.
  19. Good job. I signed Romeo Beckham too with York in an earlier save. Not the best stats but I really liked the Beckham documentary on Netflix Now I’m trying to take ”The Iron” steel industry city Scunthorpe to greatness from Vanarama North. Leading Vanarama National now in 2nd season and cant wait to get into EFL! What surprised me most is that our average attendance has increased like 60% in one year :O 👍
  20. Today I did a whole season 53 games with Hampton & Richmond. Played 4-2-3-1 but with too careful instructions at first. Had 9 games without a win so I threw in the towel and switched to high intensive gegenpress Kaboom! Rest of the season became like a breeze and we won the playoff final and gained promotion The Beavers are going up!
  21. Interesting and well done, thanks for sharing. How much better did your newgens become after you took the league and club reputation to the top? =)
  22. Playing Southend United. Faced Woking in the Vanarama National playoffs final at Wembley infront of a 38000 crowd. Second playoff attempt. Woking played narrowly, so we defended narrowly and played wide offensively by distributing wide I didn't count on promotion first season as Southend starts with a transfer ban and -10 points but we finished second in the table. The good thing with less signings is that you get very good team cohesion.
  23. What's the longest injury period you have seen? I just had a player being out for 14 months! Never seen that before And this was right after him being out for 6+ months
  24. I noticed if you holiday more than 1 season you can get clubs up like Bury with a 11000 stadium from 2 divisions below Vanarama north/south :O
  25. I have missed that drop down for staff interested in youth teams, thank you
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