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  1. I have posted at the editors forum but I'm not getting a reply, so if anyone can help: is it possible to use the pre-game editor to add results between two teams, say the historic between fc porto and benfica?
  2. Is it possible to add the results between to clubs, for instance all time results between Benfica vs FC Porto ?
  3. Joining that club, also for the amount of years playing this game although, personally, I cannot say it is unplayable. Trying to be positive about those issues I would say it is more challenging The one thing that it is not understandable is about bugs that are reported, fixed with an update or sometimes with the next edition of the game and then the same bugs return.
  4. And please do fix individual training as reported. Also, I'm getting advised to stop individual training focus on strength with some player, but when I get to indivual training window the assistant manager advises that the same player should have a focus on strength
  5. After the update, focus on individual training is still not fixed (reported at bug tracker). There still seems to be a few hockey results (3-3, 4-3) a lot more that it happens irl, at least for the portuguese league. Also, lots of half chances and clear cut chances. Would this lead to the those kind of results?
  6. Thank you Miles and thank you SI developers and all staff working for a better FM and a happier community
  7. Inside Forwards or Inverted Wingers? In my case, I feel the Inside Forward behaves like he is supposed to, besides the differences between the Inside Forward and the Inverted Winger seems to be quite visible.
  8. One new feature is the different options to set the equipment not being visible
  9. Hi guys, I have already praised the fantastic work with the ME because SI really deserves public recognition from the fans for this edition. As for this post, I also have to report that it is not understandable that the focus on individual training is still an issue. You guys messed this last year with fm23 and the issue was not looked into. So, at the individual training tab, the assistant manager suggests that player X should focus on Cardio (example). When I change the focus to Cardio, the assistant manager suggests the focus should be defensive positioning (exemple). Ok, I change it again. Then the assistant manager repeats the original suggestion for Cardio. It is a minor issue but annoying. More even when a new fm edition is launched and the issue was not fixed. I have upload my save. Thanks Beta Porto.fm
  10. Early Access to FM24 has just been lauched it has been very exciting to watch player movement with and without the ball Another edition and another year without upgrading closing down, so my questions are: - Is SI ok with current tactical options of closing down (just more or less)? Even if so, why is not considered building different approaches? - Is SI ok with the current tactical set up? Even if so, why is not considered building an approach that would translate more faithfully the tactical 4 moments of any team (defensive organization, offensive transition, offensive organization, defensive transition)? Thanks
  11. Had the same problem last night. Could not change / edit anything. Although... 1- It is a new tool and surely requires to look into some guide or videos; 2- I did not placed much attention on this because I was much more curious with the 3d engine (awesome!!!) 3- I realized I had a coach set with the responsibility to manage set pieces
  12. The only lower note goes to the new set pieces setup. A bit confusing although being a new tool it requires to be properly explored. Not sure if it is an issue / bug but as for offensive corners I cannot select the players I want to take the corner.
  13. Wow, just Wowwhat an amazing match engine!!! what an amazing player movement, ball movement!!! Dear SI developers, an incredible, fantastic work!!!
  14. Did Miles said something about fm24 being launched at a monday? It would be next monday, but since we are all awesome fm fans, it will be launched next thursday... or friday
  15. Advertised as the "most complete" edition, it would be nice to finally have the closing down glitches solved and a different set of options for closing down instead of "more" and "less".
  16. Very, very exciting the cherry on the top of the cake would be some upgrade of tactical instructions.
  17. Can you point the right direction to find that information ? I can find similar but about players, not the team. Forget it, I have found it
  18. Awesome I will be waiting for the sharing file (or files). Thank you.
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