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  1. I do the same, but how do you deal with the DoF taking care of contract renewals, as you can't tell the DoF what you want the players expected playing time to be. I struggle with this aspect when using the DoF
  2. How do you deal with the DoF taking care of contract renewals, as you can't tell the DoF what you want the players expected playing time to be. I struggle with this aspect when using the DoF, especially with young players who I want to play often in the first team, the player wants to play in the first team, but the DoF only see's them as a 'Youngster' or 'Prospect'
  3. The UEFA competitions will likely have their matchday and screen graphics this year.
  4. When signing staff members we should also receive the player and scout reports that they made from there time at previous clubs. This became an issue for me when I moved to a new club and bought my coaches and scouts with me but I didn't have reports of all the players from my previous club.
  5. This issue is particularly about throw ins as I do understand corners can take a while as players have to get into the box
  6. UEFA competition screens and match days will probably have their own skin similar to the Bundesliga. I hope they also have the music, that's a must really.
  7. I think the options in the current tactic creator are limited compared to the tactical instructions a manager gives a team in real life. - For example I might often want my playmaker to look at the runs of my left wing back and for my striker to make sure he runs to the back post whenever this happens, with my inside forward going into the 6 yard box. These types of patterns of play are trained on the training ground and then sometimes it works in matches. - Another example is that I might want my inverted winger to always hug the touchline and when he receives it look for the run of the striker running into the box, rather than dribbling with the ball. - Might want my deep lying playmaker to always pass the ball forward to one of my wingers, or I might prefer if he did a safe short sideways pass to the mezzala. - Another example is that I might want my centre midfielder to occupy the half space when we have the ball in the opponents half. Of course as with managers/teams in real life, these patterns of play being followed will depend on the ability of the players, the willingness of the players to follow instructions, whether we are trying to hang on to a lead/the risk level we want to take at that moment in the match, and also on the players judgement on whether its good to follow the instruction at that moment, or if the player thinks there is a better option at that moment. We should have the ability to create these types of patterns of play in the tactic creator and also be able to watch how it looks in training matches so we can decide which patterns of play we want the players to follow in matches.
  8. We should have the ability to start the season with the staff, managers, players and player injury status as it was at the end of the transfer window. This would make it more realistic because for example Thomas Tuchel wont be the Chelsea manager in FM 23, but the only reason he isnt manager is because of his results during the 22/23 season, which will not have begun at he beginning of the game.
  9. I think the current set of team shouts is quite limited. Especially when you look at the description for each of the team shouts and you see that they are all about quite specific situations. For example the 'Demand More' shout description says it is telling the players they aren't working hard enough, but there is no shout that allows us to tell the team that I demand better quality in their decision making or demand better quality passes. Also we are limited to giving shouts once every 10/15 minutes whereas in real life a manager is talking to the team all the time.
  10. I think some of the features in FM don't fit that of a modern manager, and even more so if you have a DoF in your staff. We currently have too many board expectations that should not be the responsibility of the manager, for example: - Make youth facilities world class - Improving the youth academy is not the responsibility of the first team manager - Manage wage budget - It should not be possible for the manager to go over the wage budget as the board would block any transfers/contract renewals that would. Also oddities can occur where you can be judged badly on your handling of the wage budget even if its the DoF who has been handling contract renewals. - Expand stadium size request - This has absolutely nothing to do with the manager and the board should always be proactively trying to maximise there income by expanding the stadium if they are able to and if it would make financial sense. - Negotiation of intricate contract details such as goal bonuses - This types of things are not the duty of the manager and instead are covered by the legal experts and the DoF I understand you might not want to remove features from the game, so instead maybe these can be added to the Staff Responsibilities screen and then the manager shouldn't be judged on them.
  11. Whenever the ball goes out for a throw in or a corner it takes between 10 to 20 seconds (according to the match clock) to go to the highlight where the player actually has the ball so they can take the throw in/corner. Then taking the actual throw/in corner takes around an additional 5 seconds. I think the 10 to 20 second time buffer between the ball going out and the set piece taker having the ball is too long, particularly if you have the no time wasting and quick throw in instructions turnt on. In real life this can take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds if they want to do it quickly. To add to this I think the quick throw in instruction doesn't work as even if you have them on in your tactic they never actually happen. I've seen it happen once in 5 seasons and I play on Full Match (so I see literally every throw in). When it happened the ball went our for a throw in and the player quickly picked up the ball and carried on playing. It would be good to understand the rationale for the 20 second buffer and if quick throw ins are working as intended.
  12. Ah I didnt realise they said support! Om Attack I think cross less often should be available though as on support duty they dont get up the pitch as much.
  13. Nah you cant choose that for a wing back or winger
  14. Having the best yous academy in the world and having good youth facilities is nothing to do with the first team manager anyway so shouldnt be a requirement.
  15. It doesn't really get exciting until they do the feature reveal though. Also to be honest what I'm most looking forward to is the new 5 subs rule.
