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  1. Only a week after returning from holiday, I am offered an interview and role at the superbly named Super Nova from Latvia.


    This actually presents a fantastic opportunity straight off the bat as Latvia is a summer league, so I have 3 months before the season starts to rebuild. In addition, it's a 10 team league and incredibly 4 of the 10 teams actually qualify for European football. 

    Sk Super Nova finished 9th out of 10 teams last season, but came through the playoffs and now I have 3 months to rebuild. The outlook is as basic as basic gets:


    No history, no money, basic everything. The 'stadium' only holds 648 people, so not entirely sure that even counts as a stadium.

    The squad view is even worse, with no striker and seemingly half my team about to depart for Ventspils (am I a reserve team or feeder club?! One to check)



    My brief is to utilise the youth team and grow the club reputation, without overspending:


    Potentially the only saving grace is that there is actually room in the finance to replace the departing players:


    The supporter profile is certainly something I'll look to improve:


    This is a new occurrence for me. The aim of skipping to mid-December is so that I can take control of a team that is in the mire who I could possibly save. I've been gifted a full pre-season from the off. Let;s go. 


  2. FM22 for me ended quite abruptly, but thanks to the Game Pass I'm back on board and I want to get further than I managed last year (2 relegations, 2 sackings, 1 league win)

    I always start my journeyman with the lowest possible experience and qualifications, but do give myself a couple of additional languages to increase my chances of getting past the interview stage (I pre-tested with just English language and I couldn't get a job outside of Vanarama North/South)

    I've loaded the following leagues:


    The plan is to holiday until mid-December, then return and start firing out applications in all directions and then take the first one that comes along. 

    We begin!

  3. On 08/11/2022 at 09:29, Stookie said:

    Hi everyone, 

    As the full version is out, I might start a journeyman save this evening. 

    I know some of you have a lot of experience with this style of play. 

    Have you got some advices or tips you wish you knew before? 

    Thank you team

    I always start mine with National C licence and Sunday League footballer, but I do make my manager quite the polyglot by giving him a couple of extra languages that he can speak so that it's a bit easier to find work that isn't just tier 6 England.

    I load up all European leagues, skip forward to mid-December of the first season, then I put myself back on holiday indefinitely but set it to apply for any jobs, it'll then cut back when an interview pops up.

    At the end of the first season, I'll bin off probably half of the leagues to speed the game up. 

    Also - Request coaching courses whenever you get a job.

    Can't wait to start mine, might start it now and send it going in the background!

    I started to document my journeyman last year, but then got COVID and lost all interest in pretty much everything for about a month, at which point it was too late to go back: 


    I really did enjoy it though, even though I got relegated and sacked in my first 2 jobs. 


  4. Maybe not too small-small, but not Top 5.

    I seem to get the most enjoyment and legs from games where I start in the 2nd tier, then try to become the dominant team in the nation, then try to do the same with Europe. Last 2 saves have been in Czech Rep then Norway. 

    This year I was looking at either Switzerland or Poland, but I don't want to run into any weird competition rules that could potentially affect my enjoyment (I already know about Vaduz in Switzerland).

    Can anyone recommend a fun league in this type of country?

  5. The first 6 games are in the bag, and on paper I'm doing ok, however there are certain areas for concern.

    I started the season with 3 clean sheets, but since then my defence has been prone to silly mistakes, meaning that I haven't won any of my last 3 games.

    In addition, 4 of my 7 goals have come via defenders, with my main striker as yet to find the target. Can't let that continue..




  6. Now that I'm on the other side of real life COVID issues, I'm finally back in the game and pre-season is finally drawing to a close.


    The club vision is still to just avoid relegation, which I believe will give me a lot of breathing space, especially given that the quality of the squad is certainly good enough to stay up.



    Of my starting 11, I'm mostly happy with the mental qualities of the team. The left flank is an area of concern as both players have low concentration, but I don't worry too much about the wings.

    The only piece of business I'm looking at before the season starts in a fortnight is a possible replacement for Edvin Nilsson in the centre.

    Will update after 6 games.


  7. Oh, hello. Right at the start of pre-season, Tobias Linderoth is given a job in the Swedish Premier League, leaving his role at 2nd tier Skovde vacant.

    It's not something I courted, but they've come knocking and handed me the chance to step up from the 3rd tier and really get my career moving.


    We're predicted to finish 15th in a 16 team league, and my brief is to fight bravely against relegation, but with 3 months of pre-season ahead I'm certain I can overachieve again here.


