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  1. Intrigued to know how people control their youth systems on each game? I'm at a club (Tromso) with an excellent youth setup, but not sure how to get the best out of it to make sure potential is reached.

    Do I pack the U19 squad with high potential players or do I loan them out?

    Just wondering what others do as their go-to with youth at the start of a new save.

  2. All is going well with Tromso, halfway through the first season and I'm 4 points clear at the top of the 2nd tier.

    I'm getting all the results I'd expect from a Tika Taka formation, I lead the league in pass completion, average possession.. etc, just wondering if there is anything that stands out in the positions and instructions that is counter-intuitive to the style?



  3. 9 minutes ago, Marko1989 said:

    After many years of playing I also find it difficult to get into some save. So I always must think of some challenge before starting. For example - 

    - I've played with Sassuolo but I had a rule only to buy Italian players

    -I've played with Llagostera in Spain, because they have similar colors like Barcelona and my challenge was to play tiki taka, same formation as Barca and players of same nationality as one of the best Barca teams. For example - my right back had to be Brazillian like Dani Alves, playmaker Spanish like Iniesta, striker Uruguayan like Suarez and so on. 

    My next save is probably Milan with similar rules, for example striker will have to be Ukranian. 

    And I always have rule - I don't stop with playing the same save until I win champions league, so that is among others, always a main goal. 

    Cor, now there is an idea.

  4. I don't prefer to big a mega sized club, or a top-flight club. I like clubs that are in the 2nd/3rd tier of European leagues, with the potential to be the biggest in the land, or sleeping giants.


    I've started a couple of saves on FM21 already - Hearts, Dortmund (just to see), Falkirk and Sunderland. None of them have really grabbed me.


    Just looking for any suggestions, any interesting clubs?

  5. On 11/08/2020 at 21:47, Marcussy said:


    No offence but when I clicked on to your post, I expected to read that you had taken Altrincham or Forest Green to Champs League glory in 6-7 seasons dominating all domestic divisions along the way. Or that you had won Champs league with Dukla or Sparta in the space of a couple of seasons.

    Your achievements are definitely notable - but I'm genuinely puzzled as to how that leads to a question of whether the game is too easy? You've had a couple of seasons of decent success with 4 small teams - shouldn't you be doing a fair bit more before asking that?

    Not really, 2 league defeats across 4 seasons with 4 different clubs is enough to ask the question.

  6. 1 hour ago, FMunderachiever said:

    no, its not too easy

    dont confuse yourself with this forum making it look easy because there happen to be some very good players here

    the tactics threads are never short of people wanting advice

    I'm not basing it on this forum, I'm basing it on 4 titles wins in 4 seasons with 4 different clubs whilst losing 2 games in 154, all whilst not really doing anything other than playing the players in roles they want to play and making sure the tactics page is green.

    If the games fine and I've managed to become Rinus Michels reborn then that's ok. 

  7. I played regularly from CM93 through to FM2009, then had a decade off to raise kids, work long hours and grow old (I never enjoyed the 3D match engine either to be honest).

    I came back to FM20 when it was included with the Xbox Game Pass and also managed to pick up a copy for the Switch. I've now completed 2 seasons on each platform and I'm amazed how easy the game seems.

    On the Switch, I spent a season with Altrincham, won the league at a canter, losing only once. At the end of the season I moved to Forest Green and won the league at a canter, losing only once.

    On the PC, I'm at the end of my 2nd season and I'm yet to lose a league game. First season I played as Dukla Prague, before moving to Sparta Prague. Both times I was 3rd favourite for the title, but managed to go a combined 66 games unbeaten. No restarts, no save skips.

    During the 15-16 years of my heavy playing I was never a master tactician, which is why it's surprised me how easy 20 feels. I've played the same formation with all 4 teams, 4231, but I dunno, seems odd.

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