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  1. Well yes and that would be the way to go to produce real power but it'll be just as or if not more expensive than what it's replacing. Which is a two card system but just one does 3D and the other is for general apps. The thing I was say is, with luck, these will reduce the cost, esp for FM players and most current dedicated cards are overkill. So perhaps no need to buy a laptop with a dedicated card if you only want one to play FM and use as your general purpose PC. Should make them lighter too.
  2. I've looked a bit at these new processors. They should fit in well for games like FM if their price is sensible. But they'll never be as good as a dedicated graphics card so if you play more tasking games they should be avoided imo. The certainly is a gap for them as the market being driven by games doesn't help this market.
  3. You reallly need to read the full conditions of the policy, but of course, you never get the time and often the salespeople don't even understand what they are selling. They'll say all sorts of rubbish to sell these policies because they get a bonus or need to maintain a level to keep their job. People are sold warranties for 20% of the cost the item and all it does if give them an extra year on their rights. Others think they are being sold accident insurance but it turns out it's just a warranty. My own story is a long time ago from what used to be Dixsons, I bought a 286 computer and was sold "assurance" except when I came to claim they refused because I was self-employed. They didn't give me back all my payments though. Most insurance is the same as walking into a bookmaker to place a bet. The odds are very much in their favour but nowhere near as good as an insurence companys.
  4. This might help, I've not read but the first bit so if it proves me wrong fine but it's another voice for you mate - https://www.which.co.uk/news/article/worthless-warranties-are-you-overpaying-for-faulty-goods-cover-aMZVW0X0eSLn
  5. I didn't say what you think I said. Your opinion is as valid as mine, All I said is that's what a salesman would say. The fact you were lucky (in some respect) to benefit from the cover clouds your judgment. As I say 3 in 100 benefit.
  6. That's the class half-full view from the salesman speech. The real-life view is I can tell you the exact percentage it was in the 1990s that 2.7% less than 3 in 100 of those people who take them out make a claim. To put that in perspective you have more chance of dying in an accident while traveling on a bus in the UK than claiming for a laptop repair.
  7. NO NO NO ! if you want to insure you laptop do it with the house insurance but its already covered for loss and damage on that probably anyway. These shop "assurance" scenes are a total rip off. I know, I worked for a company that designed the software for them. You could if you wanted to, put money away each week in savings to pay for any repairs later. If it doesn't break then you have a lump sum start to buy your next one or an holiday :-)
  8. Well, I would repair but if that's out the question, the MSI is a decent option and would be a different world to what you already have in terms of performance. One tip to save wear on the fingerpad is when you get the laptop new stick some wide sellotape over the pad. If you cut it neatly it's not noticed. I started doing this many years ago when I almost dug a hole in the plastic over time. I also sellotape over the labels on the back so the print doesn't rub off.
  9. Both are not great but without testing and with little research I would suggest the AMD would be better because it's 3 times as fast at processing. However gameplay in matches might see the other card perform much better there. So either slow processing results or lag during playing out games. 2D the AMD would win easy imo.
  10. As said, best to wait for FM25 to be out and then see the specs they say should work. I know if you lack the experience to understand it can be hard to avoid making buying mistakes, esp when you have places selling what are in effect cut down versions of processors and graphics cards of better machines. But that's, from what I understand, this thread is all about. If you have issues post them, there are some talented people on here who will be able to dianoise what the issues is and where to look. But if you want to go the route of throwing money at it then fair enough. For ref I play FM24 with all leagues loaded on my laptop MSI PE62 8RC - 8th Gen i7 875-H - 16bg 2400 MHz DDR4-SDRAM - 2GB Nvidia GTX 1050 - I play in windowed mode, all fast options but I turn the crowd details down and sound off. While playing I have MusicBee playing music and the web browser open with 2 email accounts & one news feed open. I don't suffer any delays that make the game less enjoyable. Tend to run the games in comprehensive.
