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  1. Been away for a while, with an almost catastrophic windows update related failure, BUT glad to check in and see many completions - well done to all but especially @libbyshuss - the impossible challenge of belgium, seems more possible now...I am tempted! Still going strong in Uruguay in season 2, but April and May have been hectic....hoping to get back into it in the coming weeks though!
  2. Central Español Fútbol Club - Season 1 - End of Season Review League We only went and won it first season! It was a walk in the park actually. Not sure if it is a poor league, I have good legacy players or we have done well tactically. Cup Even more randomly we got to the final of the Uruguayan Cup. Which has both First and Second division teams in it! And even though we lost the final we didn't get destroyed by any means! Note: We beat Liverpool FC and Cooper quite easily, which gives us hope for next year as they are both First Division teams. Squad We are playing an attacking formation which creates plenty of chances. I have actually tried a different formation for each of my YAC challenges to vary things up a bit. Quite a few of our youth players have had game time with Pablo Garcia (YP01B) already becoming a first team regular! Remember the name! We have an Assistant Manager that I signed who deserves his own screenshot. The Man, the Myth, the Legend!! Improvements In other news we have made a few improvements (Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment) and I have a new contract! Current Facilities Plus Youth Facilities upgrade
  3. @HaylingZar - Topper looks.....topper What a player. Hopefully he will stick around a while and lead you to glory!
  4. Welcome Different people use different systems. I personally use: Player Name (YP01A) Player Name (YP01B) YP = Youth Player (or product) 01 = The season they came through the academy 01 being season 1, 02 being season 2 etc A = My top rated prospect in that youth intake However I know there are all kinds of different ways to 'tag' players, so whatever works best for you.
  5. Masullo has some right wing preferences....... Interesting wording!
  6. Central Español Fútbol Club - Season 1 - Mid Season Review & Youth Intake League We have been tremendous from day 1. Firstly we won the Torneo Competencia, a kind of opening season league tournament. It guarantees us a playoff place in the Second Division proper. Then in the second division proper at the half way mark we find ourselves top with a comfortable gap. Youth Intake Preview We got the preview on day 1 of the save, so that was a very nice thing to see as one of my first news items. Look at ALL of those As Youth Intake The actual intake came less than a month later and was very promising indeed. Due to a worry about my financial projections I only signed the best 9 players (the ones tagged below) Top 3 - Youth Intake 1 Diego Da Silva (YP01A) A good looking young keeper. He is already our 2nd best Goalie, BUT one of our best 'legacy' players is also our Goalie. Likely that he will learn in the youth teams for a few years and his progress will determine if he gets into the starting line up. Will definitely get played in cup (or non-important) games. Decent personality and some great starting attributes (apart from that dreadful first touch). Pablo Garcia (YP01B) A very good looking DM, which is a position I am planning to use this save. We also don't have good DMs in our 'legacy players' so it may be that Pablo gets some game time this season. All of his key, highlighted, attributes are 7 or above, which at this level is great for a 15 year old. His personality is not good and his physicals need some work, but we can work with what we have here. Ruben Marticorena (YP01C) A nice looking striker. I love the Dribbling, Finishing and First Touch combo. The problem is we have quite a few (probably 4 or 5) strikers who are ahead of him in the pecking order and we are only playing 1 up top in this save at the moment. I have had good experiences with Rangy Strikers too, so that goes in his favor. Facilities Improvements We managed to get a whole host of upgrades and a new contract!
  7. @SkiIIs - can you offer him a lower wage with bonuses or a ridiculous signing on fee (like most of your transfer budget which you don't need anyway) - May be worth it as he looks a REAL talent.
  8. Thanks @XaW. I actually really liked the gritty style of @Mahzun_Savas example logo, so I have stole that one for now. But good to know for the future. I used to have Photoshop so know exactly how to do it there Alas no longer am I blessed with that!!
