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The FM23 Youth Academy Challenge

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2032, 10th season, Fijian Premier League

We won the League! Our only loss was against Lautoka 2-1 in the 8th game, finishing 13-0-1. Our superstar striker Semesa Ali actually got injured in the 1st game and missed the next 3 months, basically the entire first half of the season. Ketani Koro stepped in and played great scoring 9 in the first 9 league games. But our defense went from being a leaky faucet to being best in the league. We still led the league in goals scored but we also led in goals against. Seremaia Chand (31a) helped I'm sure. He became my best center back. I switched from a CMd/CMs/APs to a BWMd/DLPs/AMa in the midfield. I also tried to play the same players every week vs trying to rotate. And I also used my best AMC (Asish Chand) as that central midfielder DLP so I could play Andrew Ravouvou (30b) as the AMC. Then I played a 1.5 star player (Marcus Kumar) as that BWM since he was the best BWM I had. Which of these, if any, was the key to the success I don't know. But we played well.


We won another Cup too (see above!). We flamed out of the FA Cup, not our best. But the Battle of Giants, we just got on a roll. We beat Suva and Labasa in the group stage, falling to Rewa, but advancing. We get Lautoka in the semis, Semesa Ali is back by now and scores 2. But Lautoka does as well. In the end it goes to penalties, and we win 7-6 on penalties to advance to the Final. We get Rewa again, after just losing to them in the group stage. Scoreless first half, but they score early in the 2nd. Semesa Ali again scores 2 with back to back goals to give us a 2-1 lead. But our old buddy Mohammed Chand 26c equalizes for Rewa in 83rd minute. Extra Time and we go to penalties again. Our first 5 score, their first 4 score.... their 5th goes up the middle and our keeper saves it. 5-4. Another trophy! Now I just need to win the FA Cup. (Well and the Champions League). The Interdistrict Championship was going well until Chand and Ravouvou got poached by Lautoka in the middle of the tournament. Two starters gone just like that. We actually got to the Final against Lautoka and Chand and Ravouvou played in the Final. We lost 2-1.


Our squad:


Simione Narayan really seemed to improve this year. He just got his first cap for Fiji and at the end of the year, Lautoka tried to steal with from me. He's actually the first player I was able to keep (for now). I'll wager he'll be gone by the end of next year.

Here is one of the Financial emails you get (this was April 1). I have actually kept my balance above 0 the entire time (Ok, it went to -500 in mid 2027). And it rose to almost 100k at the end of 2031 so I asked the Board to improve the Junior Coaching. I got it to Exceptional. And you see that massive downward crash this season? Yeah, I'll soon be very poor due to these facilities. (By the end of the season we actually got back to +80k from winnings and sponsors)


Another thing I found interesting was this. One, I never get scouting emails so this was new. Two, Emosi Qiolevu is a star player, a Fiji National Team player. He left Lautoka at the end of last season saying he wanted to test the waters. Then he sat as a Free Agent for months. This email was from February, and he didn't sign with anyone (Rewa) until I think May. Crazy it took a star like this 6 months to sign with anyone. I would have signed him back in a heartbeat if I could.


After last season where I didn't lose anyone, this season was different. We lost Naicker at the start of the season though by then he was third choice striker so not a huge loss. But losing Chand and Ravouvou back to back like that was a gut punch. Then we lost Naidu was my 2nd choice right wing. Like I said above they tried to take my first choice right wing (Simione Narayan) as well but for now I was able to keep him.


I have never had a bid for Semesa Ali or Luke Khan, my two best players, 5-star Fiji National Team players. Not one. I'm thankful for that but still surprised. My working theory is they are just too good for anybody to sign. Basically no one is good enough for them to want to sign with. I actually tried to negotiate with Ali and he wouldn't talk to me. So, if anyone bids for him, he's gone. But that is the one good thing about non-contracts, they are with the team indefinitely. I can only offer non-contracts to players but all the other teams in the League have about half their roster on salary. So, when I lose a player they are generally signing an actual contract.

Not an inspiring youth pull. Manesa Chand will likely be my starter at GK going forward. His attributes are better than what I have now. Then a couple backup types. Players just don't develop in this league unless they are playing every game. I have noticed that my starters will develop, but I don't think I've seen any backup improve much at all. But when I say my starters develop, that actually is only like 1 or 2 a season seem to gain much of anything.


