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  1. Austria - 2027/28 - Division 1 Wels subject to takeover, made a professional club and finish in mid-table Another season where we made far more progress off the field than on it, which is fine as it will all pay off one day! We were again mid-table from day 1 and the most exciting thing was when we were subject to a takeover halfway through the season and the new owners first move was to make us a professional club. Very nice! youth Usually I choose my HoYD based purely on personality. But after hitting exceptional youth recruitment I was really disappointed so when i saw this fella avaliable, i snapped him up, balanced personality be damned But I was a little disappointed by the preview. One A grade and a C grade didn't bode well So i was pretty surprised when the intake came in to see 6 elite talents in there! obviously personalities aren't great but still, it's easily our best intake yet Career Slow imporvements off the field - will we see a similar improvement on the field? Next season will be the first one where youth will outnumber legacy in the first team so it will be interesting to see
  2. Austria - 2-26/27 - Division 1 Another Solid Season in Division 1 as Wels Finish Creditable 5th Yep, not a bad season all round, although our finish was helped by winning our last 5 on the bounce. in truth we were never good enough for promotion and never bad enough for relegation. For the future it's just a case of how seamlessly we can replace legacy players with the youth players Players Our first breakthrough youth player! Lennart Müller 25B was thrown in at right wing more out of desperation than anything but he was brilliant. The only reason being his pace obviously, but it makes a huge difference at this level! Youth So I was looking forward to this with an exceptional youth recruitment, so you can imagine my disappointment at the preview. All rubbish! But when the intake came in it actually wasn't that bad. A terrible preview with exceptional recruitment at this level can still give you 3 elite talents! lovely stuff! I'm really low on defenders so there's more than a good chance we'll see those three elites in the first team sooner rather than later. Career A good start so far!
  3. Austria - 2025/26 - Division 1 Fantastic Season On and Off the Pitch as Wels launch Unlikely Promotion Bid! yep, we were right up there! at one stage, in October, we even went top! We couldn't sustain that form and slowly dropped away but even so, it was a really promising season Finances So why was it such a good season off the pitch? Because the board gave us youth recruitment improvements three times, letting us max it out already! get in! Very excited for next seasons intake now! Youth This seasons intake though was.... ok I guess? preview gave us two A grades which was exciting but the intake only gave us 3 elite talents so.... Career
  4. Austria - 24/25 - Division 1 Nice dull mid-table season to start Austrian adventure So Greece didn't work out - a first team squad of 13 players and no keepers saw to that, (plus I was worried that the players names wouldn't fit on my spreadheet) - so I decided instead to head to Austria, as I've always enjoyed people's saves there. It always looked quite fun! So I took over at SPG Wels who had a decent squad, a decent bank balance and a decent starting facilities. Nice! We were mid-table pretty much from game 1 which was fine with me! Youth An early youth recruitment upgrade was very nice! The youth preview was very poor though.... so to get an elite talent was a nice surprise But I definitely need better in the next few years if we're going to improve Career
  5. ooo, i've never done Greece! good call! right, i'm off to Greece next!
  6. I've posted on bug forum. I'm starting to come around to the idea that it's typical of my idiot chairman and that maybe he didn't take too kindly to my constant undermining of his very existence. A bit of research has shown i'm not the only one who's been done by bizarre promises like this either.
  7. yeah, i'm way too addicted not too! Hardest thing is always choosing where to go next
  8. Just to piggy back on to this thread, I've been doing a youth only save and just been sacked for not giving any youth players any meaningful playing time. The promise was a year long, and looked like this with 2 days to go In the length of the promise (a year from May to May) a 16 year old had played 38 first team games, one 17 year old 40 first team games, another 17 year old 33 first team games, an 18 year old 33 first team games, two 19 year olds 35+ games the new intake during the season also played a handful of games (around 10) I'm at a loss as to what the game actually considers 'a youth player' Oh, and the player promise to give youth players a chance in midfield was fully met so surely there's a bug somewhere here?
