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  1. Season 1 Run-In

    4 games remain, 2 away, 2 home. The 2 away games are against teams below me (13th & 16th), while the 2 home games are against teams near the top (2nd & 6th)

    Game 1 is against the bottom club, Kustosija. A win could push me above Osijek II and into safety. Pre-game news informs me that a defeat could spell the end of my time in charge of the club. Fresh off a 2-0 win over Inter Zapresic and a good outing for the U19s, we take the game to our hosts in front of our FIVE travelling fans. 2 first-half goals either side of a home penalty and we leave 2-1 winners. Until the 87th minute, we were above the dropzone, but 2 goals in the last 5 minutes from Osijek II away to Inter Zapresic means that sadly we stay 12th.

    Game 2 against 2nd place Cibalia again comes with a pre-game warning of imminent dismissal. A turgid 1st half is followed early in the 2nd half with an opening goal for Cibalia to devastate my player's confidence. 5 subs made in the 70th minute brings more effort to the pitch and a 91st minute equaliser from sub striker Duje Zrllic recues  a 1-1 draw  and a vital point. A point that, combined with another Inter Zapresic defeat, means that we actually climb out of the relegation zone by virtue of our head-to-head form. Not only this, but our recent form has boosted dressing room morale and in turn has moved my job safety back to 'Stable'. Result!

    Game 3 is 2 weeks later, so a friendly is arranged during the vacant weekend against Austrian amateurs FC Almenland to keep the team fit. The 2-1 scoreline hints at a game much closer than it was in truth. 30 shots on goal with only 8 hitting the target nods towards the issues the squad has in general when it comes to finding the back of the net. 

    Game 3 against Rudes is a true 6-pointer. Before the game, 4 teams are separated by 2 points with 2 games to play. 2 will survive, 2 will not.


    I go into the game knowing that a victory could guarantee survival should Inter Zapresic lose again. If that happens, I can start planning for the new season by getting a few players to the club on trial and seeing who I could pick up come the end of season. I manage to avoid killing the entire team during a pre-game meeting and we take the game to Rudes and get a penalty in the 22nd minute. Andro Svrljuga, my veteran right-back (and the only player I managed to upset in the team meeting) steps up to give us a 1-0 half time lead. Despite being 2-0 early on, Inter  Zapresic have collapsed to by 3-2 down at half time. As it stands, we are 10th and we are safe. A moment of madness then shelves all future planning as our defence parts as if Moses himself was playing up front, allowing Rudes to equalise. A Rudes red card and the kitchen sink being loaded into the catapult do not change events and the game finishes 1-1

    We go into the final game of the season in a position of safety, with an away game against Dugopolje (7th). However, the potential disaster lies in the fact Osijek II and Rudes play each other. Both our games against Rudes this season ended in a draw, so being level on points and H2H means that goal difference comes into play. If I go down to Dugopolje and Rudes get a draw or better against Osijek Reserves then not only are we relegated, but I'll also  be out of a job.



    And here I end this update.

  2. Got to be honest, FM22 hadn't lit a spark in me. I'd started 10-12 saves and only went deep on one (2 seasons with Halifax). My 2nd season with Halifax was a record-breaking romp where we were so overwhelmingly dominant it sucked all the fun out of the save and I had no desire to continue.

    I had Christmas away from all versions of FM/CM and this week started a new journeyman. French sunday league footballer, no qualifications and no real reason for anyone to hire me.

    I skipped forward to Christmas, then started firing out applications at the rate Spiderman fires webs. (or Watford fire managers)

    Whoever offered me the job first, I took. Enter Orijent 1919 of the Croatian 2nd Tier

    Joining during the winter break, sat in 14th in a 16 team league, 8 points away from the safety of 11th place (relegating 31% of your teams each season, Croatia you harsh, son). I had 12 games to restore some pride and push everyone to safety.