  16. It's in the scout report. It appears if your scouts watched the player in a match/matches
  17. Yeah I watch them, it shows various highlights of things the player did in a match. For example for a midfielder it could show their passes and tackles
  18. Lol I'm sure it will continue to be asked every year! If theres a year it's not asked then I'd be worried lol
  19. Yeah the last two games (probably others as well) were announced in September so probably then.
  20. For everyone who reads my story updates, if there is anything you think I could add or change about my updates that would make it more engaging then let me now @Brother Ben @deltablue tagging you as I know you check this thread
  21. All wins no losses: October 2025 A great bounce back month and it seems the team meeting towards the end of last month worked wonders as we won all our matches this month. We bumped all the way up to 5th in the league and secured our place in the EFL Trophy Second Round one game early as I reached 200 games in management. At the beginning of the month I decided to change the formation as we had been too attacking last month and I think that contributed to our poor form. Sparkes stayed as a wing back but is now less attacking, and Devine changed from an advanced playmaker to a Carrilero, this makes him less attacking but his skills will still shine as he is now the key between defence and attack. I also slightly increased the tempo of our play so that we can start shooting more as we weren't having nearly enough shots before. This month Rodel Richards had a great run of three games in a row where he scored 2 goals per game - all were great finishes too. Tommy Blair was injured for most of the month but came back at the end and got a couple goals. The wins this month have me dreaming of getting a play off space but we will need to strengthen in January if we have any chance of that. I was really impressed with the Burton match as we saw the game out with great maturity. Fir the last 3 minute of the game we kept the ball for the whole time, not even letting the ball go out of play, until the referee blew the final whistle. A nice and calm end to the match. Unfortunately we lost Matt Jay to injury for 3 weeks at the end of the month. 2 of our wins led to managers getting sacked including Mark Hughes. Immediately after our wins against MK Dons and Shrewsbury, Mark Hughes and got sacked respectively. Transfers I want to have another type option from the bench in the striker position as I think it may hurt us later on in the season. For this reason we have triggered the £75k release clause in Andrew Quinn's contract, he plays in Northern Ireland and I've been following him since my time there. He is tall, strong, can header, is skilful and can finish and I hope he agrees a contract with us. He had alwady been lookng for a move to bigger club which is good, I just hope other teams don't try to hijack the deal. Other Sean Cromie our youth keeper has been unhappy with the way I have been treating him as I keep criticising his training. We received £2.3 mill from Chelsea after selling our 20% sell on clause for Ethan Ampadu. We now have £2.9 mill in the bank and £1.5 mill available for transfers which is massive Paul O'Neill is a Cliftonville Icon One of our goalkeeping coaches who I took with me from Cliftonville has completed in Continental Pro License and is now one of the best coaches in the world. He is an elite coach Goalscorers this month Rodel Richards: 6 Tommy Blair: 3 Matt Jay: 2 Archie Collins: 1 Moments of the month Nice skill by Rob Douglas 2022-08-07 23-33-42 (1) (1) (1).mp4 Richards is in the form of his life 2022-08-07 23-33-23 (1) (1) (1).mp4 Ronaldo-esque header from Richards 2022-08-07 23-33-42 (1) (1) (1).mp4 No stinker of the month this month.
  22. If he's good enough for your first team then play him in your first team as soon as you are able to (when he is 16). While training is more important than game time before 18 years old, it doesnt mean than game time isnt important at all. Game time at an appropriate level for the player is still important so there is no point playing him in youth football if he is ready for your first team. Also dont overplay him during fixture congestion and make sure he gets rest, and if your coaches ever say he is jaded then give him a long rest. Make sure he gets as much training time as you can give him as thats where most of his development will come from for now. And make sure you tailor his training schedule to how you want him to develop. Also I would actually dont mentor him unless you already have leaders in your team who have better personalities and determination than him.
  23. League One isn't a walk in the park: September 2025 0 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in the league this month. We did get a win the EFL Trophy though, which I am desperate to win this season, courtesy of a last minute goal by Rob Douglas Our match against Crewe was another set piece disaster class as all 4 goals we conceded were from set pieces. I was also really disappointed to lose at home to our biggest rivals Plymouth which was a sell out crowd match. Most home mathes this season we get a crows of 5000 compared to 4500 last season in our 8700 capacity stadium (can be upgraded to 18k). Going forward I'll have to make sure I have set piece defending training in our training at least every 2 weeks. Before the Barnsley match I held a team meeting at the recommendation of my assistant Mark Holland, telling the team we can stop our bad form and it seemed to lift the spirits in the camp, following on from that we stopped our three match losing streak and got a draw against Barnsley which hopefully means we are going into better form. Facilities Our facilities are no longer good and I keep asking the board to improve our facilities and other parts of the club, but they reject all my requests due to a lack of finances. It's quite disappointed but I do understand our finances aren't fantastic. Loans Our three players on loan in League Two are doing well and progressing well so I'm happy with that. Goalscorers this month Rodel Richards: 2 Harvey Blair: 1 Rob Douglas: 1 Goal of the month Good team play for Harvey Blairs goal against Crewe 2022-08-06 11-35-01 (1) (1) (1).mp4 Stinker of the month Backup player Hartridge gets skinned as we concede in the 90thy minute against Derby 2022-08-06 11-35-41 (1) (1) (1).mp4
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