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  1. if something is implemented in one skin, it can be implemented in any other skin. just determine which files are responsible for this and transfer them to another skin
  2. you need to create a new font type. existing in many places that have a specific id do not respond to the colour parameter
  3. with a high degree of probability this is a sitoolkit.fmf file
  4. I don't think I've seen anyone bothering about this issue. but you can view all graphic files in the game yourself, find the ones you need and enlarge them. because it seems impossible to increase them by manipulating the size parameter in some panel.
  5. the transparency/opacity of the background is changed by changing a pair of numbers in the "client object browser" file. you can just change it yourself, or you can try take it from any skin that supports background images
  6. excuse my intrusion my friend, but your wish is absolutely idiotic. just make the pitch with tactics vertical, and leave the proportions of the containers as they are. how much time did people spend on making the left container smaller to accommodate more player stats in right side and you want to break everything again. subjectively.
  7. I think you are complicating everything and trying to find non-existent problems. the author of the post simply does not know how to configure the game. unfortunately, 3/4 of users are unable to configure the game, operating system or monitor and blame the authors of the skins for non-existent bugs. although in this case the fault lies exclusively with SI managers, the problem is an obvious consequence of the appearance of the "Automatically override custom panels" function
  8. SI regularly change the language file. look for what ID is currently used for this parameter in other skins, or find the most suitable one yourself in example.ltf
  9. the question is absolutely not clear. you want to add a stadium photo container or you just want to replace an existing photo with another one.
  10. it's not a skin problem, it's a stadiums pack "problem". it that it is written in the pack configuration file. it means that the player's page will display the file from the players pack, the club's page will display the file from the cities pack, etc.
  11. it is not necessary. </class> is correct
  12. oh, I've been thinking about it for a long time, but I haven't tried it in practice yet. theoretically, this should be possible using value-based pictures.
  13. I believe that only people with a screen height of more than 1080px can afford to increase the height of this container. otherwise, it has a critical negative effect on the elements displayed between the highlights.
  14. the standard way is the easiest. you take a skin where it is already implemented, see how it is implemented and implement it.
  15. colour="faded text" or colour="faded white" doesn't work anymore?
  16. your question is unclear. fmxml is just an xml file generator, not an editor. the record can also be like this <record from="879663" to="graphics/pictures/club/879663/logo"/> and you won't change anything without knowing which club this id corresponds to.
  17. then it is better to play in windowed mode, there is no skin that looks normal on ultrawide screens.
  18. I think that the manual scoreboard selector can also be considered as an option.
  19. in general, it depends on whether the author made personal changes to the font size. if changes were made, you need to search and change the size in each specific file. if no changes were made, then you need to change the value globaly in *.fontxml
  20. I don't understand at all what could make you think that this bug has something to do with the skin. this is nonsense.
  21. in my opinion, there is no need to search, just take and delete one element at a time and see what has changed. this will allow not only to find what is needed, but also to better begin to understand the structure of the code.
  22. use an adequate text editor with syntax highlighting. and try to remove font="fonts/title", or set the desired color colour="color"
  23. the essence of the problem is not completely clear. almost all custom skins use a scoreboard with logos, you can take any. the main thing is to copy all the necessary files.
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