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  1. If you'd like to watch this series, its a YouTube playthrough series : www.youtube.com/c/culturedleftfoot WE DID IT !!!!! C.D. TOLEDO ARE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE CHAMPIONS !!!! WAHOOOOOO !!! We beat Barcelona in the final 3-2 after an epic game ! We leave the club in fantastic position, the board have been superb and have been upgrading most times we asked. They didn't really have an excuse given the financial bounty we've created for the club. We won the club a number of honours incuding every available top competition in Spain. And the climb up the leagues was consistent throughout the save. But the key is the Champions League win !!! This has been one of my favourite saves I've done since playing this game since Championship Manager 2 !! Absolutley Amazing. Thanks to everyone for the support and the comments on the videos and my posts here. I can't believe I achieved this and compelted the challenge. I'll certainly back to do it again as a YouTube series on FM25. After not compelting the challenge in England last game itterarion, I'm delight to say Spain = Completed.
  2. If you'd like to follow this Youth Academy Challenge in more detial, its a series on my YouTube channel : http://www.YouTube.com/c/CulturedLeftFoot C.D. Toledo - SEASON 20 (The Catch Up Review) So, its been a while since you've had an update from me ont he forums. The save hasn't not died and the challenge continues. We've progressed 20 seasons and are now a force in La Liga. But rather than giving an update every season as most do, I'm giving update every 10 or 20 years ! The save has been great fun and really enjoyable and the club have climbed from strength to strength over the years. Climbing from the reaches of non-league to La Liga. We've secured 3 4th places finishes in the La Liga since we gained promotion to the top flight. Our last season was our best season in terms of points and wins - we've still got some catching up to do to Real Madrid, but we're making solid progress. Of course, over the time of 20 years we've made some amazing improvements to the club in terms of facilities and finances. We've also manage to become a club legend and all but one name on the lise (Raul Bravo) is a product of our Youth Academy save. The key players now that we are in the La Liga are our three Spanish superstars. Joe Page* (named after a Patreon), Pedro Moreria and Miguel Moreno. And that, after 19 seasons, is where we currently stand. One final snapshot of the club overview. I'll be back for another update in 10 seasons time ! Onwards we go for the Champions League and La Liga titles ! If you'd like to follow this Youth Academy Challenge in more detial, its a series on my YouTube channel : http://www.YouTube.com/c/CulturedLeftFoot
  3. I'm 12 seasons into a Youth Academy Only save..... My board have very recently decided I'm not using the club's youth system well enough..... I haven't signed a single player in this save (which is all on YouTube!) and all players have come from the academy.... I also raised this issue on FM23 too. And then at the end of the season it remained : Seem to have become more prevalent since the Winter patch. Cheers, Dave
  4. BustTheNet (on this forum as Rashidi) does a lot of work on this in his "Bring your tactic" stream. It pretty much debunks the myth that all tactics MUST be learnt and familiar, I think it does help, but you can change from game to game and it not be that detrimental to the team. If its a good, well balanced system, then it'll work without knowledge - but knowledge will likely help!
  5. I described what is happening in the background of the game here : Cheers, CLF
  6. Yeah, players that have big reputation help boost the reputation of the league. The best way is to strength your club first and win more in Europe. Get further in European competitions to increase the co-effecient which then gets spots in the champions league and gets more of your league into European competition. Once you've got a good squad for you, start loaning out or selling your fringe/squad players to your league rivals so that they get better players and get better results. You bascially need to try and make your league more competitive in European competitions. Further you go in Europe means a higher increases in your countries European coefficient which means more teams from your country get in to, which Europe means a quicker increase in rep for the league. And then it becomes cyclical, to the point where you are in the Champions League every year and at least one other club is reaching the Europa League group stage. It is a long slog, but it can be done. You're doing what is called a 'Build a Nation' save. Plenty of chat around those sorts of saves in the Challenges sub forum.
  7. Club reputation increases have been a problem in FM for a while. They don't increase enough with good performances, but decrease quickly with poor performances. At the moment reputation increases as part of League and Cup wins and with playing in better, high-ranked divisions. In the case of San Marino teams, its likely the overall league reputation is what is actually holding you back from increasing your rep quickly. I agree with the opening post that its a bit strange that singular club rep doesn't increase quicker with consistent european performances and appearances for clubs from smaller leagues, it really should. It shouldn't be massive, but consistent appearances in European competition will increase a rep of a club IRL. I know there is a much bigger jump as soon as you qualify for the champions league "proper", but that again isn't as big as it should be for certain clubs. My advice would be to try and focus on getting the league as a whole (loaning and selling good players to other clubs in your own country) or at least the country coefficient up significantly by pushing deeper into Europe. It'll take time. But its doable.