Off to the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!! The O-League. Lautoka actually won it in 2031, so we do have a chance. However, this is Auckland City's (from New Zealand) trophy. They have won it 8 of 10 times since I started this challenge. I just looked, Lautoka beat them in the semis when they won it. Even though Lautoka are our bitter rivals, it does give me some hope that a team from Fiji can win it.


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On 06/09/2023 at 12:18, Neo_Geo said:

Hi everyone, I've been away from the the game and also this forum for quite a bit.

Had a look at the hall of fame to see who I missed completing the challenge, so congrats to @grff for multiple completions, @leyrtj for South Africa, @Dr Pepper Man on the gruelling marathon that is England and of course @libbyshuss for the success in Germany.

I had been doing the ultimate challenge but I don't like managing big teams, I like to build my teams up from the ground and I enjoy the restrictions of the challenge meaning you need to adapt formations rather than buying players to fit your formation and to be quite honest the ultimate challenge forum is like a graveyard, no one seems to talk about their successes or issues they are facing at their club, certainly not at the level of this forum.

So I'm back for an attempt (or a few) before FM24 starts to emerge, starting with Croatia and ...


Nice to see the club vision aligns nicely with the challenge



Probably going to shy away from infographics this time, I do enjoy them but with reduced time on the game I want to just focus on playing and then posting smaller updates.

Good luck, I ended my save with sesvete after 7 seasons( in this topic).  Loved it and not happy that I didn't continued but lacked the time.

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I stopped with Kjellerup, since it was a bit too hard and would be a very long term project. Since then I tried a bit with Slagelse but wasnt really feeling it and now I am back with Brønshøj BK. I have played a lot of season so its just gonna be a quick summary of how things have gone so far. 


This is how the season have gone by in the leagues. Started off very well with two straight promotions, although we got quite lucky scoring in the 93rd minute to advance from the 2. division. 



As it can be seen we have had some relegations here and there, but finally managed to get the promotion to the Superliga. 

Since we are so far in we have no legacy players left, last one leaving was back in 31.

Our trusted HOYD for many years has been this guy



With his model citizen personality I am probably going to keep him for some time, and I think we have also had some good intakes in general although we havent had any amazing talents so far, which can be seen by the players who have left us have all gone on to perform at a lower level than we are now.

Some of our "stars" can be seen here:













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What the flop!?

Have never, ever had this before

Ben Caffell, ya know, star striker Ben Caffell, signs a new contract 30th June, 2nd July he's dropped from Perfectionist to Determined and he's gone AWOL :lol:

I knew a new contract can effect a player but yikes


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vor 25 Minuten schrieb Johnny Ace:

What the flop!?

Have never, ever had this before

Ben Caffell, ya know, star striker Ben Caffell, signs a new contract 30th June, 2nd July he's dropped from Perfectionist to Determined and he's gone AWOL :lol:

I knew a new contract can effect a player but yikes


What?! That’s why some of my players dropped in personality. Haha you take everything this year :lol:

You’re still a good manager i hope this is a quantum of solace ;)

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4 minutes ago, HanziZoloman said:

What?! That’s why some of my players dropped in personality. Haha you take everything this year :lol:

Every day's a school day with FM pal :thup: but yeah, I'm trying to figure out the FM maths 


Seems his Professionalism has dropped, from at least 14 to I'm guessing low single digits, that's quite a drop if so 

Unless, going from £5 p/w to £170 p/w and he's gone off on a one off mad one :lol:

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Finally got a save to stick after a couple tries that never really hooked me. So here we go...


Season 1 - Royale Union Tubize-Braine





Facilities Upgrades

The facilities was decent to begin with and we got two upgrades to both the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment, bringing both to Excellent. Upgrading both have obviously increased the coast of the Youth Setup, which has really put a dent into the finances of the club. My board is not really helping on the financial front, so the finances are going to get squirrelly pretty soon. Good news though, as we completed a board takeover at the end of the season, so hopefully they will give us some much needed help in the near future. 









Coaching Upgrades

On the positive side, the board has been more than happy to continue funding coaching badges, so that's a positive. 






Youth Intake Preview and Players

Quite a good intake, with some great personalities and some real long term potential. Evrard and Arthur jumped right into the first team.

Unfortunately, I forgot to screengrab the intake message as I had to close the save the day it came in and didn't restart until a few days later. I did, however, get screenshots of all sixteen players (I signed the entire intake) and will make sure to get both the preview and actual intake in the future. 

