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  1. I tried verifying as well on the day the FM24 editor came out haha - so sad Excellent files, hopefully someone can make a new batch of similar ones someday
  2. Guys, if you like my file I highly recommend you use the new FM24 updated version of the International, European, and Americas Team Competition Histories by @CFuller Immersion overload
  3. Excellent work again. One thing to note for ETCH. FCSB (ID 1513) and Steaua (ID 57141891) have an ongoing dispute about club history, latest ruling was that FCSB have the club history from 1947-2003, Steaua have it from 1947-1998 So I would recommend they share the same European Team Cup History until 1998, when they diverge It was a real headache for me to figure all this out in my History Revision file, basically that's what I did - share and duplicate all titles and cup wins until 1998, so they both won the European Cup in 1986 etc. It's something that's just not reflected in-game because it's an ongoing dispute Anyway, totally up to you - just thought I'd raise it as a point of interest (if someone can find this kind of thing interesting )
  4. I'm glad you brought this up though, because I've just spotted this beauty of a typo - teams playing the Serie C Centro-Sud/B group into the future..
  5. You know what, I've never ever even attempted to change the language of FM - so I'm not sure about that Given I free-type the added text, I would imagine it would stay English even if the FM language were to change - unless it has some kind of auto-translate feature (which is doubtful) *changed the Language in the Editor to Italian just to take a look - it stays English as I thought it probably would -
  6. Wartime, yep - Can I just confirm what you mean by Senior Cups? do you mean like, the Lancashire Senior Cups etc.? So originally I had them, then removed them because of their Reserve team nature - I can look to add them again for future versions *I'll just add a caveat in the description about how they're mainly played by Reserves teams nowadays **I just had to undo a Clear History setting on the 2x I'd made initially and add the Stage Name info, I'll make the Birmingham ones etc. next
  7. OK, very quick after the initial release but v.2.00 is online (link updated in post #1 also) I found so many issues yesterday that I just had to get them all sorted whilst 'working from home' (*cough cough*) What's changed? - - so there was a club called 'Unknown club' on the FM22 and FM23 editor which made it very handy to fill in gaps for extinct competitions where a club no longer existed, but for whatever reason SI just plain got rid of the beloved Unknown Club, so any instance where I used it - there was now a big gap! - for some reason random Stage Names in multiple competitions were just blank - I noticed that some information was wrong, like half way through the History list for, say, a friendly cup in Spain, there would be no winner and Sheffield United randomly in third place (no idea why) The usual problems when you insert a file from an older database into a new one - it tries its best to load the information, but any changes in the database itself between versions can cause problems Anyway, they're all sorted now, which leaves future versions open for actual 'proper' updates
  8. Thanks Joe, Thankfully I got most of the hard work done last year, so all I have to do now is go through it with a fine tooth comb to find all the things the port messed up
  9. I've already spotted some errors regarding Germany, I should have remembered this happened when porting over from FM22 to FM23 as well - the Editor randomly changes some German league histories, randomly unticks boxes, and I've also seen that the very handy 'Unknown club' has been removed from the game entirely - so I'll have to go through and amend those missing entries also So yeah, that'll be in v2.00
  10. To-do List - - Regional Senior Cups in England, before they became Reserve-only tournaments
  11. The description - Although Football Manager is the best management sim around, I've always found it lacking in the History and Research department .. sometimes it feels like the researchers have a 'that'll do' mentality - I feel like they could do so much more, I mean .. is an in-game encyclopaedia so much to ask by 2024? So as a History student, and football lover, and all round loser - I have worked very hard over the last three editions of FM to 'rectify' this as much as possible in my spare time I've spent a lot of time adding competitions, amending history, adding history, and tinkering to hopefully add to the immersion Please take a look at the screenshots below for a bit of an insight as to what you might expect from this file NOTE - this file will not amend the competition names of any current in-game leagues or cups or competitions, so it will work in conjunction with whichever Real Name Fix pack you use NOTE 2 - I've purposely named this file starting '01A' - this is so that it should, in theory, be at the top of the Editor Data File list and loaded by FM first - this means that the trophy pack will work even if you have files which, say, add leagues to the game - the only time you will have a problem is if someone else has a file you want that starts anything higher than '01A' - I hope this makes sense .. The