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  1. Thinking skipping work and go home to install these ones
  2. Hi, thank you so much for your work. I would like to ask how do I change the transparency to be able to see my backgrounds ? Thanks
  3. In the advise tab the manager telling to stop some player training and the individual training screen the same manager advising the same training for the same player he had advised to stop
  4. My very first As for the FM/CM series, been playing since the beginning, cm 91/92 I think
  5. Great is to have a coach advising for a player to stop specific training and in the individual training menu the same coach advising for the same player get that same specific training that he was advising to stop
  6. Press questions have been something to just ignore since they have introduced, its a completly waste of time. Best solution, deliver all press interactions to your staff.
  7. Ok thank you, By hard-coded I meant the PI is set to press less and its not possible to press more or balanced. I can't find an explanation for this.
  8. Ok then, maybe its a question of bad labelling. Even so, it's something that year after year its not looked into.
  9. Personally, it's an issue present for a few years now and it's not understandable the logic of it. Putting this in perspective: a club signs a new manager, there's a few friendly matches to glue a new tactic and new ideas and the player's response is to get complacent. Nice message they are passing to the new manager . It has no logic and surely an issue SI does not find important to look into.
  10. Need help to understand the logic of the situation. With higher risk mentalities and TI to press more often, why do several positions have the hard coded PI to press less???
  11. Personally, there has been a very nice evolution in the me, very smooth, good details included during any match. No frustration here with player behavior. However, for a product that presents itself as a simulator of real life football, there is a long road ahead: in my experience, managing fcporto, its completely unrealistic to have almost every match more than 25-30 shots, ending season with 130-140 goals, winning ucl with the current club squad. And no, I don't use an exploit tactic, just a simple 442 (recreating Sergio Conceição model). What I find to have decrease in recent years is player's ability to press the opponent, currently they seem to make a zonal (more or less) tight marking. Also, there is a lack of information (by SI? Forum mods?) about the player's hard coded options regarding pressing. If the team is set to press more, why on earth are forwards and wingers hard coded to press less often????? Resuming, nice fm23, good evolution after fm21 and 22, mostly regarding the me. As for the rest, most changes seems UI tweaks that most customers couldn't care less, when there seems to be lack of investment in the tactical side of the game.
  12. Not quite a question, but something I have observed and wanted to share: played a few matches with Counter mentality (and I'm assuming mentality has lower or higher risk), style of play tiki-taka, and my defenders just stood still with the ball (opponent players not pressing whatsoever) and then just hoof the ball to a forward or winger. Since there is no pressing by the opponent, and there short passing options, and I'm asking to take lower risk decisions would be expectable to move the ball around instead of just taking a long pass.
  13. Is there a known issue, or anyone has noticed, ball playing defenders not going forward with the ball ? Instead they move the legs and stay on same spot
  14. Considerer the possibility that some custom file is causing the problem
  15. Uninstall, reinstall, all I had to do was to set the command line in launch options, I did not edit any nvdia options. It's working just fine, no lag in the opening menu of FM, neither during matches.
  16. Since I uninstall and reinstall and using the command line in steam proprieties I have no stuttering what so ever. The feedback thread has the instructions for what to do .
  17. Well, I've updated steam and reinstall fm23, the command line --disable_flip_discard is active on properties and it seems its working fine. I did not edit any nvdia options.
  18. On the left panel, go to tje 2nd option, then you will have to look for those options in your native language. Tried that but it did not work for me.
  19. Well, I've tried all tips, the --disable cmd, the settings on nvdia control panel, refreshment rate, nothing works quite disappoiting. Moving on to fm22.
  20. Considering teams have 4 "tactical moments" in any match, offensive organization, offensive transition, defensive organization, defensive transition, and, to some degree, these are reflected in FM, in terms of team instructions, I believe there's a lot to improve in terms of player instructions. For example, if I'm playing with a flat 442, its very difficult to make it a 433 in the defensive organization. It could also be helpful setting player roles both in attacking and defensive organization, as a manager to instruct a player "when we have the ball, act as (player role)", "when we don't, act as (player role)". This would mean that player instructions would not be hard-coded into player roles, but to tactical moments.
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