  9. Central Español Fútbol Club The Beginning Based in Montevideo the capital of Uruguay. Central Español founded FUF (Uruguayan football federation) in 1923 with Penarol. They have only won one Uruguayan Championship to date, in 1984!! Time to change that!
  10. Me too I also never holiday! (Unless I have a weird bug, or I am expected to play a U18 or reserve friendly as I have no staff, then I usually holiday 1 day)
  11. Thanks all!! @SkiIIs - I may already be a season and a half into my next save AND it is another YAC! @JAwtunes - Yes the lack of youth facilities was frustrating. We even changed owners a couple of times but that didn't give me the option, nor did it when our Star Rating went up to continental.
  12. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 30 - Mid Season Review Champions League - WINNERS - CHALLENGE COMPLETED!!!!! After getting to last years final and being outclassed, we got back to the final and completely deserved the win against another team from Saudi Arabia in Al-Ittihad 1st Leg In the 1st we dominated. I thought everything may come crashing down when our keeper Naoto Sakai (YP23A) went down with an injury just before half time. Our replacement is ALOT worse and got a 5.9 in the last cup match I started him! However we barely gave them a sniff at goal and finished with a deserved 2-0 victory with goals from both of my wingers. 2nd Leg In the 2nd leg it was a much more tense affair. We were already nervous as Naoto Sakai (YP23A) had broken his hand in the last game, so we had our sub keeper playing the full 90. Things started with a scare as the first highlight was a goal for Al-Ittihad. However our chances went up massively when the second half started and then they got a man sent off for a vicious tackle. A late goal by Masayosha Takahashi (YP23F) settled our nerves and then Takayuki Ohara (YP25B) put the icing on the cake with a finish to not only win the Champions league, but to win both legs! Champions League - How we got to the final Funnily enough this year we were much less dominant in the knockout rounds of the Champions league, with TWO of our games being decided in our favor due to the Away goals rule. The Sapporo game was actually relatively comfortable, until they scored two goals in the last 9 minutes, luckily both of those goals were home goals! Ulsan seemed to always come up against us, but again the away goals rule saved our skin. After a 1-1 draw at home, we went away and drew 2-2 the first goal for Ulsan being scored by one of the Youth Players we sold a good 7-8 years ago. Champions League Dream Team!!! In my mind we should have all eleven players in the dream team, but thankful that 7 of our starting 11 were named in the Dream Team. The Final Squad The final team that took us over the line. Pretty good squad depth overall with some VERY strong strikers and some amazing youngsters waiting to burst into the first team. A couple of my KEY Players! We have a full team I am very proud of but a few key players that I wanted to highlight are: Naoto Sakai (YP23A) - Our Goalie who is just solid. Once we lost our first choice to Ajax, Naoto then stepped in and performed admirably. He has not got the best attributes but is solid overall and is consistently good. Haruhiko Ninomiya (YP14K) - He is one of our oldest starters and has been a great left back ever since he has got into the team. I like having one full back more attacking and overlapping and even though he does not ALWAYS start anymore, when he does he plays fantastically and is our most played LB this year. Hiroshi Yamada (YP21A) - An amazing little winger who consistently performs well, he gets plenty of assists and despite his unambitious personality he has become one of the first names on the team sheet. Kyota Shimokawa (YP20A) - A brilliant midfielder who has recently got into the National team. As the playmaker in the heart of midfield everything goes through him. He pops up with important goals and rarely has a bad game. Masayosha Takahasi (YP23F) - Our most capped player with only 13 caps. He plays as my advanced forward next to a poacher. The poacher gets more goals, but arguably the advanced forward is more important. A great personality has seen him develop fantastically and while the poacher position is rotated, Masayosha plays every game he is available. Takayuki Ohara (YP25B) - still only 20, but seems like he has been with us forever. His goals per game speak for themselves. A great poacher who can do everything well. Finishing and Heading of 16 for a poacher is a dream. He doesn't always start and has had his head turned a bit by other clubs. He is however just superb, with all of the attributes that matter being 13+, he still has room to grow and I am tempted to play further in the save just to see how far he can go. Final Facilities After all this time I still only have Adequate youth facilities which I think did impact the length of the save, as I just struggled to get really good players for a while. Even some of my key players above are playing above their station so to speak. We also rarely fill our stadium despite now being rated as the best team in Japan by reputation! Doesn't help we are quite far away from any MAJOR cities.
