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  1. It's been awhile since I've booted FM24. I have my old save but I kind of still want to stay in South America. Let's see what happens in Chile otherwise I might go to Europe and take my talents to Croatia. I'm simming both countries, Chile and Croatia. We will see.
  2. I understand the frustration. However, it's still going to be awhile in real life before promotion and relegation between K LEAGUE 2 and K LEAGUE 3. It's slated for the 2026 season. This past season two teams that played in K LEAGUE 3 in 2022 got added as the 24th and 25th team as K LEAGUE 2 expanded.
  3. You got a source for the ranges for Determination and Professionalism for the Honest personality.
  4. I wonder where it falls in terms of being a good personality for a HOYD.
  5. Is Honest a new personality for this FM24? EDIT: I saw it when I was looking for staff personalities and scrolling through personality in the menu.
  6. This bingo is making me want to start a save in England.
  7. I like this a lot. I have some questions: - How did you calculate increased reputation in Europe? - How do you see dynamic youth rating in the game?
  8. Club Atlético Los Andes - Primera Nacional - 2024 CLUB: PROFILE | FACILITIES | HONOURS | BOARD VISION | SUPPORTERS | FINANCES MANAGER: PROFILE | ATTRIBUTES We've done it. We won our first season in Primera Nacional. It went to the Championship Playoff Match against Club Social y Deportivo Madryn. We win off a 90+3 goal. I'm glad that it didn't go to penalties. winner.mp4 SQUAD Youth Academy I messed up on the naming and didn't fix it. The players that I'm watching out for are Fernando Sarra 24A, Darío Pérez 24B, and Martín Córdoba 24C.
  9. I just got my main GK back then my reserves GK is injured and just now my U20 GK is injured. THIS GAME. I feel like I'm rotating through who isn't injured for GK.
  10. What's the equivalent of the following in team training from FM23 to FM24: - Team: Defensive Shape - Team: Teamwork - Team: Attacking Movement Is Attacking Movement and Defensive Shape now Tactical: Defensive Shadow Play and Tactical: Attacking Shadow Play? Is Team: Teamwork not just relegated to Team Bonding?
  11. I just got to a point in my save in that I'm using an 18 year old as my GK due to GK injuries.
  12. I make my own from the SS kits PSDs with like a jersey style I like from a brand.
  13. You could always use a config.xml in your graphics, if the kits are wrong for Hornchurch. I didn't need the pre-editor to change the kits for Los Andes in my game.
  14. For those that have a save already, can you check if something appears in this tab: This would be where the game tells you if you had a youth intake previously.
  15. Club Atlético Los Andes - Primera Nacional - 2024 CLUB: PROFILE | FACILITIES | HONOURS | BOARD VISION | SUPPORTERS | FINANCES MANAGER: PROFILE | ATTRIBUTES I got the jerseys as close to the real life ones that they are wearing for this season. We are predicted to finish 36 out of 37. I have a technical director but I don't need one. I've yet to look at my squad in depth. The one thing I did look was if during my holiday sim did the team produce youth players. It did but doesn't show up in the Youth Intake history or Youth tab under Transfers.
  16. @darren1983 Argentina reset date is January 1. Three teams got promoted.
  17. I just simmed to the reset date for Mexico which is June 10. No teams got promoted. I also simmed for 3 more years because of average points. No teams got promoted still. Upon further digging, promotion/relegation with Liga MX and Liga de Expansión MX has been suspended. Tampico Madero, the club I managed in FM23 for this challenge, won Liga Premier which should've granted them promotion to Liga de Expansión MX. Atlante who won Liga de Expansión MX should've been promoted to Liga Mx. They got certified for promotion but they didn't get promoted. It seems like four teams have to get certified for promotion to happen in which that their financials and infrastructure are good. I guess that makes it nobody is going to get promoted in the Mexican leagues.
  18. The only thing that happened in 2023 for K2 League was that it expanded from 11 teams to 13 teams. However, the current season that is happening will not have a promotion of any teams from K3 League to K2 League. Anyways, I'm back! Will probably try a save in Mexico or Argentina again.
  19. I've booted up FM23 again. I remember my last save was Denmark and then I stopped playing FM23. I'm holidaying Belgium right now.
  20. I'll look again. I wonder if I overlooked it. What team did you start with?
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