  9. Ok, so I'm in genuine shock here and don't really know what to do. We were having an amazing season - bottom in October but turning it around and finishing second and making the play offs. We win the semi-final convincingly and then, two days before the play-off final, I get this message:- OK, so....... last summer I asked for a junior coaching budget increase. The board said they weren't sure it was worth it unless i played youth players. I said of course I'll play youth players! and that triggered a promise..... (i try and avoid promises at all costs if I can, but like most of them this one I didn't see coming) So I had a year to 'give meaningful playing time to youth players' I reloaded my last save (only 4 days before the sacking) and here are my stats:- 16 year old with 39 starts. 18 year old with 33 starts, 17 year old with 33 starts, 19 year old with 44 starts, 19 year old with 40 starts, 17 year old with 40 starts. Every single player through the youth academy (including grant, who was so poop I didn't even bother giving a number!) lots of youth players playing there right? so i check the status of the promise and..... What?????? seriously, what????? So what does the game consider a 'youth player' then? And to be sacked for this TWO DAYS BEFORE A PLAY-OFF FINAL is completely absurd, right? i mean, i know none of us play this game for the unfettered realism but COME ON! so there you go. I'm genuinely in shock here!
  10. Scotland - 2033/34 - Cinch League 1 Stupid Chairman Continues to Sabotage Club, Then Threatens Me With Sack! I mean, the temerity!! So summer came, offers came, and our idiotic short-sighted chairman again could not help himself by selling off our better players for as little as possible. I had no room to protest or argue or anything! Then our first stroke of luck! Dall rejected the contract from Falkirk and decided to stay with us! Score! Then came the January window...... and again he was up to his old tricks. This time I had the option to complain, protest and argue! and so I did..... but it made little difference, such is his determination to be a simple minded buffoon. I've never known anything like it! he's giving players away like confetti! Anyway, with all that shenanigans it's not really surprising that we struggled this season, playing half our matches with undeveloped 16 year olds in the side. But we were able to put together enough results to not really get into trouble. Chairman was not impressed and gave me the dreaded improve in a month or your out speech. We did,and i spent all month side-eyeing him. What a gibbon that man is Callum Gordon 31A Watch Just in case any of you thought i was being too harsh on our nincompoop of a chairman this is Callum Gordon now, after he thought a straight up 41k offer with no sell on was an offer 'too good to refuse' AAARGHHHHHH! I HATE MY CHAIRMAN SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Youth Although.... to be fair to the lad he did let us use our new found money to improve youth recruitment And the best thing is the preview was rubbish and disappointing but the actual intake was pretty good. So with a good preview we could be up for some stunning intakes. A few too many strikers but a good range of personalities. Pick of the bunch was this little fella:- Career I'm gonna see out this nincompoop of a chairman!
  11. Scotland - 2032/33 - Cinch League 1 Promising Season Sabotaged By Spineless, Short-sighted, Idiotic Board As you may tell, I'm really cross! We were going really well with our top two players combining really well to rip teams apart. Then came January..... Inter Milan offered 24k for Callum Gordon 31A. He was rated as Premiership level so I knew it was unlikely I could keep him so negotiated with a 50% sell on. And then.... AAre you kidding me????? the best player we've ever had, and you give him away for 41k???? I didn't even have a choice to protest or ask them to renegotiate! i just had to take it! i quickly offered him out for peanuts +50% and got a load of bites but to no avail. He's gone! as he was under age he couldn't leave for Milan until the summer so at least I got him for the rest of the season. And his combination with Josh Farrance 30B was dynamite! so, on the last day of the January transfer window.... 18k????? he was leading Championship level! scored 30 in 31! and again I had no choice but to just take it! at least i managed to get a 50% clause in here but still. Losing Farrances goals effected us greatly and we struggled after he went. But somehow we managed to sneak into the play offs Into the play-offs, where our form picked up a bit Losing on penalties was harsh but at the same time we can be proud of our achievements. But I am worried about next year. How do I replace Gordon and Farrance? Youth With a new intake! well... preview was poor. and the intake was similarly poor. But one elite talent is promising. I forgot to take a screenshot of the actual intake but here he is, my lonely elite talent Career