  13. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 29 - Japan J1 League - End of Season Review & Youth Intake League - 5th The league doesn't matter as much anymore and as we focused on the Champions League (losing in the Final) our League position was always disappointing. We are already in this seasons champions League (see below) and have a chance in qualifying for next seasons Champions League as we are in the final of the All Japan Cup, for the first ever time. All Japan Cup We got to our first ever final and it was a tense affair. We were the better team but conceded a late goal . In Extra time we knocked on the door again, but nothing came of it. Luckily after missing the first penalty our other four penalty takers hit the mark, where as two of Urawas takers had tame penalties which resulted in Naoto Sakai (YP23A) being the hero of the day with two strong saves. Champions League Group Stages We once again got Ulsan in our group and this time they did take a game away from us. So not the perfect group stage but certainly a very good one. We will play FC Seoul in the first knockout round The Squad No big changes in the starting eleven, but look at those average ratings. For a team that ended up in 5th that isn't bad at all. Youth Intake No one really special in the intake apart from Ryuga Nishiguchi Other News Our U18s retained the U!8 League comfortably
  14. Next crazy Idea. FM YAC Battles haha 😀 Pick a team, select your opponent from the forums and race to the top 😜
  15. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 29 - Japan J1 League - Mid Season Review & Youth Intake Preview Champions League - Semi Finals - 2nd leg! We pulled through from 4-1 down to win 5-4. Look at the xG!!! Two players with a 10.0 rating too!! Champions League Final - 1st leg A tough game against Al Hilal in the first leg, they were deserved winners, but we definitely deserved the late goal, as 2nd half was much closer as a game. Champions League Final - 2nd Leg In a continued INSANE tournament, we had an AMAZING performance in the home leg. BUT it was just too little too late! Disappointment BUT It does explain a little bit when their best player looks like this. Other News - Another Super Cup Win Again not important, but nice for the trophy cabinet Youth Intake Preview We changed our HOYD again and the preview does look a little better than the last few.
  16. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 29 - Japan J1 League - Mid Season Review & Youth Intake Preview League so far We decided to go for a new strategy in starting a 'sub 11' before the important champions league games, that combined with me being a few games behind left my board and fan confidence at a C- level for the first time in the entire save. Some were even calling some of my games 'must win'. Champions League The entire competition was insane! Second Round We started with a 8-6 aggregate win against Sydney FC. We were a comfortable 4-1 up in the home leg, and though the second leg would be easy enough. How wrong we were. We did pull through, but stopped playing at half time. Luckily when Sydney came back we kept scoring just minutes after them. Quarters Finally we did not draw Shimizu in the quarters. Instead we got Yokohama F-M Another crazy scoreline winning on aggregate 8-3. Takayuki Ohara (YP25B) being the star of the show once again to lead us to victory. Semi Finals We got Bejing in the semi finals. A team we had beaten many times before in the group stages. In the first leg it was a close game but Naoto Sakai (YP23A) had a poor game. Again we played much better in the Home Leg and to my utter surprise.......to be continued