    You join me 8 games later: 3 wins, 2 draws, 3 defeats. Winning 3/8 when they'd only won 3/12 previously should make them happy, right?

    I'm 12th in the league with 4 games left, a mere 1 point from safety. That should make everyone happy, right?


    Everyone hates me.

    Issue 1: The players hate me because I've got no reputation and I can't speak Croatian. Fair enough.

    Issue 2: The players hate me because I gave them a nasty halftime talking to after they came in 3-0 down. 

    Issue 3: The board hates me because the players hate me.

    Issue 4: The board hates me because I haven't brought the wage budget down.

    Issue 5: Nobody wants to buy my crappy players.

    Issue 6: I am unable to release my crappy players because the board won't pay for it.

    Issue 7: The players want better training.

    Issue 8: I'm only allowed 2 coaches.

    Issue 9: They are part-time, so only train twice a week.

    So, this leaves me with a bit of a situation:



    After 8 moderately successful games, my job safety is 'Very Insecure'


    Positive 1: I'm actually enjoying this save.

    Current objective: Don't get sacked, don't get relegated.


  3. 1 minute ago, isignedupfornorealreason said:

    My advice has always, and will always be, buy the game in March/April whenever the patch drops, as that tends to be the most complete, bug-free version you're getting.


    No different now. 


    To answer the OP's question, I do recommend FM22, but I also think it is filled with very silly bugs that should have been stamped out in the beta testing - some which haven't even been fixed yet. Maybe one or two of them probably won't even get fixed at all. So, for a smoother experience, I'd say wait. But it's in decent nick now. Personally, I bought it early this year because I could get it on the cheap on sale, and because I skipped 21 (the first FM I've completely skipped since back in the CM2 days), which might be why I'm enjoying 22 a little bit more. A break does you good at times. 

    Bugs such as the one posted by this chap just now:

    Board from Devastated to happy n a single action, that just takes the fun out of it. I shared on another thread that I had a 'hatred' relationship with a journalist that went from Good -> Hatred -> Close Friend in the space of about 3 weeks.

  4. On 17/12/2021 at 03:29, Robioto said:

    IMO before the lottery that is player interactions and team meetings. I hate this part of the game and it often feels completely random and players get upset over all sorts of weird nonsense.

    10000%, I always have to save before going into a team meeting, they're absolutely ridiculous at times. Saying things that are perfectly reasonable to say can destroy the team's morale, it's just about finding the correct answers so that you don't have to have another one for 6 months. 

  5. I started an FM22 save, but found the number of small bugs took away from the enjoyment of the game and as such I haven't really touched it in over a month. Bugs that either didn't exist in FM21 or I never saw them. Mainly involving the world around your club - media, player interactions, relationships... etc. If you're throwing so many hours into a game then you need to be able to immerse yourself in the world.

    I'd go back to FM21, but I played it heavily the first time around, so might struggle to get back into it.

    Was just going to wait for the next round of patching and see if it improves.

  6. This is absolutely not an 'FM22 is too easy' take, I'm just wondering about the power of 523, as changing to the formation with the same set of players had immediate and lasting effects.

    For context, I took over Halifax and made very few new signings. I finished Season 1 playing 4-3-3 and getting hammered (as was expected with the squad).

    I started the save with zero qualifications, zero history, absolute minimal attributes.



    Then in season 2, after 2 opening defeats using 4-3-3, I switch to 5-2-3 and the rest is history:


    After the Solihull game, I don't lose a further match, knock Crystal Palace out of the FA Cup, win the FA trophy and reach a record points total on the back of going 32 games undefeated:




    I've not made that many changes to a squad that was expected to struggle, aside from a few free transfers during the summer. 

    I'm just wondering if 5-2-3 is a broken formation in this edition as I like as much realism as possible in my game and such results from so few changes puts me off continuing.

  7. For me, this is one of the most true to life things I've ever seen.

    I'm Halifax Town, in season 1 I took over with them  in the bottom 3 with a remit just to fight bravely against relegation.