  12. Scotland - 2031/32 - Cinch League 1 Blue Brazil Almost Make The Play-offs! But we just missed out on the final day. We had to win and hope Clyde lost - we won but so did they and it was a creditable 5th place finish in the end. At one point before christmas we went top but an appalling run around February/March sent us plummeting down the table. We rallied towards the end of the season but it wasn't enough in the end Players of the Season A couple of real break out seasons for us this year Top Scorer: Josh Farrance 30B (26 in 38) At one point he had 19 in 21 so slipped a bit in the back half of the season, but then so did everyone. He looked better than our previous striker Josh Jack last season but at only 16 I didn't play him until March. he scored 5 in 7 and convinced me to make him our number 1 striker this season. Great personality, great first touch and finishing - he's a cracking player for our level Player of the Season: Callum Gordon 31A (7.14 AR) Less of a surprise this one, as he was our scarily good looking youth pull from last season. He went straight into the side then, and was rubbish. This season? Amazing! Already lots of interest in him, including from Rangers, so I don't think I'll be able to hold on to him for long. Youth The preview was shocking - two Cs and all the rest Es - so I wasn't expecting much from this years intake. After the last three years of amazing intakes, that was fair enough. So I was pleasantly surprised to get two elite talents, even if their starting stats and personalities don't fill me with much optimism Career It's slow going but we're making progress year on year. We've come to a bit of a deadlock though with upgrades as we have no money and are losing money each year. I might need to cash in on a few of the stars sooner rather than later.
  13. Scotland - 2030/31 - Cinch League 1 The Blue Brazil Survive Their First Season In The First Division! But only just. We were by far the favourites to finish bottom so it was always going to be a struggle. But we managed to keep on picking up results, even if they were draws, and then had a couple of little runs where we'd win three on the bounce. The final 7 games returned zero victories, which was a worry, but we'd luckily just done enough by then to keep ourselves in League 1. Player of the Season Paul Dall 28D - AML/AMR (7.05) quite an easy one, this. Only played 6 games last season but broke through this season to make himself far and away our most important player. 14 goals and 11 assists, can play either wing, fast and determined. My very own Andros Townsend! Youth The intakes seem to have settled down a little bit afte rthe influx of elite talents. This was again an excellent intake but with a more normal number of elites. Including one who looks like he could be amazing and who went straight into the first team I immediately signed Gordon up to a 6 year (3+3) contract! Career To be honest, just surviving in league 1 would suit me fine at the minute. The legacy players are now the weakest in the side and I'm thinking next season to go full youth for the first team. The average age will be ridiculous though!
  14. Scotland - 2029/30 - Cinch League 2 Everything Comes Together For The Blue brazil As They Romp To Title Win! The young players started to gel this season and we started to put some really nice strings of results together, which saw us bouncing around the top 4 spots for most of the season. Then a 7 win, 1 draw run in February and March suddenly saw us 6 points clear with 4 to play. We tried our best to throw it away with only one win in the remaining games but it was enough for us to snatch an unlikely title win. A years extra experience for the youngsters made all the difference! Player of the Season Based purely off Average Rating we had 3 tie at the top with 7.13 each! Here they are, just to give you an idea of the quality needed to get out of League 2 (it really isn't much in all honestly, these guys aren't the long term future of the side) Gavin Jardine 26C - (AMC) Made club captain at the tender age of 18, he really came into his own with the added responsibility. Ostensibly a striker he mainly plays AMC and does excpetionally well there. His only weakness is a lack of determination, strength and tackling.... Kevin Watt - AML Breakout star of the season. Started as one of a mulititude of promising youngsters, got his chance just before christmas and took it with both hands, putting in some amazing displays. He's quick, determined, can dribble and cross. What more do you need for a winger? Mark McLeod-Kay 28B Made the first team last season and held his own as a 16 year old. I was hoping for more improvements from him this year but instead he just quietly got on with his job. A really consistent performer but he may have already hit his ceiling in league 2 Youth another amazing intake with 8 elite talents coming through. Again, no obvious stars though so it'll be a case of trial and error to see how can cut it in the first team again. Farrance will likely be the first to get a chance, purely as he has the best personality! Finances So our UAE investor, who was mad passionate about making us a force to be reckoned with, got bored and retired after only 2 seasons, meaning a takeover was on the cards. It was completed by a local businessman who pledged to invest NOTHING in the club. d'oh! but thank you our old chairman, we'll never forget what you did for the club! wish we could say the same about your name! Career It's still early doors for this team and many of them won't progress beyond league 1 standard I'd have though, meaning just staying up is next seasons aim
