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  1. Polonia Warszawa Season 5 - 2027/28 - Oct A very good month except for the Puchar Polski loss. The loss against Bayern wasn't unexpected and we were a bit lucky that the final score was so close. Our luck abandoned us against Bruk-Bet. I did rotate heavily because of the ridiculous scheduling of this game. But we still had and xG of 4.16, missed a penalty during the game, and missed our first two in the shoot-out. Can't win them all I guess.
  2. Polonia Warszawa Season 5 - 2027/28 - Jul/Aug/Sep Mostly a great start to the season, but still not good enough to go undefeated in the league. Lech have beat us for the second time this season already. But the start to our Champions League campaign has been excellent.
  3. This is how the season preview looks like after the transfer window closed. We even have 3 players in the dream 11. We are now one of the top spenders in the league. And we didn't even use close to our full allocation in the budget. On another note, this is who we'll be facing the Champions League. We're also getting more popular amongst the fans in Warszawa!
  4. Polonia Warszawa Season 5 - 2027/28 - Summer Transfers As always it was a hectic transfer window. I had some prearranged transfers coming in and a few players that I let go on frees because they were getting old and wouldn't be able to break into the team anyway. But as happens every time, some players had their release clause activated and departed because of that. But one such player, Javier Hernandez a central midfielder, I offered a new contract to and he decided to stay with us. The biggest story of the departing players was Thiago Hernandez. I signed him on a free last summer and sent him on loan to Zagłębie Sosnowiec where he only played 6 matches. Then this summer there was some interest in him. Got a bid from Bayern that I rejected. Then a bid from Borussia Dortmund that I think I also rejected. Finally Real Madrid came in and the player told me he would be very upset if we didn't accept the offer. I managed to negotiate a slightly better offer than the original one, Bayern and Dortmund both matched it, but he chose Real in the end. The fee was £4.6M but it can eventually raise £8.75M. We did get him on a loan back for the rest of the season and in the two games that he has played since, he's been excellent, scoring 3 and assisting 1. One of the things that I wanted to do was to bring in some more Polish players, especially youngsters with high potential. I had mixed success on that front. I triggered a release clause for a Wisła Kraków youngster who is already doing really well in the Ekstraklasa, but he decided to sign a new contract with them instead. There were quite a few good players available on frees, but most were 24 or older. But there seemed to be a lack of defenders available. The player with the highest CA that we signed is Mohamed Abo Fani who I plan on using as a DM. He should provide some protection for the defence. This also happened during the summer:
  5. Polonia Warszawa Season 5 - 2027/28 - Preview Expectations keep going up. But along with that we have a 14M to spend on transfers and wage budget of 250,000. Board Expectations: PKO BP Ekstraklasa: Finish in the top three places Puchar Polski: Reach Semi-Final (minimum) UEFA Champions League: Be competitive The media expect us to finish 4th in the league with the bookies giving us 14-1 odds for the title (5th place). Quite a jump from last season. We were disappointing in the Superpuchar. Didn't even get a shot on target. I had no idea that the European/South American Club Challenge was a thing, but we now won it.
  6. Thanks guys. Yes, it is total madness! Poland was actually 2nd in the coefficient rankings for the season, which gave us an extra team qualifying for Europe this season! But even though we have 5 teams qualify for Europe, Legia were so poor that they missed out (by a point ). And Śląsk Wrocław were relegated! Just a crazy season overall.
  7. The Europa League win has given us a nice financial windfall.
  8. I had totally missed that Lech Poznan had their own great European run, and they won the Europa Conference League. I guess it wasn't just us pulling up the coefficient.
  9. This shot Poland up the Coefficient table and if I'm reading it correctly should move Poland up to 10th and give us 2 CL spots next season.
  10. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - Review Truly a season to remember. Three trophies, including becoming the first Polish team to ever win an European trophy after an amazing win in the Europa League. In the Ekstraklasa Raków couldn't keep up their early season winning run while we went on our own 23 unbeaten run in the league. This meant that we won the league with 4 games to spare, which allowed us to rotate the squad for EL games. We had some absolutely amazing results in the Europa League. As expected it was very close against Rangers and I was happy to have reached the QF. But I was also sure that would be the end of the road. But the lads put in the performances of their lives for some great wins against Valencia and Aston Villa. Reaching the final was beyond our wildest dreams. I thought, no way we're beating Newcastle too. They scored first and I was sure we were going to get hammered. But we got back into and they just fell apart in the second half. Europa League Champions! We actually ended Newcastle's 29 game unbeaten run in the competition. In the end we scored 52 goals in the competition for the record. Still a long way to go to the top teams.
  11. I took a bit of an extended break from FM, but now I'm back and continuing this save. I'll post a full update of the current season soon, but here is a teaser. Somehow we made it to the Europa League final. Not only that, but it happens to be hosted at the stadium where we've had to play our home games!