  8. Kjelsen having the best one-game performance for Valerenga on loan! 1 appearance and an 11.20 rating!
  9. I think the issue here is that IRL only Sergio B is signed as a Designated players. Alba will have a contract that likely has huge bonuses and sponsorship deals that inflate their earning amounts - something that cant be done in FM. So you're stuck, because the reputation of the players means they warrant a designated player slot. The only other thing to try and do is offer him a wage as a senior which then utilises the "buy down" option from the allocated money. Confusing, but do-able. But all you can theoretically offer is a max of $1.6m a year. "With Messi, Busquets and striker Leo Campana already occupying IMCF's Designated Player slots, Alba will not be a DP, meaning that his annual salary cannot be larger than the approximately $1.6 million maximum for Targeted Allocation Money signings." This was a quote from MLSSoccer.com when Alba was announced. My advice is keep trying and keep moving money around to see if you can get something to work. Not much else to do.
  10. Oh yeah, that is very odd then. Log it as a bug in the bug tracker forum and see if an SI representative can get back to you
  11. It maybe that the international slots you have left ( the 2 available) are actually part of deals that were done before you took over and maybe time limited (so if you have them for 1 more year as part of a previous deal, then you can't trade them away). Easiest way to see all international player is to select all players in the filter for your squad page, Select First team, U21, Youth etc and count how many have the international label. No other filter is in game to assist with it. Hope that helps.
  12. I completely avoid there advice. I enjoying managing in the MLS alot on FM, its fun and quirky. But alot of the programming/coding around deals/trades and drafts means that opinions of staff all seem to be well off. If you think its a good deal and will benefit the team, then go for it. I've had a 5 star member of staff in MLS that still says that exact message with every single deal I've offered / want to offer. This included when I traded to bring in a striker that ended up scoring 30+ goals in a season. In short. I'd ignore his advice.
  13. What I mean by this and to share a little further (as I'm also playing in Germany....) I've just loaned out this CB from my 2nd team..... The key thing to note here is that he's played 18 appearances for my 2nd team and scored 2 goals.... Backed up by his 'History' tab... But... when we look at the 2nd team's fixtures for the year... They've only played friendlies that I've arranged.... (which in his history tab aren't there... they are however classed as non-competitive in his statistics). So although it looks like the 2nd team aren't playing official fixtures, they are somewhere in the background. These fixtures will determine if they get 'promoted' from hidden leagues and make their way to the Bundesliga 3 and so on. You can generally determine if they are moving up the hidden leagues by your 2nd team players average ratings over the season in 'Competive' League fixtures. If the majority are scoring over a 7, likelikhood is they are going to be promoted and moving on up the hidden leagues. Hope that makes sense and helps a little.
  14. As far as I'm aware, over time they will naturally climb the 'hidden' leagues and go from Part-Time to Full-Time and appear in the lower divisions, then in the Bundesliga 3 (if they have good enough players etc). Not much else you can do about it. But, others may have more knowledge around FM24.
  15. I'm back again for another year of torture and pain as we climb the ladder of football using nothing but homegrown talent! We didn't quite succeed with Guiseley last year, finishing 2nd in the Premier League and losing two Champions League finals.... This time, we are back and attacking Spain ! As ever, if you want to follow along in more detail, it'll be a series on my YouTube channel : http://www.YouTube.com/c/CulturedLeftFoot C.D. TOLEDO SEASON ONE REVIEW The season was good from the off as we climbed to 2nd and then 1st after a few games. A drop off early in the season coincided with an injury to our main striker, but we soon recovered and mounted a title challenge. We nearly ran out of steam, but secured a playoff spot with a good win on the final day of the season. At the end of the season, our club looked like this, we had no money for improvements anywhere as we found ourselves 2 million in the Red come the end of the season.... Taking on two B Teams in the semi's and finals, we managed to secure a first season promotion! The youth intake was decent, but nothing spectacular. The stand out player was Brazilian/Spanish striker Antonio Carlos. We push on into the Spanish Federation First Division with a pretty poor looking bank balance! Onwards we go! WISH US LUCK !
