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  1. Do you hate the owner of your club? Does he never grant your wishes, expand your stadium, or just…sod…off? Then this might be for you… If you already manage a socios type club, then you know the deal … I have given all 50,000+ non-extinct/institute/all-star clubs an Ownership Type of Member-Owned Ltd with Elections to level the playing field financially … i.e., the Gary Neville wet dream (and yes, it took my Editor an aaaaaage to process these mass Edits) Will this help smaller clubs develop if they have different President every 4-years who may be open to new possibilities? Will it stop clubs like PSG running away every year now that daddy might not stick around anymore to pay the ridiculous wage bills? Who knows, but it might be fun to find out! Ownership Type - Member-Owned Elections Ltd - no more Privately owned clubs with a Pres who sticks around until his in-game death! Election Date - 01/07/2021, so last year … meaning you may have a new Pres in 2025! Promises - 0, the default - so as at least to give all clubs a level setting - this can be amended, if you think it will make this more … interesting Max Length of Term - 4 years, potentially 4 great or awful years … Max Number of Terms - 100, so they could stick around forever! or they could make a comeback … you might get a dictator, but that's not my fault … Stop Outside Takeovers - only people already on the board can be in the elections, so no outside hostile takeovers Rich Benefactor - Wiped, as well as Background and Underwriters … sorry/not sorry PSG, City, Newcastle fans If anyone wants to long-term test this, that'd be great - please feedback anything fun, or interesting, or crap, or buggy - and let me know if you see any outside takeovers at all! And if you have any suggestions about amendments - fire away (wiping debts, giving all new Presidents Promises of more money, new manager, new players, stadiums, etc. for a laugh) Download v.1.00 - https://www.mediafire.com/file/8gjev09san9mvo7/01A+Rob's+Member-Owned+Clubs+v.1.00.fmf/file Additional File - https://www.mediafire.com/file/9htkh31qvc53zh6/sugardaddy.edt/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/co7wgv87jnldmau/valid_takeovers_only.edt/file Amended sugardaddy and valid_takeover edt files - these will stop clubs in, say, Germany, from having the Member-Owned Elections Ltd type These goes into SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2023\data\database\db\2300\edt\permanent Overwrite the ones that are there Screenshot samples (as I test it) -
  2. Want more Awards, for both players and managers alike? Want to see the current in-game Award histories filled out, revised, and backdated even further, with all entries amended so that the player has the correct Age and Position? Do you ever feel that your achievements aren't reflected with enough in-game recognition via Manager Awards? Ever wondered who would win the Ballon d'Or in 1932? Then this may be the Editor Data file for you .. - Amended current Awards, edited all entries, and backdated - Revised the Ballon d'Or, World Player awards based on in-depth BigSoccer forum discussions (big shout out to the BigSoccer guys) - The Ballon d'Or now has entries going back to 1870 .. yes, you read that correctly - Meticulously revised the European Golden Shoe all the way back to 1888 with the post 1997 weighting format .. want to see Josef Bican on the list? now you can - Added many many Manager awards, such as FIFA World Cup Best Manager, including nationality based awards for big nations (such as the fictional Bob Paisley Award for best English manager, regardless of where managing), and more awards for individual competitions .. best Europa League Manager award for a season? Yep. (note, to get Global Manager Awards to work, I had to set the nation to England - they do work globally however, but you will need England as a nation selected as Playable) All tested and working I've added a lot (too many to add screenies for everything), have a browse, I hope you will be pleased - I wasn't going to share this originally as it was just a personal project, but what the hey - Gotta give back to the forum https://www.mediafire.com/file/6r1726zzoo9u0gy/Rob%27s_Awards_Revision.fmf/file
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