Zakaria Evrard 24A

Jerry Arthur 24B

Alexandre Gilles 24C

Firmin Kalokota Eleki 24D

Ismael de Doncker 24E

Victor Lebreton 24F

Romain Martel 24G

Pierre Lenoir 24H

Julien Chauvel 24I

Gianfrano Thircy 24J

Jean-Joseph Barbin 24K

Aboubakar Soumah 24L

Jawad Fischer 24M

Florian Menard 24N

Roan Wouters 24O

Carlo Simonato 24P


Season Results

The season went far better than anything I could have expected. We got out to a storming start and never really looked back, gaining promotion with six games left on the schedule. I mostly played a 4-3-3 defensive tactic, which helped with teams coming out and trying to batter us early in the season. I have tons of experience coaching teams far out of their depth, so this was relatively simple as we actually started with some solid talent. 


Promotion was quickly followed by the first trophy of the save, which is quite exciting.




Future Goals and Plans

I would like to continue using the 4-3-3, as my HOYD is quite good and the best talents on the team fit the tactic well. I think a midtable finish would be a reasonable expectation, as many of the teams in the second division seem near our level or close enough where my morale, fatigue and tactical management should have a strong influence.

The financials are already looking pretty rough (I know it was mentioned multiple times in this thread, and boy you guys weren't kidding) so the hope is to repair some of that damage. Luckily, we seems to have leveled off at around a $100K monthly loss, which doesn't feel too bad right now and I'm sure we will see more income in the Proximus League next season. As a result, I'm not planning on asking for any upgrades for a good bit, and honestly can't see this board agreeing to more until the financial situation improves dramatically. 

Just want to thank all you guys for posing your previous attempts, as this save has already rekindled my love for FM after losing interest in multiple other saves types over this past year. 




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vor 48 Minuten schrieb Johnny Ace:

Every day's a school day with FM pal :thup: but yeah, I'm trying to figure out the FM maths 


Seems his Professionalism has dropped, from at least 14 to I'm guessing low single digits, that's quite a drop if so 

Unless, going from £5 p/w to £170 p/w and he's gone off on a one off mad one :lol:

Such a waste :lol:

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I had a great YAC save in FM22 @Birdstream with Tubize-Braine and that got ruined by the money issue, it was crazy. Still lasted a good 10 seasons though so give it a good crack :thup:

At Port Talbot I've had two more players miss games by going AWOL. The squad personalty is Fairly Professional and I've never seen anything like it before, in all of my FM saves I think I've maybe had one player do it and I canned him on the spot, these 3 are all important players!  Then on top of that, Michael Street, our best centre back is considering his options at the end of the season. We lost Mitchell to it last season so it's a bit of a pain and we're struggling without him

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Season Review 2035

Här gör "Henke" Larsson comeback

Table | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake

Ended up quite far from the promotion but we where close all the season but dipped in the end as well as when i knew we werent making it i started playing in some of the younger guys. Got exicted when i saw we were getting a A graded striker but Måns is not that special yet, but with a great personality in resolute i think we will see a big developement in him if he gets the gametime.

Top Scorer: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson 27 Goals | 26(5) Games

Most Assists: (07-B)Martin Tapper Holter | 11 Assists | 27(0) Games

Best Average: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson | 7.58 Average | 26(5) Games

Top Prospect: (11-A)Pontus Burakowsky-Hagsell | 1 Goals | 4 Assists | 27(1) Games | 6.75 Average

Best Intake Prospect:  (13-A)Måns Mellblom


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vor 1 Stunde schrieb Johnny Ace:

At Port Talbot I've had two more players miss games by going AWOL. The squad personalty is Fairly Professional and I've never seen anything like it before, in all of my FM saves I think I've maybe had one player do it and I canned him on the spot, these 3 are all important players!  Then on top of that, Michael Street, our best centre back is considering his options at the end of the season. We lost Mitchell to it last season so it's a bit of a pain and we're struggling without him

The human heart in conflict with itself, that’s for the best stories. We want to see you suffering and then triumph


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17 hours ago, OlivierL said:

Update hall of fame - challenge completed or not completed in below countries. @darren1983 for the OP :) 

  Reveal hidden contents


I'll update this again for the FM24 topic. Please let me know if you see a mistake. @Winski maybe you have time in the coming weeks for a graphical map update? :) 

Many thanks, have updated the OP :thup:

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2 hours ago, HanziZoloman said:

The human heart in conflict with itself, that’s for the best stories. We want to see you suffering and then triumph


You certainly do have to take the rough with the smooth but the YAC is constantly kicking you in the nuts :lol:

1 hour ago, Darrell lindsay said:

Hey guys I've started the youth only save first season was good got promotion second season got very lucky and got promoted to league 2 now I'm struggling as I've got promotion  to quick any tips from anyone so I can just avoid relegation ? My teams the worst at everything in the league hahah 

Just go for it, go down fighting :D

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18 hours ago, OlivierL said:

I'll update this again for the FM24 topic. Please let me know if you see a mistake. @Winski maybe you have time in the coming weeks for a graphical map update? :) 

Here you go!