  12. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - November November was busy, even with a long international break in the middle. Results were great and we have secured a play-off spot in the Europa League. Decided to ask for another training facilities upgrade and the board approved it with out blinking an eye. That European football money is quite nice.
  13. This is interesting, the day before we are to face Dunajska Streda in the Europa League, their manager is hired by Legia.
  14. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - October This must go down as a truly excellent month, even though the last two games were much closer than I would have liked. Especially against Piast, where we were very lucky to win. But even if we had lost that, the result against Villarreal was absolutely amazing! We must be quite close to qualifying to the next stage in this weird new format. In the Ekstraklasa Raków finally lost a game, but it was one in which they had 3 players sent-off. As you can see from the table, their defensive solidity is what is key to their success this season. Only 5 goals against in 13 games!
  15. @Rikulec no worries! Always great to get some perspective on what is going on in real life in Polish football. I only get to see things from afar (by looking at results and watching the occasional highlights).
  16. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - September Raków are having an amazing season in the league (no European football for them), and they proved too much for us too. It seems like they will run away with the title and it will be a fight to finish 2nd. Our Europa League results have been amazing so far.
  17. Thanks, we're getting there. The team will truly be a powerhouse when we can combine dominance in Poland with good results in Europe.
  18. Have to post this before I finish the month. An absolutely unbelievable result for us! We took the game to OGC Nice, who are currently sitting in 3rd place in Ligue 1. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, our lads all had amazing performances against players who are all paid vast sums more than we could ever afford.
  19. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - Summer Transfers For players leaving the club, the biggest news was Saudi club Al-Wehda triggering the release clause for Alvis Jaunzems. I didn't mind letting him go since he was rarely better than average for us. The others were all players that would have struggled to make it into the team, so I decided to cash in. At first I thought I would try to minimize the business I did and give more chances to the young prospects that I brought in last season. But early season results made me think that we did need some re-enforcement. I was also playing around with changing my tactic from 4-2-4 to 4-2-3-1. This led me to bringing in a couple players to play in the AM(C) position, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. Thankfully those guys are able to play in other positions. Sebastiano Esposito is our big money signing (in terms of salary), hopefully he lives up to his promise because so far he hasn't been very impressive. Danilo Veiga has been brought in to replace Jaunzems and so far has been the most impressive of our signings.
  20. Because our stadium is just under the 8000 capacity limit for Europa League (league phase), our home games are being played in the National stadium. Even with over 11,000 it looked quite empty. Hopefully when we host Villarreal we'll get a good crowd.
  21. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - August It was a very busy month, but we managed to stay undefeated, qualified for the Europa League Phase, and moved up the Ekstraklasa table. After a good result against Limassol in the first leg I thought we were going to blow it. We dominated the game (xG was 3.42 - 0.43), but they scored from two screamer well outside the box. Thankfully the results really picked up after that and we end the month on a high. Raków have no European football this season and it shows. That is who we are facing next. Not sure why Legia are struggling so badly. The biggest issues that I've had to contend with is squad registration. Can't find any good Polish players to sign and I have only a couple that are trained at the club that are on the fringes of the first team squad. Then the players that I have been signing get upset when I couldn't get them all in the Europa League registration for the qualifying games. The latest to be upset with me is a left-back that I'm trying to sign that I asked to make his decision quicker so that I could register him for the EL. Now he doesn't like the way I treated him! Qualifying for the Europa League proper has made our finances look really well. We're going to be facing a few teams that are well above us in terms of reputation and resources. Hopefully the scores don't get embarrassing. Miedź, really? Maybe he thinks that he's more likely to get first team football there.
  22. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - July It has been a rather rough start to the season. We played well in the Supercup Final, then I rotated the squad for the game against ŁKS Łódź, we dominated, but couldn't put the ball in the net. In the away game against Levski and against Legia we were rather poor. In both we were losing 0-2, then pulled one back late, only to let them score in extra time. The home match against Levski was off to a bad start when they scored in the 6th minute. We did manage to finally score in the 76th and 81st and it seemed like we might even send it to extra time, only let in another goal 83rd. We need much improvement in August. At least we drop down to the Europa League qualifiers for another chance at continental football. This time against Cypriot side Apollon Limassol. Two seasons ago Legia knocked them out quite easily in Conference League qualifying. Hopefully we can do the same.
  23. Polonia Warszawa Season 4 - 2026/27 - Preview With a title win come higher expectations. A top half finish should be no problem, as long as I can get the squad rotation between the domestic league and continental competition right. Board Expectations: PKO BP Ekstraklasa: Top-half finish Puchar Polski: Reach 2nd Round UEFA Champions League: Reach 2nd Qualifying Round The media expect us to finish 7th in the league with the bookies giving us 100-1 odds for the title (11th place).
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