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  1. You might know what will happen, just restart before that match, if you feel there's a need to. On the other hand, although you did not dominate possession, you dominated the rest and won 4-0, so why is there even a problem ?
  2. You did not mentioned what mentality are you using ! I will guess it's either positive or attacking. Now if the 12th in the league is having 60% it could be your players are loosing the ball quicker than it's supposed and this could be because they are taking excessive risks (higher mentalities), or not closing down (line of engagement, close down more or much more). It's not just about player roles and duties, check what is happening during the match.
  3. That could be achieved with player roles with and without the ball and maybe, considering the discussion on the other topic, it would be less problematic.
  4. The same for goalkeepers making a penalty, never saw it.
  5. You have several readings in the tactic forum, mostly from Cleon explaining how to make use of possession tactics.
  6. Yeah, personally I thing there's more to be explored since (for what is available to read in forums) people just turn off the press conferences. Maybe player moral affected by a bad red card, I'm just shooting in the dark, but it could be nice to have some other solutions to impact on the game.
  7. Okay, then maybe becoming more noteworthy and controversial be noteworthy
  8. Made a feature request that is all about that: player roles are dynamic, not something static, it can change whenever the team is in possession or not, It should not be a feature request. Didn't SI used to consult with several football professionals? It is odd how something like this has been missing from the game.
  9. Yeah, but that's when the monthly training report comes in. The idea would be to discuss bad training when asking for more minutes. I know it's a minor detail, but it feels FM has been lacking several minor details, considering it's fm23.
  10. If a player is complaining about his team status / not playing the time he wants and I am receiving reports that he is not training well, shouldn't there be an option to tell the player when he is complaining "work harder and you will get your minutes...maybe" ?
  11. I have been using the 442 flat (last link posted) score's a bit less mas suffers also less, it's all about where you want the starting point of your players, as offensive midfielders strata ou as midfielders strata (and, of course, about the type of players you have in your squad). Just sent Juventus home at UCL. Both create lots of chances, but the conversion rate seems a bit low.
  12. Thanks. But why not a player instruction to come deep when there's one to get further forward (and also as treat) ? Or a treat to close down (since there's one to mark tighter)? Trying to understand where's the coherence.
  13. Just curious: 1) what's the logic behind the existence of some player treats that are absent in player instructions ? 2) And the opposite, some player instructions absent in player treats ? An example for 1) is "Comes deep to get the ball" and for 2) Closing Down.
  14. Agreed, not indeed fun or meaningful, but my post was factualy about a bug itself and not staff feedback. It was a bug I think saw the light of day with fm15, it was fixed for the following fm editions and now ressurrected
  15. Hello all, It is plausible to say that Sérgio Conceição refounded FC Porto, considering the 433/4141 that was part of the club for so many years. His personality, for so many club fans, brought back principles and values that seemed to be just dust in the wind, such as, intensity, agressiveness, high pressing. Although, since Conceição signing in 2017, there has been a lot of players going out, and a few coming in, it has been noted the his 442 (either flat or 424) can be compiled with the following principles: - Agressiveness and high pressing: Immediate pressure on the ball carrier when he reaches the side corridor or when he plays the ball interiorly. Coordinated movement of the entire team, which moves forward in the pitch and cuts passing lines. Sergio Conceição seeks players with great intensity and aggressiveness. That’s how he puts into practice his game ideal at this moment. Here, in this subprinciple, more than tactical and technical issues, we talk about behavioral aspects. Sérgio Conceição doesn’t intend only to shorten spaces, he wants the balls to be recovered; - Keep (or try to) the team close to scoring areas; - Block inside connections: The forward conditions the build-up between the center backs and the inside midfielders move forward in the pitch and block inside passing lines. The intention is to force the opponent to either play to outside positions or to play long balls; - Cohesive and dynamic bloc: When, by strategic option and the impossibility of blocking the short build-up from the opponent’s defensive zone, FC Porto establishes a cohesive block, where the position of the ball is the reference. In FM it is important to make more advanced players tracking back. An important detail is that the 442 it is not quite as so, being more a 433 with the right midfielder operating as a wide playmaker ( advanced playmaker in a 424) and occupying central zones and freeing space for the right FB. I don't intend to extend the theory since there is a lot of online reading, so I'm just sharing what I have developed and tested both with FC Porto and Valencia. https://files.fm/u/mfdmraqm4 Good luck
  16. New ones and old ones For fm2023, individual training has seen an old bug came up: AssMan advises some focus, you cumply, and automaticaly, the AssMan advises other focus, you changed it again and finaly the AssMan adivses the initial focus (1st suggestion he had made). This was a bug / glitch from fm15 or so
  17. Ok thank you, my pre-season tournaments are from ErikEagles, I think he is not new to the editor but I will check with him.
  18. No, I have sorted by ranking and then by alphabetical order, checked also the editor data folder.
  19. Just checked my editor data folder (once more) and my files are all about player legends and pre-season tournaments.
  20. No XaW, I did not. I sorted both to check if the problem was from my glasses (really, not kidding)
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