  11. I'm not up to date, so others might disagree but there is more to just buying the best parts to build a PC if you want the best for a purpose like playing FM. Parts may be marketed as the best or fastest etc but they might not all play well together. I used to build PCs and servers for a major utility company and naturally, I built my own at home but when I set up my business I bought a workstation designed for the job because people like HP, MSI understand and have tested what works best. A quick search says the MSI Infinite RS 13th is the best gaming PC at the moment. I would go for something like that and from the looks of your shopping list it's way overkill for FM, for a start you'll have 5.7 TB of disk space never used except the OS would need to maintain all that. Also, FM will never make a processor run very hot because it just would never thrash the graphics & processing. It's not "active" gaming it's pre-set, what I mean is you are not sitting there constantly making processor requests shooting alines, and moving around a world space. You select the options and those options then play out in front of you with little input till the end. I would put money into a good screen and yes future-proof with the graphics card by all means. Just my P" worth feel free to ignore.
  12. It's better than the laptop I run FM24 on and I can load all the leagues playable if I wanted. Yes, that would be a slight delay in processing data but seconds. I choose to load them all and only make about ten playable. I have no intention of buying a new laptop to play FM25 and I'm sure this will run it. Without seeing what's being loaded when your laptop starts it's hard to give advice but I suspect as you mentioned office then all the bunk it'll load might be the problem. But also we need to determine when the slowdown occurs - Is it a) during management when you move from day to day and the processor is working its job? If it's processing then perhaps your SSD drive is on its way out or something has taken ownership of a large junk of memory (office, Crome etc) or b) during matches being played when the video card is working it's job. If it's during playing and you are getting lag then you might have your driver settings wrong and perhaps it's running the game off the default video card which I suspect will be an intel not the dedicated Nvida. You could try removing all the nvida software and rebooting to let windows install a default driver. Then run the game and see if it's the same.
  13. Perhaps if you give us the model and make we could make suggestions on how to speed it up?
  14. Sadly Computer repair shops are now the new car repair garages for trust. Not many really know what they are doing when it comes to repairs. MSI laptops are pretty easy to swap parts, the only really problem is the plastics are a bit delicate and the mouse pad is glued in so if that wears out its a problem so I cover that with wide tape to give it some protection. I currently use 2, one for video watching and one for FM game-play and neither one is worth £150 but do the jobs needed.
  15. As with others who have posted what seems, well to me anyway, slightly old stock or more basic laptops, I would say you'll get far better value spending £500 on the second-hand market. No question it'll run the game now and almost certainly the new version but ... One minute eBay search throws up for £440 - ASUS ZenBook 14 OLED UX3402VA Intel Core i5 13 Gen 16GB 512GB SSD as a posed to yours - i3 12 gen poor display laptop. Not saying the Zenbook is the way to go but hope you see where the value is between the two. Best wishes,
  16. You are never too old to start anything. I worked with my hands till I was 45, then moved house and decided to go to Uni as a mature student. From there I got a job sitting at a desk but earning 3 times as much messing with IT and Internet things. I left that to start my own business selling football memorabilia. Now coming up to 65 I would do streaming but the only things that stop me are a) I'm dyslexic and b) I'm a Brummie and that accent just anoys the hell out of people I'm told :-) Its you life mate, and you only get one so do what you want to do, as long as you are no harming anyone else get on with living life not reacting to it. Now as for your PC, if you are spending £1500 on a system produced for games it should run anything for the next 5 years.
  17. Thing is with Laptop processing and graphics tend to get matched to a games laptop. Perhaps you should look a the business end of HP or Lenovo where the system is designed for Exel spreadsheet work. But really you aim is ideal for building a desktop where you can pick and choose parts. You could get 36gb ram and fastest SSD inside your budget I suspect.
  18. Just to let you know Currys have the same Laptop - I think - On eBay refurbished c grade so it has marks £509 and about the cheapest you get that for but it might be worth noting that listing in case eBay or Currys put up a discount code in the next few days.