files (see hyperlinks) - The Editor Data File The Trophy Pack Also very highly recommend the superb International, European, and Americas Team Competition Histories pack by @CFuller The screenshots - So first and foremost, I found a way of adding former competition names and short Biographical entries into the game via the Stage Name feature of the Editor, this means we can do things like this - I've added a lot of defunct competitions, and friendly competitions which can be viewed in the Trophy section - With descriptions viewable in the Honours section - I've also added a lot of defunct competitions with real life trophy images - One of the main changes I wanted to make revolved around Soviet Union history, Yugoslavian, and Czechoslovakian history (which was totally missing from the game due to them aligning the tournaments to a defunct nation) - With regards to the main Czechoslovakian teams of the time, I also painstakingly line-by-line added in domestic history for the top clubs, so that their Records now show actual historical information, like so - I also spent some time splitting out and duplicating the history of FCSB and Steaua Bucurest - for anyone who is unfamiliar with this, these were both the same club until they split into two clubs - however both clubs argue that all of the history is theirs - ultimately the courts ruled that Steaua Bucurest hold the history from 1947 to 1998/99, and FCSB hold the history from 1947 to 2003 - so I had to duplicate all of these years, like so - (a bit messy, but the only way to get it to work!) And as you can see from the above screenshots already, I did a lot of work on the UEFA club competitions - And lastly just a few random screenshots -
  12. You'll notice the Honours list looks like this now - because I found that you could do this with stage names -
  13. No this is all right, The screenshots in post #1 are out of date, you'd need to check all the posts throughout the thread to see the evolution of the file I just never got round to changing the screenshots in post #1 as I released updates
  14. Version 9.00 'released' because it looks like I may have accidentally put the older files into the Trash on Mediafire (and the bin is empty ) .. anyway, version 9.00 is what I was working on before I took myself away from FM around May - it has a few minor updates, and a few things I amended as of a few days ago (when I brought myself back to FM) With regards to future updates so it sounds like FM24 will use the same engine, and therefore, like FM22, before, will probably also let us load up older files before amendments - so if that's the case, I'll get on sorting this for FM24 as well FM25 mind might require a whole new file .. but I'll worry about that in 2-years! ciao for now x
  15. Ah so they are .. well in that case, here is version 9 that I started before taking myself away from FM for a bit - https://www.mediafire.com/file/86hmkkb6ho3s28r/01A_Robs_History_Update_2023_v9.00.fmf/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/bmnwvt8gmssmbw6/1._Rob%27s_History_Update_2023_v.9.00_-_Trophies.rar/file
  16. I noticed that Gavi's valuation at Barcelona was like £150,000, and that's why! haha
  17. Excellent There are a few things I'd amend mind Namely these - so that players don't have valuations for a nation the size of Andorra - I'd probably replicate Spain for things like Nation Transfer Preferences for Transfer Values and Weekly Wage Values, depends what you want - if you want Catalunya to already be big, then replicate Spain - otherwise I'd replicate a similar sized nation .. I'd probably go for something in between like Scotland And another one, again just a personal preference .. I'd drop the prize money a bit so again it's on parity with a nation like Scotland if you really want to try and build the nation up .. I know it means Barcelona would start to lose players, but I think giving £30m to the winners in Catalonya is a bit OTT maybe as a secondary challenge file or something if you don't fancy that? anyway, just food for thought .. it's basically what I've amended on the copy I've downloaded anyway
  18. "I'm still in the final testing stages but hope to have the database up either tomorrow or Monday. In the meantime, please see the following few posts which will provide a guide for this database." I'm sure they'll release it when they feel it is ready
  19. Just to confirm, this pack works with the 23.4 update rolled out today - no Competition Unique ID changes and thus no need to update the Trophy Pack I will get back into this soon for v.9.00, maybe on my down-time whilst working from home
  20. Nice one - the current uploaded version is compatible with the Winter Update btw Not going to lie, not sure when v.9.00 will be out - I've fallen out of love with FM a bit whilst other good games have been released - need a break for a bit!
  21. Can we PLEASE get a Technical Director type role for National Teams .. hiring staff for all senior and youth teams is such a chore, and an unnecessary one at that .. I know you can put out adverts, but it's still not something I really want to do!
  22. Luckily it kicked back in the next year in 2026 .. there's just an awkward season blank domestically now hah - luckily the country I was managing in was unaffected!
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