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  1. Ability to continue saves, unimportant to me as play with a multitude of databases and edits....I guess the 'majority' just play the simple base game...I could never do that. Women's football, I watch the WC games but otherwise, not exciting to me. New game completely...definitely and long, long, long overdue. Hopefully with this all the stupid interactions and nonsensiical rubbish has been removed or seriously updated along with it. Graphical...fantastic. Been my biggest bugbear over FM. I said a while ago I thought thast the introduction of the women's game might coincide with a whole new game, engine etc. Good stuff, a move in the right direction.
  2. They have and do in my experience (i love international management despite how bad it still is).
  3. Don't play in the MLS? Honestly, broken beyond belief. Probably not what you wanted to hear though heh.
  4. Been an issue going back years, certainly a a HUGE issue in FM23 for sure. Every game more or less for me. Bug trackers....meh....report to them...meh....when something is happening/has been happening for years, can it really be considered a bug at this point?
  5. You must really dislike/hate the person you're going to recommend gets the international job
  6. Ahh that's excellent, good to know, thanks for the reply, may start a save with this then as do miss the old formats.
  7. Just to clarify, this works and plays nicely with other edits such as Daves Around the World etc etc?
  8. Tick show offsides replays...this will show you the line (sometimes lol).... Staff will leave a club if you resign/take another job....whether you want to re-hire them is entirely another matter heh. All comes down to your rep and whether they have you as a favored persona or not and what value.
  9. Of course it won't ever go back, not about the competition anymore or prestige, it's all about the money.
  10. Little sly comment there hehe. While games like this do indeed exist, they are rare. It happens all...the...time...in FM.
  11. Heh thanks. Can imagine I'd be stuck at some clubs for a while while waiting for specific ones to become available. Currently collating a list around the world of said clubs, actually a lot easier said than done. I like the idea though as forces to choose/pick clubs you may not have done previously, obviosuly this restriction elimiates the vast majority of 'big' clubs too...looking forward to it, just waiting for Dave to finally finish and release v3 of his around the world.
  12. My next journeyman will only be with clubs within 10 miles of a coastline. Looking to buy a boat soon and bugger off around the world, so thought it seemed an interesting idea challenge wise.
  13. Does it actually really matter? The champions league hasn't been the 'champions' league for years when 95% of the teams in the comp have not won a damn thing. Whole thing is an ironic mockery of itself these days. I miss the old days of the European Cup, Cup Winners Cup etc....alas, not enough money involved for FIFA though.
  14. Not appears...it has, period. If international football hadn't been abandoned enough over the last god knows how many years, they have actually removed one of the features that did exist.
  15. Called the AI taking it.... There's a few Toobers shows ways to mitigate this but it's messy and too convulated/time-consuming/annoying to be honest.
  16. Don't hold your breath...how long has it been now? Unless I'm becoming senile in my old age and delusional, this part of FM has even had things removed that were in long past editions.
  17. Neil...be serious man...it's not a bug. Been like this for bloody years with most interactions. It's obviously by design at this point, IE...no one there cares enough to actually sort it out.
  18. Is ok guys, they will sort all this out at the same time as international management.... .... ...... *tumbleweed*
  19. IIRC it's 75% of league games started. Not from the bench....started. Never, ever promise players playing time. Always go for squad player every time unless it's someone you really, really want to keep and have no option to keep him.
  20. Doesn't matter whether was outscourced or not, that isn't the reason. Whoever is doing it, has been told to not do certain things or remove things that once used to exist. That isn't a graphics designer choice, that's an SI choice. They only doing what they are told to do.
  21. I'm pretty sure the designers don't tell SI what they are doing...more the other way around. So it's a case of yet more stuff being 'removed' from the game... Now that's a question to ask why...
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