  8. After testing the water with a few job applications, it was clear that I still won't be able to get any roles that could help me progress too much at this stage, so I accepted a new 12 month contract to stay with Vanersborgs.

    Frustratingly though, the board insisted on 3 new preferred playing styles that in my mind will be difficult to achieve with the style of play that got up promoted, and the style of play that will keep up in the Ettan. Going to be an interesting 12 months. (If I make it that far)



  9. Real life has hampered my playing time over the last few days, however I now find myself with 4 games left of the season, and after a rather rocky patch, locked in a race for the title with my sworn local enemy, Vanersborgs IF:


    After a spell of only 1 win in 5 games, I decided to dip into the transfer market and bolster the centre backs, centre midfield and also sign another striking option. A switch to a more attacking mindset has thankfully appeared to turn the tide:


    On paper, the run in is slightly better for us, but our form still isn't out of the woods yet. After 2 relegations, am I finally on the road to redemption?



  10. Halfway through the season and having played each team once and we are absolutely dominating. 11 wins from 13 and 7 points clear at the top of the league:


    Getting players in early during pre-season and getting them drilled tactically has really paid off as we've been able to sweep aside almost anyone in our path. Our single defeat of the season was borne of pure farce, as I had 3 players sent off and surrendered 2 goals in the final minute:


    Player-wise, I switched striker Albin Broberg out to the right wing and he's been an absolute revelation, scoring 13 goals in 13 games:


    It seems at this stage a near certainty that for the first time ever, Vanersborgs FK will be stepping up to the 3rd Tier of Swedish football.

    (Side note - I've been in the 4th tier all this time and didn't realise. Swedish football is confusing)

  11. An absolutely solid pre-season started with bringing in 7 under 20 players released from larger teams. Part time training is always difficult to progress with, but I customised the schedule to ensure that all players were familiar with the new tactic being asked of them:


    Team unity is mostly positive and they're all part of the same core social group:



    And more importantly, pre-season results have been good, chalking up wins against teams 2 leagues above in some cases:


    The media have predicted a 5th place finish, the board just want us to avoid relegation. The squad is ready and so am I. Time to finally get this career back on track!

  12. The penultimate game brings defeats for the bottom 4 clubs, but crucially for the other 3 teams, they are at home in their final games, whilst I play away at 3rd placed Syrianska.

    In the lead-up to the game, I ignore news about staff meetings and youth releases as I know I could well find myself unemployed again before the weekend is through.

    I attend a press conference and accidentally press 'Storm Out' instead of 'End Meeting'. This hasn't been a happy time.

    The final day arrives with 4 teams in a battle to survive. 


    Half Time:

    Cagey first half everywhere, 3 of the crucial games sit at 0-0, however Varmbols in 11th are 3-0 down, meaning a goal could not only take us out of danger, but could actually push us above the playoff zone:


    I lie and tell the boys they have been the better team and send them back out for the 2nd half, dreading a Syrianska goal.

    Full time

    Farcical. Despite starting the 2nd half brighter, we contrive to give away a needless penalty and quickly collapse to a 2-0 defeat. For the 2nd time in 6 months I have been relegated. 6 defeats in my final 6 games with only 2 goals scored tells the story of what I initially feared, this group was nowhere near good enough to compete. Again, I am fired.


    Who will employ me now?



  13. 7 games have passed, and in that time we've suffered near total collapse, losing 6 out of 7 and sinking back into relegation:


    Both ourselves and FOC Farsta are playing our final 2 games against teams in the top 4, so quite simply I have to hope that we can scrape a point in one of them and Farsta lose both. Joint points go to goal difference, so 12th place seems our only hope.

    We also have to contend by bottom club Vasterhaninge, who have gone 4 games unbeaten and face an easy final few games than the teams above them.

    For the 2nd time in 6 months, relegation seems a real possibility.

  14. Does anyone know if officially the officials are designed to be fallible, or are such instances considered bugs? I'm aware of how FIFA want their officials to be portrayed in digital games, so didn't know whether what I just saw was legit or not.

    As below, Avci passes to Mahmutaj, who then looks for  massively offside Samuelsson:


    Samuelsson finishes:


    Goal is given and off pops the linesman:


    It was a 90th minute goal in my favour, but just wondered if such events were by design or by fault.

  15. The first 6 games are in the bag with a pleasing return of 2 wins and 2 draws. 

    A very clear divide has emerged within the division, so finishing top of the also-rans in 9th place seems to be the goal for the season:


    Behind the scenes I am certainly faring a lot better than I did in Croatia, with the back of both the board and the squad:



    Recruitment is a virtual non-starter as my staff aren't good enough to identify any players who want to join, so I ended up sending trial invites to 100-120 swedish players without a club. Only 4 agreed to the trial.