    Season 2, I'm clear at the top of the league after 30ish games and I'm 19 games unbeaten.

    I've just played and beaten Premier League Crystal Palace at home in the 3rd round of the FA Cup.

    The response of one fan:


    How the FM team have managed to accurately re-imagine football Twitter deserves credit.

  8. 1 hour ago, DasMagicMullet said:

    Well, can't lie, after spending weeks thinking I'll go with Magdeburg, I started the game, played a couple of months and felt.... meh. Not clicking.

    Thought I'd go as Shakthar to recreate my favourite ever FM08 save, didn't get beyond day 1 without... meh

    I need something to grab me. I need a team with a story.

    I decided to follow WorkTheSpace's park to Prem method. Loaded up a big database, started with lowest stats and unemployed, skip to December and start applying for jobs. Just taken over with FC Halifax, going to turn them into mentality monsters.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Yuko said:

    Figured out my first save, but would appreciate some help.


    Will start in the lowest possible Scottish division. The idea is to get them to the top tier and then make a switch to preferably Celtic. Then make a switch to a PL club like Everton, Leeds or perhaps Newcastle if they're struggling and take them to the top of England. 


    Problem is, I have no clue which side to select. I've had a run with Edinburgh City in a much older version when I had a similar plan in mind (hint: it failed), so not sure if I'll do that again. Thinking of Albion Rovers this time, more of a challenge as they are predicted 10th out of 10, but they're like 6th irl so perhaps they're not as bad? 

    Stenhousemuir could be a good choice, a fair few Norwegian supporters in real life and weirdly got a shoutout from Clay Davis off of The Wire a couple of weeks ago.

  10. 6 hours ago, BrightLad5 said:

    The last two FMs there were quite big bugs that weren’t save game compatible. I believe in FM20 (or FM19 maybe?) there was a bug relating to the newgens having terrible mental stats which was pretty game breaking for anyone playing more than a season or two. In FM21 I’m sure there was a bug about the AI giving terrible team talks which again made the game borderline unplayable on a long term basis until it was fixed in full release.

    Both of these bugs were in their Betas and needed a new game to be restarted to fix them.

    I don’t think anything this big has been identified (yet) in the FM22 beta but I do think they may make tweaks to the ME on full release to maybe dial down the crossing/players staying too wide which seems a bit OP but they might not, it’s not game breaking or anything.

    Either way I would suggest starting your full save as a new game on full release to limit bugs that could cause you issues. Nothing worse than getting 3/4 season into your mega long term save only to find that there is a big bug with regens or whatever. 

    Yup, as hard as it is to hang fire until the full release, this is what I'm doing as I think getting halfway through a season and then having to restart is much worse than having the beta sat there and not touching it for 2 weeks.

  11. 17 hours ago, MrPompey said:

    Key element is that you wont get any last minute data changes. I'd use the time now to prepare your transfer / staff / scouting etc strategies then let rip next Tuesday as its so close

    This is what I'm doing too, getting all my ducks in a line, properly analysing my squad and tactics but not advancing on too far before full release just in case.

  12. I know if a player is English and based in England then he's obviously going to be more willing to join an English team, but does region/distance come into play at all?

    Take Everton & Liverpool prospects, are they more likely to want to ply for Tranmere than they are other League 2 teams like Crawley or Northampton?

    I'm just thinking ahead for my FM22 save, I'm starting lower down the leagues and was wondering if I'm better off putting more focus on local academies or not.


  13. Started a beta save with FC Magdeburg in 3.Liga and will likely go with them on full release unless there's a Day 1 lower German league release so that I can go with Carl Zeiss Jena.

    One thing I'm definitely doing is applying data analysis to everything within the game - decided to make FM22 the year I choose head over heart. Most important for my squad will be their mental attributes. Unless they meet all of the correct criteria then they're not getting in the team or being signed for the club.

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