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  1. I also have to say that this FM23 is ridiculous, I've been using a 442/424 with FC Porto and last night Bayern Munchen was beaten 5-1 for UCL ... completely unrealistic!!!!
  2. Injured, yes, red cards never seen it. Also never seen is a GK making a penalty
  3. I have been setting half a gray star for current ability and 3 stars for potential ability (just transfers), no matter a country or a competition, and specify a scout and an analyst. During the season the results come "in progress", it seems most of recommendations are displayed at the end of the season. Not sure if there is some bug or if it us, users, that are missing something here. Maybe someone (Moderators ?) could create some topic to clarify things, it would be helpful avoiding new topics about a potential bug when it might be nothing at all.
  4. Important video indeed. Personally, I would have liked specific situations addressed such as Forwards never trying to dribble the GK, including the GK making a penalty in those situations.
  5. In a 442 formation, is there way to make one of my forwards, in the defensive phase, to position himself in one of the flanks ? A 442 with the ball a 433 without the ball.
  6. It's a cache problem, go to c:\users\your username (whatever it is)\appdata\football manager\ Not 100% sure about the final path, but delete all folder inside that one and you'll be fine
  7. Is you haved started with the portuguese you'd have to deal with those same 15 questions... or more
  8. This is the exact point that I feel absolutely dumb!... but I saw the light and have been saved. Thank you
  9. Thanks, I can set the column width for every column but the last one (at the right) is to far away making use of the horizontal scroll bar
  10. I do not know but that would be an awsome feature. You can try with MetzFM at fmscout, he's testing the audio commentary match for fm23.
  11. That's because of work like this one that so many of us keep on playing FM
  12. I'm using the 1.2. version. I will give it a try
  13. Would it be possible to make the board inside the red square larger ??? It would be nice to have more data about the players Also the square in yellow seems to need a little improvement because the player's names are almost missing. Thank you
  14. First of all, thank you for your work Just want to ask if this version 1.2 includes a fix for signing players ? The previous version wouldn't allow to negotiate contracts.
  15. This started when trying to sign a new player, but it also happens with the renewal of a contract of a squad player. No matter what promises, the option to advance to the contract offer is always unable.
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