  17. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 28 - Japan J1 League - End of Season Review & Youth Intake League - 1st We were actually a lot more comfortable than it looks, but we had a terrible last few games of the season (while we were trying to rest players for important Champions league group stage games). Title winners again and the 2nd time in 3 seasons. New Stats from FM24? I have never seen this news item before, thought it was cool and hope it's here to stay as a new feature Champions League We were a bit worried by Ulsan in our group as they are the current holders of the competition, however we beat them home and away. Maybe this will be the year!?!?! We will play Sydney FC in the first knockout round. Squad We are very impressive now, with multiple leading players for the league and good depth in almost every position. We started playing Hirotake Kumagai (YP19K) at CB, even though by attributes he is our 3rd or 4th best centre back. However he is 6 foot 7, which in Japan is HUGE! The 10 goals he has scored have been very important. We also have three strikers in Daisuke Fukuoka (YP22C), Takayuki Ohara (YP25B) (who won Young Player of the year) and Masayosha Takahashi (YP23F) who are very very good. Our defense was almost entirely in the Team of the Year too which is nice to see. Youth Intake A poor intake, but it is Mustapha Njies first intake. Top 3 2 - Youth Intake 28 Not even 3 that could make the first team. Unless of course someone surprises me. BUT here are the top two. Hajime Umezu (YP28A) Actually could easily be a first team player and potentially a starter. Some great attributes in the physicals combined with great finishing is the sign of a good striker. His strength is woeful though, so hope that can improve. Riku Kondo (YP28B) Another from the famous 'ReinBerg Centre Back Factory'. Could be a squad player for us in the next few years and potentially even start. Other News Look at this. The future is bright indeed!
  18. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 28 - Japan J1 League - Mid Season Review & Youth Intake Preview League - 1st so far We are absolutely flying in the league. As usual the best attacking team, but also in the top 5 in terms of defending too. ' Champions League - Quarter finals Another year and....another Champions League Quarter final defeat to Shimizu They are quickly becoming my most disliked team!! Youth Intake Preview We decided to get rid of Hirotada Asato despite his superior attributes and went for something left field (in the hope of diversifying our group of players) in Mustapha Njie, plus I have never had a Model Professional HOYD. Not the best preview, but the transition between HOYDs is always rough. ' Quick Riser - Potential Wonderkid?? Remember Takayuki Ohara (YP25B) who was labelled the next Kunshige Kamamoto Well he has improved DRAMATICALLY in just 12 months at the club. Next Champions League Group We already have our next Champions league group, which is definitely a tougher group as Ulsan just won the tournament so are the current Champions League Holders.
  19. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 27 - Japan J1 League - End of Season Review & Youth Intake League - 3rd We were just weren't as good this season. The second half of the season was definitely better than the first half, but I am not too disappointed as Champions League is the main aim at the moment. Champions League Things couldn't have gone any better in the group stage. 32 goals, 0 conceded. The Squad We have a new starting CB in Hayato Nakatani (YP22F) who has quickly become one of our best players and one of the best players in the league, as evidence by his MVP award. Other than that we have a very similar team as the one that won the league last year. Youth Intake We have had another poor intake, so Hirotada Asato will be replaced ASAP. ' Top 3 - Youth Intake 27 Satoru Mori (YP27A) Another CB, not that we need anymore. He could well make something of himself, decent stats all around and a good personality. Taiki Date (YP27B) Yes....the CB factory strikes again. Probably won't make the first team, but who knows. Okay stats, but needs some big improvement in his mentals if he is to ever reach his potential. Atushi Hosaka (YP27C) A decent looking midfielder. His mentals are pretty strong for a 15 year old, but I am hoping his Physicals will improve quickly.