  19. What about this, others can comment, I'm more a secondhand operator myself - https://www.laptopstation.co.uk/products/msi-gaming-laptop-cyborg-15-12th-generation-h-series-i5-16gb-ram-512gb-ssd-4gb-nvidia-rtx-graphics-15-6-144hz-fhd-screen?variant=47879863894308&currency=GBP&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gad_source=1 Might get it cheaper or find a coupon perhaps.
  20. In basic terms I would try to find one with a dedicated graphics card. Not that I think this won't cope but in terms of value for money and long term use.
  21. It's a wonder you don't get the bill for wearing out the centre of the pitch :-) In FM23 I had a lot of success with slow-paced football but in FM24 it seems a non-starter. I would like to hear from anyone who had success esp at the international level. You are playing high up the pitch so I would take "pass into space" off. You don't have any width so you are also not using that space. These two things should mean that when the ball is passed into space your players will have compete to get it and when they have it will be crowded. You'll lose the ball more often and they'll break on you more. The slow temp is not helping with this either as you give the other team time to organize. "pass into space" really is for trying to break on the other team when you have the pace either wide or upfront with a striker who plays on the shoulder.
  22. ARE ! The ever-lasting misunderstanding of benchmarking, you have love it. CPUs are not like a tap, they don't process faster the more you turn the nob. Any software of any extent should be tuned to throw work at the processor in such away that it doesn't demand everything so the CPU is unlikely to spike. Having said that Microsoft are very hard at understand that simple thing and so some of their code can break loose and hang up esp when interacting with sound, vision and file transfer. The are three key parts to deciding if your machine is capable of running FM; 1. In what detail do you want to play the game - including the number of league loads & playable? 2. The roar spend of the CPU on top of its basic model. 3. The speed, function and type of memory in you graphics card. These are then supplemented by type of storage and it's bus capabilities, screen /monitor capabilities and even sound to some respects but most the time these can be ignored as they all should be up to the job today. In my experience, the game only lags when accessing data. I know know but I suspect the code could be redesigned to store more in the memory rather than in the hard drive or it needs to use more threads - not really an experts on that sort of thing.
  23. I tried your idea and the monitor, keyboard, and mouse just would not fit on my lap while lying on the sofa :-) Of course, it's horses for courses, I agree if you are going to be sitting at a desk then a PC is far better and easy enough to build. Not sure about the savings you'll make today. I used to manage a IT dept serving 25,000 staff and I'm pretty sure I've built more PCs than most and servers, firewalls, ACE servers, DNS servers you name it I've built it. Another way to go is to buy secondhand and add better parts. You can do that in both PC and laptops. But most people enjoy the idea of "new" and that's what costs them the most. Laptops, PCs, TVs, Phones, etc like cars once bought lose 30% of their value. No one would buy the Laptop I play FM on it's too old and has bits glued onto it to keep it together. I think in the next few years a lot of people are going to have learn the real value of money, hard times are ahead here in the UK.
  24. Well good it's the one I've been using for a while and it's on it's 3rd case, so I know for a fact the socket is just a cable you can buy for a few quicd. In fact, you can get a replacement motherboard for around £100 on eBay. It's not a hard job and may be worth investigating on Youtube and checking the cost of the part on eBay. That Laptop is more than capable for FM24 and I assume FM25 as well. You can even overclock using the MSI afterburner. What you got to loose by having a go? £5 Man, I really hate computer repairshops, they are the new car mechanics and will rip off anyone if it saves them doing work, The reason they have told you that is the MSI is a bit time consuming so they expect to spend 1-2 hours to change a part that cost £5. I suspect they think you won't pay £100.
  25. What is the model of the old laptop, It's extreamly unlikely you can't change the socket. This is often just a un-do screws job I've done loads and they cost of the part would be about £5.
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