    Reputation remains at 5%, only change in stats is my managing finances has increased 2% to 47%.

    I have been granted permission to train towards my National C Licence, so hopefully will start to be more use on the training ground.




  16. Back in the game!


    My time away from management in the end amounted to little over a fortnight. Despite being offered roles with Barry Town and Hemel Hempstead, I have taken a 6-month contract to try and save Reymersholms IK from relegation from the Swedish 3rd Tier

    The club:


    No history, poor facilities, poor prospects.

    The league:


    With 15 games left of the season, this isn't the worst situation to be in.

    The squad:


    Despite the bleak outlook, there are some good players in the squad with decent mental attributes. Ilyas Merkes looks a leader. There is a concerning lack of goalscorers in the team.

  17. The Final Game

    2 days out, my coach suggests I hold a team meetings to discuss the final game. Aye alright, they always go well don't they? I decide to ease the pressure and tell them to play their own game, which immediately upsets 25% of the players, most of whom are fully aware of how bad they are. Thankfully, the other 75% are onboard with my zen approach and I again survive a team meeting without drawing any blood.

    The day of the match arrives, and I see no point in changing either the team or the tactics that have us unbeaten in the last 5 league matches. I tell the guys to match the fans passion and flickers of life stir in a few of them.

    Game time.

    15th Minute:

    A cagey start and an early booking for one of my centre halves. No real chances to speak of at present.

    Orijent 0-0 Dugopolje

    Osijek 0-0 Rudes

    Current position: 11th

    Survival Confidence: 7/10

    30th Minute:

    Despite being on top and having 66% of possession, quality trumps quantity and Dugopolje take the lead in infuriatingly simple fashion. HUGE goals elsewhere though as Osijek score twice in a minute, then add a 3rd to lead 3-0 against Rudes. At this point, Rudes need a miracle. Suddenly... A NEW CHALLENGER EMERGES. Inter Zapresic, despite losing their last 4 games, sit with us on 33 points, and are at home to already relegated bottom club Kustosija. If they find a goal then we are going to have to win this match.

    Orijent 0-1 Dugopolje

    Osijek 3-0 Rudes

    Inter Zapresic 0-0 Kustosija

    Current position: 11th

    Survival Confidence: 4/10

    Half Time:

    I switch from a Cautious mentality to Balanced and give the team an encouraging word. The remainder of the half passes with no further goals across any games. We are 45 minutes from survival.

    Orijent 0-1 Dugopolje

    Osijek 3-0 Rudes

    Inter Zapresic 0-0 Kustosija

    Current position:


    Survival Confidence: 4.5/10

    60th Minute:

    Absolute disaster. Whilst we try our best to get back into the match and have an effort cleared off the line, Inter Zapresic score in the 48th minute, and as things stand we are 12th and we are going down. Substitutions are imminent and a massive 30 minutes lie ahead. 

    Orijent 0-1 Dugopolje

    Osijek 3-0 Rudes

    Inter Zapresic 1-0 Kustosija

    Current Position: 12th

    Survival Confidence: 2/10

    75th Minute:

    3 substitutions are made in the 62nd minute and tactics change to be more attacking, more direct. Despite having 68% possession, we still cannot break the Dugopolje defence. No goals elsewhere. We are 15 minutes from  relegation and I'm 20 minute from the job centre.

    Orijent 0-1 Dugopolje

    Osijek 3-0 Rudes

    Inter Zapresic 1-0 Kustosija

    Current Position: 12th

    Survival Confidence: 0.5/10

    78th Minute: I gamble, I roll the dice. I take off my right-back for another striker and switch to long ball. 

    82nd Minute: Chance! A free kick 25 yards out is fumbled, but my new striker is unable to convert the rebound. 

    90th Minute: 4 minutes of added time is announced. I need to score twice or Inter Zapresic need to concede, otherwise it's all over.

    91st Minute: MASSIVE CHANCE! Agony as we play a ball over the defence but the Dugopolje keeper produces a fantastic stop

    92nd Minute: Kustosija have a player sent off. The end is near.

    Full Time

    It's all over. Inter Zapresic hold on and climb above us. Despite putting a sold run together, we ultimately couldn't save ourselves and we're down. I tried my best for the club, but I leave the  ground knowing that there will be no place for me at the club after today.



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