  20. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 27 - Japan J1 League - Mid Season Review & Youth Intake Preview League - 6th so far We have had a relatively poor run of form to start the season before improving massively. We also had a poor run of form in the last 3 games. Consistency is a struggle for sure! We are so far off the pace already that repeating the title winning season of last year may be a hard feat at this rate. Super Cup Not that its important, but we won our first ever Super Cup! Champions League - Quarters We managed to beat Kashima quite comfortably, but lost to Shimizu, in the quarter final, who got some revenge for us stealing the league last season! Shimizu then lost a close final to Al-Ahli. Youth Intake Preview We have another poor looking intake, so the search to replace Hirotada Asato is officially on. New Champions League Group The way the season runs is awkward, as our Champions League Group stage (the fact we are in the competition) comes from last season (6 months ago) title win. Regardless our group has been set and it looks pretty favourable to be honest. The Next Kunshige Kamamoto One of my youth players who is just getting into the first team is labelled the next Kunshige Kamamoto - who you ask??!!!! A 60's and 70's (Yes 1960s and 1970s) legend of Yammar Diesel with 202 goals in 251 games AND 75 goals in 76 appearances for the Japanese National Team I hope Takayuki Ohara (YP25B) can be as prolific.
  21. Rein Meer AKA ReinBerg - Season 26 - Japan J1 League - End of Season Review & Youth Intake League - 1st!!! We are the CHAMPIONS!! Such a close run season. We were first for quite a while, before an end of season dip in form (where we lost 2 out of our 6 games). Luckily we won three straight while our closest rivals both dropped important games at the end of the season. Shimizu losing the last game of the season shook up the whole table, as they were 1st going into the last game of the season. The Squad We were really good in every position this year. Both Strikers were in great goal scoring form, with Takahiro Maehara (YP14B) getting the top goalscorer award for the division. Everyone outside of the defence got an above 7.0 average rating and even our new Goalie Naoto Sakai (YP23A) stepped in and performed well after our first choice went off to Ajax. We bought our stadium We finally ended up getting permission to by our stadium. It cost 17 million, but that still leaves me with over 15 mil in the bank. Not sure it will change anything, but it was the only improvement I could ask for as I still can not get a Youth facilities upgrade option Champions League I missed the group stage league table But we are through to the second round and will play fellow Japanese team Kashima, who actually just beat Shimizu in the last game of the season to help us win the league! Could we do the double and COMPLETE the challenge??? Youth Intake We had another poor intake, so as good as Hirotada Asato has been, I may need a replacement soon. Top 3 2 - Youth Intake (not even 3 that look okay!!!) Naoki Ogihara (YP26A) A decent looking DM, but we don't play with DMs. Has a way to go with his passing, vision and technique to be able to make the first team. Unfortunately I doubt he will ever make it and for this to be my best player from the intake is a bit discouraging. Yota Takahasi (YP26B) Another CB from our ever reliable CB Factory. With his strong personality and good mental attributes he may actual make the first team eventually. He is behind a whole list of player at the CB position (we have 3 out on loan that are all J1 level)
  22. Hey @SkiIIs you are getting SOME players in those Youth Intake. Cole Hay looks like a STAR!
  23. Rein Meer AKA Reinberg - Season 26 - Japan J1 League - Mid Season Review & Youth Intake Preview League We are once again battling near the top at the half way point of the season. We are the top scorers in the league and we have firmly established ourselves as one of the best teams across Japan. Record Sale - Goodbye Yosuke Tanaka We don't need the money (with 25 mil in the bank) so this one hurts a bit. I did at least manager to convince them that the transfer should go through at the end of the Dutch season (half way through our season). He had his head turned and when 'big' European clubs come in for players, they get unhappy fast. Luckily his under study is a good replacement, a step down for sure, but not a HUGE step down and he has potential to improve (5*s) The rise of Daisuke Fukuoka (YP22C) Also Daisuke Fukuoka (YP22C) who only entered the first team mid way through last year, is now one of the best strikers in the league. A star player and performing better than anyone in attacking statistics. Youth Intake Preview Another bad preview. Has Hirotada Asato used all of his luck, or have all of his connections gone dry? Not sure how much longer he can stay if he keeps giving us poor intakes.
  24. I don't think it is a bug so much as a rather annoying feature. I am on year 26 in my save and haven't been able to max out as it VERY rarely comes up for me. I am only at adequate youth facilities and have 30 mil in the bank
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