  15. Scotland - 2028/29 - Cinch League 2 Mediocre Blue Brazil Play Out Mediocre Season and Finish Mid-table Pretty much sums our season up! we were consistently inconsistent and could never get going at all. We're still predicted last place finishes and the board expectations are nothing more than avoiding relegation so I guess in that sense it's a good season? Really I'm just killing time waiting for my youth players to improve youth Our new chairman who declared he'd stop at nothing to make us a Scottish powerhouse seems to have got a little bit bored with no new investments and no new upgrades this season. But after last years shenanigans our facilities are still really high for this level so I was expecting a nice intake again. And it delivered Another 11 elite talents to go with the 13 we got last season. Surely there's a play off bothering XI in there somewhere? Billy Martin has 3* CA which is quite exciting until you look at him and see how ordinary he is and therefore how terrible our first XI actually are. Career Just plodding along at the minute but the foundations are all there
  16. Scotland - 2027/28 - Cinch League 2 Tycoon Takeover Leavers The Blue Brazil Swimming In Cash! So this season was far more about what happened off the pitch than what happened on it. Just before the season started we got a message that there was talk of a potential takeover by a UAE businessman who wanted to spend upwards of 24m to make cowdenbeath a force in Scottish football. I rolled my eyes as we've all seen these rumnours a hundred times before. two days later..... It's the dream in this challenge!!! The new chariman immediately made us Professional and stuck a couple of million in the coffers. So, I went shopping! He gave me a couple more youth coach improvements and youth recruitment improvements too. All of a sudden our facilities look crazy good for League 2! After that, our own the pitch shenanigans took a back seat. we were the only full time professional club in the league though, so that should make a difference. Sadly, not enough as we just finished outside the play offs for the second season running Youth Now, I was looking forward to this! double improvements should make a noticeable difference in the quality of intake, right? Well, it really did! 13 elite talents! only 3 good! At least 5 good enough for the first team already!! No real stand out future internationals among them but the backbone of the future first team for sure Career So next season the pressure will be on. The side will be half made up of 16 year olds though so who knows? Even so, we should be one of the favourites to go up I'd have thought.
  17. Scotland - 2026/27 - Cinch League 2 Agony For The Blue Brazil as They Miss Out on Play-offs In Final Day Defeat To be honest, it was crazy we were up there with a chance anyway. In November we were 9th and looking more likely for relegation until a crazy late season run saw us climb the table. With 1 game to go we were third! so we lost it and dropped to 5th, missing out on play offs by 1 point. Bah! Player of the Season Josh Jack - Striker The pick of our legacy players with 24 goals this season. Only 1 year left on his contract though and he really isn't happy! Youth All Cs in the preview again so I think the relatively good intake is more an indictment of the quality of our current squad than anything else Finances We're bobbing along quite nicely and the good run at the end of the season meant the board were happy to give us another upgrade. woohoo! Career So far so good. although three dull seasons in the league we're slowly making improvements off it which will hopefully pay off eventually. I might have to throw a few more youth prospects in the starting XI next season which might be a bit risky though
  18. Scotland - 2025/26 - season 2 Cinch League 2 Blue Brazil's play-off challenge derailed by poor end to season We were the very definition of inconsistent for the first half of the season. Winning 3-0 away at the leaders one week, losing 2-1 at home to the bottom team the week after. With 8 games left we were in with a shout of the play-off but decided then would be a good time to go on a long run without a win Youth Not a bad intake again, which will hopefully come in handy once the legacy players start to drop out. None of them look amazing though, Ricky Thompsons moustache excepted. Career
  19. Scotland - 2024/25 - Season 1 'The Blue Brazil' start badly but a strong second half of the season sees them consolidate in Division 2 To be honest, after so long dominating at the top of the Jupiler pro League I'd forgotten just how important morale was at the start. The first half of the season saw me adjusting to the very different demands of the Scottish Second Division and at one point we were bottom. But after Christmas we were much stronger and pulled ourselves out of danger. So, a positive first season if a little unexciting Youth An interesting intake. Nearly all our players are highland/lowland league level and our youth preview was a sea of Cs, which gave me no clue as to what to expect. So the intake was pretty pleasing in the end No stand out stars but a lot of very high potentials and some nice personalities in there. I might try and introduce a couple of the best prospects next season, see how they go Finances A lot more balanced than Belgium! we lost a bit but not much and were able to get a couple of upgrades in as well. So not a bad start! Career
