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  1. Cool I'll be the first to hold my hands up mind - that trophy pack is a mess, as it's been added to so many times since the first edition of this file on like FM23 - the naming conventions have changed, there are so many trophies in there that aren't used in-game anymore - I really need to tidy it up for FM25 (presuming I will carry on making this file ofcourse!)
  2. what database are you running for your save, the winter patch? 23.3.0? I've never tried combining config files, all my folders are separate like this - do you have FMRTE at all? what you could do is load that up, search for the first trophy in my pack, Czechoslovak Football League, and see what ID number it has - it should be (presuming you are on DB 23.3.0 and have 4.0 of my trophy pack) ID 2000334998 if it's not, then one of your other databases includes some new non-default competitions and is pushing the file out of sync
  3. the data file goes into My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2024 > Editor Data the trophy pack goes into My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2024 > graphics > trophies (you may need to create this particular folder)
  4. v.4.00 released (for files see bottom of this post, and/or first post) - some basic error fixes - general housekeeping - trophy pack config IDs updated after Winter Patch (for new games on the new Winter Patch database, use 4.0 - if you have a current save game using 3.0 of my file, continue to use Trophy pack 3.0, or the images won't match anymore) So this will be it for FM24 (unless anyone spots any big errors which need amending) Hopefully for FM25 I will be able to carry this file over and make some amendments, let's see how they implement the Women's game first and what impact it has on the database If I have to do it all again from scratch, fingers crossed I have the time Rob x The Editor Data File The Trophy Pack
  5. Thank you, that means a lot I hope that I can do it again for the next FM (as well as a similar file for the Women's game, however they decide to implement it) - might be a big piece of work Between a job change and general life changes, hopefully I will have the time!
  6. I'll take a good look tomorrow at what needs amended after the Winter Patch
  7. Man I wish they'd just give us this in the Editor to use freely and easily I'd love to create a cosmopolitan City club league, like something from the old European Fairs Cup - where each City club could only sign and play players bought in London, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, etc. The dream (well for me, maybe I'm sad haha)
  8. Hi guys, Not to sound too much like Gary Neville here .. but how can we make the game fairer? (but in our case via the FM Editor Advanced Rules, not the Government) I want to think of ways to level the playing field a bit more in-game as I'm tired of seeing the same kind of teams win things (unless you holiday to the year 2152) Been thinking of things like - .. 1. A Scandinavian style footballing revolution - make all clubs Member Owned with Elections, a limited number of term times, and Stop Outside Takeovers - with either NO promises, or ALL promises across the board (so not the odd club with Promise More Money, a la Real Madrid) 2. Remove all and any current Foreground/Background/Underwriter benefactors as well (just in case they stay when election time comes, not tested if they go or not when the current Chairman leaves) 3. Amend the Rules for individual nations to - - Introduce Max Wages for Domestic and Foreign players? (but can the in-game AI cope with this kind of change when it comes to building squads?) - Implement more rules to have homegrown players in a squad (but again, can the AI cope with this?) - Reverse the prize money in leagues, so the bottom most teams get the most money, the team who finishes 1st gets the least (Bayern and City and PSG don't exactly need that £30m kitty every year right) - Remove parachute payments and replace them with a one-time prize for finishing bottom (to stop as much yo-yoing) - Provide lower leagues with prize money for positions (for example, the Championship doesn't have this) to make them more competitive and ready for the fight - As well as a nice pay packet for winning the Playoff Final (to give them a better foundation for Prem season #1) - Give better financial incentives to do well in the earlier rounds of cup competitions, not just the tail end (when the big boys turn up) - Either remove or overhaul TV Money, and introduce it to lower levels as well where possible 4. Maybe a controversial one .. but remove any current Debts so teams aren't starting this new phase with an arm tied behind their back 5. Remove stadium rent for clubs who don't own their stadium, or make all stadiums owned (not sure if this can be mass edited mind?) Any thoughts on anything that can be reasonably done in-game?
  9. Excellent work, going to give this a whirl for sure! *EDIT* Just setting up the game now, but I noticed that perhaps there's an issue with the Short Name for these league divisions or something? Unless it's a *me* thing -
  10. You're right, what a strange mistake for me to make I wonder if I misread this as the 1/2/3 league standing in haste - (EDIT - I don't know if I'm more annoyed at the mistake, or by finding out that Ludogorets did indeed win a 12th title in a row .. )
  11. I was 1-0 down in a game using a balanced relatively flat yet safe 4-5-1, and downloaded this and switched to it after 38-minutes I turned it around, 1-5 after 77-minutes So far so good - I'll start with it for my next match EDIT Several games later -
  12. Dunno if anyone cares or not lol, but I changed this into the below formation - working well - nothing changed apart from positioning and roles (I had a 3-4-3 before, of my own making, and didn't want to have to start introducing wingers etc. so ...) with this as my 'away' formation (the loss was in Europe away to Napoli, which I can forgive with a 3rd season Rosenborg side) - you can kind of see where the tactical familiarity kicked in, around the time of the loss
  13. I think it will be used sparingly to provide context as to a nation's status at the time - like how the Swedish national team were great, but the league was not - I think for some leagues, context might be needed as to why there was such a difference between those two things Same with Hungary in the 1940s/50s/60s etc. - some people may just not know why they are so poor now compared to then, without the context of the national team successes and political situation in the country I'll defo be using my History degree for some of this
  14. Also, on the topic of v4.00 - I've been doing some more revisions - looking at introducing national team achievements into the biography of some leagues, to flesh things out a bit - as below - thoughts?
  15. Crazy idea .. but wondered if it would be possible for an alternative file, where the UEFA Super Cup is a 3-way group between the winners of the 3x main European competitions? I know it's not accurate, but thought it might be a cool fantasy twist on it
  16. Haha, I remember the confusion of the Dutch File from a few editions ago .. Excellent work as always
  17. Let me know if there are any competitions you would like more history added to etc. Admittedly, some competitions have more than others
  18. So you can Export databases in an xml format, like so - Which will let you open it like this - In which you could do the translations, save, and presumably Import it back into the Editor using the 'Import' function on the menu However, this would 100% be a manual process - the translation, for each entry on the XML that you wished to translate - and you'd need to be able to find it via the ID of the competition etc.
  19. I know, you should see how many hours I put into this when I first started it on FM21 I've had to stop myself nit-picking - luckily I don't have the time fret over it at the minute haha!
  20. v3.00 is online Editor File v3.00 Trophy Pack v3.00 Changes - Minor duplicate/incorrect data fixes (for example, 1999/2000 was duplicated in Ligue 1 showing Monaco had won it twice on their Honours list) - Created some of the many-many regional FA county cup competitions (with more to come) - Changes to some of the wording on the biographical additions, especially in England (thanks cameosis and griffin99) - And many more v4.00 will most likely be after the usual FM January update I've not had as much free time this year to tinker with this, but I shall keep updating it when I can Please continue to point out any errors, or make suggestions about future improvements Rob x Screenshots
  21. My file does not change the name of any in-game competitions which are in the database by default So any default database competition will have the name provided by SI Games, or any 'Real Name Fix' type file people may wish to use If it's called the 'CCCP Top League' or something, then that's not of my doing
  22. That's right, in addition to So I recommend the CFuller files in addition to mine, not instead of - the data file and trophy pack, plus his 3x files His 3x files don't amend anything I did, but they certainly enhance the immersion of it all Rob x
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