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  1. Managing in Scotland and just noticed that it's March 2025, but no league football in England has been scheduled - anyone had this before?
  2. In real life there are lots of worries about the future of the A-League because of this, so I suppose that makes it a real challenge in-game too. I suppose 'doing a Western City Wanderers' makes it a tasty prospect for die hard fans who are into BDSM and torture?
  3. v.8.00 released - Trophy pack updated with new Unique IDs post Winter Update - History Update tinkered with since v7.00, adding new trophies, and even more competition information (If you spot any issues, please let me know - sometimes the Winter Update can erase changes - fingers crossed) Files - 01A Rob's History Update 2023 v8.00 - the Editor File, goes into Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > Editor Data (remember to tick it when starting a new game and selecting which additional Database files you want to use) .. (and remember to delete any old versions you have) 1. Rob's History Update 2023 v.8.00 - Trophies - the trophy pack, goes into Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > Graphics
  4. At least the wait for the patch gives us time to play new stuff like Hogwarts and Returnal, right? .. right? ...........
  5. Nice one I feel like I might try to conquer one of the one-team dominant leagues with a smaller club, so Scotland (sorry Rangers fans ..), France, or Germany - and go from there
  6. So who are we all starting our new long-term saves with post Winter Update then? Anyone keen on any certain challenges? Anyone got their eye on a certain club to bring back to glory? I can't wait to start a new long-term save but I have no idea who I will start with
  7. Thank you I've been adding to this since v.7.00 Once the Winter Update 23.3.0 is released, I'll double check everything is OK with this and release v.8.00 Sometimes the Winter Update can bring in new Competitions which pushes the Unique ID out (messing up the trophy pack), and sometimes the Winter Update can revert competition history (usually with the German competitions) which it did on FM22.
  8. Sod's law this, going home for a long weekend on Friday - my asset is a desktop PC not a laptop -
  9. You can do that by copying over the file used for the Japan Club Overview unlock - it unlocks all currently non-viewable clubs - Japan Club Overview Unlocked / FM23 Mod | FM Scout
  10. That's not really a patch note though is it, if you actually read it properly ..
  11. I'm in the same boat - wanting a solid new long-term save but I feel like I've been waiting for the Winter Update, so none of my recent saves have lasted long
  12. Some fixes are save game compatible, but I wouldn't bank on all fixes being save game compatible It might be worth cross referencing this with the update release from FM22's Winter Update to see what they did last year * wording from last year, so you might be okay - All gameplay adjustments will take effect in ongoing careers, while data and rule changes will not be implemented until a new career is started.
  13. Unfortunately I can't read the text in the screenshot, but I shall give this a download to explore it in the Editor
  14. Yeah man, after a few month of on-off-games, I want to start the long term game that'll see me through the rest of the year - hopefully the patch list is strong with this one!
  15. Aye I know it's been there, I'm just an absent minded sod and forgot lol It's just a thing I don't like, so I think I will amend the version I downloaded to get rid
  16. Aaah, winners are invited back in this one, fair play mate! I forgot that was even a thing for a minute I might amend it so they aren't, and just make it so that Vaduz always enter for the Lietchenstein entrant, for fun Vaduz challenges
  17. Just noticed my game seems to be pulling through two Spanish teams to the European Cup I'll just double check it's not a parallel data file causing me issues first... * In fact your own screenshot has 2x Spanish teams in a final at one point hah
  18. Wondered if you can explore a way of still having a UEFA Youth League at all? It's cool if not though, I can imagine that's probably a headache
  19. And if you need any new trophies, it's always cool to find Macedonian plates/platters on Google - a nice Bundesliga type trophy, but with a Macedonian flavour
  20. This is disappointing, amendments to the Australian league don't show in game - must be hard coded - same with the Mexican cup, oddly .. I hate the hard coded leagues!
  21. Just to confirm, there's absolutely no issue loading my files as well as CFuller's Nothing in my file will change the brilliant work he has done
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