  20. So, being as ridiculously addicted to this challenge as i am, i'm going again never tried scotland so here i am!
  21. it helped that Lyra Lierse start with pretty good facilities so I was getting a half decent intake from the start. I had to sell 2 or 3 players a season though and constantly pray the 50%+ clauses got triggered for a good while though, which was frustrating. Once you break through that barrier though it gets a lot, lot easier as Belgium intakes are ridiculously good
  22. it really, really helped starting with a club with half decent facilities to begin with. Don't think it would have been possible otherwise
  23. Lyra Lierse - Belgium - 2063/64 Pro Jupiler League: Winners Champions League: WINNERS CHALLENGE COMPLETE!!!! We did it! in Belgium! it was a glorious season where everything just came together. Champions League League Stage A poor start with no victory in our first 3 matches but I wasn't too worried as we'd been playing well. Sure enough, the results started to come, with a draw against PSG and a victory against Newcastle really encouraging results. But only 3 victories meant it was into the playoffs Knock-out Round So into the play-off knockout round where we got Rennes, who are a pretty good side. We drew with them in the league stage and got another draw in the first leg. We played really well in the second and got a well deserved victory Round of 16 Atletico Madrid! My plan from here was really simple - draw away, win at home and we're in the final. easy! and so it worked out here - a nice comfortable home win followed by a good 2-2 draw away. We were clearly the better side over two legs Quarter-Final Which is more than can be said for the quarter-final. To get anywhere in the champions league i think you need a bit of luck along the way, and this is where we got lucky. We beat Real in the league stage last season so I knew they weren't invincible but they are still a formidable side. When we lost the first leg 2-1 I was pleased as it gave us a fighting chance in the home leg. We got the win, but at only 1-0 it went to pens..... which we managed to squeak 6-5 Semi-Final Newcastle! Who we'd beaten in the league stage and who i knew we could beat! but i always get nervous this deep into the competition. Even after we blew them away in the first leg i was still expecting to lose 5-0 in the away leg. In truth they were nowhere near us. we'd made it to the final! Final It was the current holders Spurs in the final. In fact, they'd won the last three Champions Leagues. But again, we'd beat them 3 times in the last few seasons so i knew we could take them on our day. Luckily we'd won the league with 5 games to spare so i was able to rest the entire first XI meaning we came into it with a completely fit first choice team. It was now or never! and..... Not even close! we were amazing!!!! The Players So here are my all conquering heroes! 1. Goalkeeper: Loan Marechal 45C age: 34 Apps: 47 goals: 0 AR: 7.08 World class keeper coming to the end of his career. 150 Belgium caps and a wealth of experience behind him, can't really ask for a more solid foundation to buil upon 2. Right Back: Jayden Groffy 54B age: 25 apps: 48 goals: 4 AR: 7.25 A better centre back but also our best right back and that's where he played the majority of his matches. A good solid defender with 25 Belgian caps 3. Left back: Adam Daniels 57D Age: 22 Apps: 45 gls: 0 AR 7.18 One of my best youths of recent years but in truth he had no competition. If he ever got injured i was forced to play a bucket and a mop in his place. Another Belgian international with 18 caps to his name, he was great at bombing up and down the wing. Only 5 assists this season though which was a surprise 4. Centre Back - Brieuc Boon 54A Apps 47 gls 11 AR 7.42 What a player. In his final season as he absolutely refused to sign a new contract for years, such was his desire to play with a stronger squad. And then, just as he announced his intention