  16. You can save multiple "All Routines" that you can load in as the game situation depends. A bit more manual, but very easy to do.
  17. Would love in future versions of FM if we can have access to the huge amounts of data/statistics from previous seasons (or even just the season that has just finished in game). We can keep an eye on selected data from previous seasons by using the history tab and looking bottom right (on most skins) as shown in the image. But we can't delve deeper into all the data of 'last' season and can't use the seasons data to compare players from a season that has just finished . I would assume as the data in the image is available that data is being stored somewhere. But currently when you get to the end of the season and the "Leaderboard" page, once you press continue the data of that season, I'm talking about the data that you can search via in the player search screen (Chalkboard Statistics) gets wiped. Meaning that in the Summer (or main) transfer window, you can no longer sort by data (like xG) for example. This has bugged me for a few years now!
  18. Nope. Nothing else changed. I ran the same tactic just selected or de selected the crossing options. I'll run more tests though and see where we get to.
  19. Thanks all. I'll keep plugging away at it and see if I can run some tests. All other PI/TIs do seem to make a difference when selecting/de-selecting them. Really only seems to be crosses that causes issues. But as mentioned, its so tough due to variables. When I get some time, I'll run a test over 50 games, picking the same line up, same system and against an opposition that I manage that are consistently picking the same team and tactic etc. 25 games with TIs/PIs selected and 25 without and report back. Its not the best, but its a start and we can go form there. Cheers, CLF
  20. That's my worry. I'm not sure how to show it in a constructive manner to log it as a bug other than "I'm seeing less crosses when I have the cross more often instruction selected". Which certainly isn't constructive haha. I'll keep thinking, tracking and see what else I can show.
  21. Hello All, Before I log this as a potential bug, I wanted to canvas opinion (and maybe get some other to run some games)... I've been utilising a target man (a proper old school, big lump target man) in my FM24 save. Now, to maximise this, I've been chucking (or trying to) the ball into the box with as many crosses as possible. What I've noticed is that my players actually cross MORE when I don't have anything to di with crosses selected. This is pretty consistent across all the games I've been looking into, but examples in the images with this post.... The first image is against bottom of the table team Furth (Crosses are dark blue dots in the image). A total of 28 crosses attempted in 90 minutes (this was with cross more often on both full backs and both wingers (they also had cross aim for target forward) and hit early crosses. The second image is against second bottom Braunschweig (Crosses are white in the image). A total of 37 crosses attempted in 90 minutes (this was without cross more often and without hit early crosses). I've used these as an example as they are two opposition teams that play the same formation, were similar positions in the league and I played the same starting line up against. But this is a consistent find across a number of games I've looked at. when "Hit Early Crosses" and "Cross More Often" are selected, the teams puts less crosses into the box..... Overall, it averages out to be 8-10 more crosses a match when the instructions ARE NOT selected. This just seems counter-intuitive. Thoughts? And would anyone else be happy to test this for me (without holidaying games as I don't trust holiday stats haha). Cheers, CLF.
  22. Whilst you can connect set pieces to a tactics, You can save your routines (All routines) as Attacking, Balanced, Defensive, for example and load them in when you change system.. So change from tactic A to tactic B in game. Then go into set pieces and hit the little arrow next to "routine" then load in "All Routines". So you need to set them up as you like, then save them. You can then select them at different points in the game, manually. This will load in all defensive and attacking routines for your throw-ins, corners and freekicks all in one go. As others have said, its no longer connected to a certain tactic, so this is the best way I've found to quickly change from more attacking to more defensive set pieces. A little bit of time up front and then quick switching in game.
  23. Whilst this is very good and can definitely be helpful for some. Its not quite how I use the data, stats and information in game. I would like to use it to compare and identify players through outstanding underlying numbers rather than it churn out a number to decide how good they are at a role (unless I'm misinterpreting it). But it certainly is good and kudos to the creator. A helpful tool.
  24. I do this in game. Its great fun and adds an element to the game. @Rashidi created a tool for FM23, not sure if its been parted over to FM24 yet. The Dr Jit tool. I think there is enough about it in game to do it and make it useful. The biggest annoyance is that all season data is wiped when the season "progresses" into the next season after the Leaderboard screen. Makes it very irritating have to save at the end of season and go back to that save to know/see end of season data.
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