to leave, he got one! amazing player, if we hadn't won this season I would have really missed him 5. Centre Back - Nikolaus Verbruggen 58C Age: 21 Apps 43 gls: 9 Ar 7.30 It's testament to how good Boon is that Verbruggen flew under the radar for me. Even as a wonderkid he never got close to him. This was the first season I actually started playing him regulalry and he repaid my faith with some great performances 6. Centre Mid - Guus Knol 59A Age:20 Apps: 48 gls: 4 AR: 7.31 I'm convinced he's gonna be a future world superstar. He's so good - a wonderkid at 17 he's been first choice in mids since then and been amazing. Such a reliable presence and improving all the time 7. Centre Mid - Vidian Miath-Annerose 51B Age: 28 Apps: 38 gls: 5 AR: 7.27 Good solid pro with 50+ France caps under his belt. Just does the basic things really well but allows the better players around him to thrive 8. Attacking centre midfield - Svenne Schlabertz 55A Apps: 40 gls: 18 AR 7.30 Previously our enfant terrible! Asa teenager he missed 6 first team games because he was falling out of bars the night before but some maturity and mentoring seems to have solved it because at 25 he's a great professional. Not particularly quick or strong but with great technique and mental awareness he's an ideal AMC for our team 9. Left Wing - Sam Straetman 51A Apps 42 gls 29 AR 7.36 Our superstar! Winner of this years balon d'or, now 28 and at his absolute peak, he was key to everything good we did. I protected him a lot, hence only 42 games, as I couldn't afford to risk him getting injured before any of the Champions League games! so often was he the match winner. 45 goal involvements from 42 games! 10. Right wing - Maxime Guilloteau 59B Apps 45 gls 20 AR 7.44 French right winger who won this year Golden Boy. Looks like he could go on to be really, really good. At 20 he's already pretty, pretty good! 11. Striker - Amir Achenteh 56B Apps 22 gls 13 AR 7.38 If we did have a weak spot it ws up front. Achenteh started second choice but forced his way into the side towards the end of the season. He's a good squad player, no more really, but I really like how quick he is Easily my best team of the save so far. so strong and balanced all the way through. Career @darren1983 :-)
  24. Belgium - Lyra Lierse - 2061/62 Pro Jupiler League - WINNERS Yep, we won it again, for an ELEVENTH time. We absolutely dominate the league now and it's only ever close because I prioritise the Champions League. Champions League - Knocked out in Round of 16 Sp for the second season running we got knocked out by the eventual winners, who have now won the Champions League three times in a row. Spurs!!! and we beat them again as well, winning the first leg 2-1. We put up a good fight in the second leg but just couldn't score and went home empty handed. But our results the last couple of seasons give me real hope that we might not be too far off a really, really good run. Players We finally got someone in the top 50 players in the world list! Sam Straetman 51A, who I am glad to say is signedcup on a very, very long contract! We also won Golden Boy this year as well:- Maxime Guilloteau 59B looks like he could become a really, really important player for us. A proper wonderkid as well. Here he is at 19:- Surprised he beat Guus Knol 59A though, he looks much better at the minute and absolutely runs our midfield. Youth So after last years abysmal intake i was hoping for something a little better. But instead we went from one extreme to another, with a ludricrously good potential golden age intake. Very excited by these 5! None of them really stand out but they all have ridiculous potential at this stage of the game. Given that Straetman is a world superstar, the potential on these guys could be huge! Career Number 1 priority is the Champions League. We can beat any team on our day now, it's just a question of whether we get enough of those days
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