I made a map for Europe, and a World Map. Let me know if I missed something.

@darren1983 maybe you can update the OP with these updated maps?





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vor 37 Minuten schrieb Johnny Ace:

Just go for it, go down fighting :D

@Darrell lindsay that’s the best advice one can give here. It’s all about the (suffering) I mean experience. 
What gave me an edge though was playing a kind of football the lads can do. Nothing too complicated, simple but suiting the strengths of a player, feeding a good poacher something like this.

but have fun I think your doing good! 

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FC United

Season 6- 2029/30





Something unexpected happened at the start of the season: the board decided to go professional. I am happy about it because that finally means better training options, but am as well unsure if we can afford that.  Additionally they started to upgrade our academy level after i asked them for it ... did not expect those two things to happen.

Quite early we lost in the cups, and thanks to some promising youngsters i was able to rotate the squad a bit in order to avoid the tiredness of the last seasons. (Probably the better training due to becoming professional helped as well)


And especially at the end of the season we really needed everyone to be fit, since we were in the midst of a four-club battle for the title (with Altrincham, Dag&Red and Bath). It all came down to the last round ... and then the shock:



 Lavercombe was with us from the beginning, he is just 33. Probably he announced it earlier and i missed the message. I was hoping for a few more years of him. I asked him to reconsider.My keeper situation is like this - it will be a tough next season...






But nevertheless we had our last game to play, and preferably to win. Two points ahaead of Dag&Red, but much worse in goal difference ... we needed a win against Kings Lynn. And we won!


Next year its League Two!


Many "old" players left us anyway, most notably those which helped us into promotion and were regulars for the past years, most notably Brayden Shaw who scored many important goals











Accolades (no idea why i sometimes am getting no season review at the end)








Youth Candidates

Amazing intake in terms of possible elite talent. also not too many "bad" personalities. This intake might form the core of our team for years in some seasons i hope.



Still no chance to get a better HOYD btw. Probably have to wait until I am in a higher league


Youth Team

The U21 won its league, again. 




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vor 39 Minuten schrieb Vlach:

Something unexpected happened at the start of the season: the board decided to go professional. I am happy about it because that finally means better training options, but am as well unsure if we can afford that.  Additionally they started to upgrade our academy level after i asked them for it ... did not expect those two things to happen.

Quite early we lost in the cups, and thanks to some promising youngsters i was able to rotate the squad a bit in order to avoid the tiredness of the last seasons. (Probably the better training due to becoming professional helped as well)


Man! You got it :applause:

You're cutting through the leagues I am impressed. big CONGRATULATIONS! :applause:

The Earl is still in the game ... :rolleyes: ... 





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@HanziZoloman I haven't been brave enough I don't think in letting the youth have many minutes at the lower league but no I'm pro I've got the best coaching staff in league 2  so taken that back down as pro will really help finances look good so can do a season or 2 down in the national league really trying to get youth up to speed and come back better next time just writing a 5 year plan on a bit of scrap paper and the tactic I plan on implementing  hahah 

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Uruguay - Villa Teresa

Season 4 - Division 2

Season Summary

Unbelievable.. for the fourth year in a row we lost in the promotion play-off final. So far I've missed out due to 1 point, 1 goal goal difference and now a penalty shootout! The problem for us this season was the unprecedented amount of injuries we got mid-season. It felt like a key player a week was going down. But once they  all got back fit we finisehd strongly




Penalties!!!! AAAARGH!



Another good looking youth intake, but I'm sure its more because of the poor quality of my squad rather than strong youth players


Three elite talents is not bad, but who knows how they'll turn out? None of them look amazing....







losing around 400k a season atm. No way am I getting upgrades!





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2033, 11th Season, Fijian Premier League

Ok, let's go, The CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!


So, this was my first chance at the Oceania Champions League. We rolled through the group stage, the only one to give us any trouble was Hekari United. They are 1 of 2 teams (Lautoka the other) that was able to pry the Champions League trophy from the grips of Auckland City. In the first 10 years of this save, Auckland City has 8 titles, Hekari Utd 1 and Lautoka 1. Hekari United is from Papua New Guinea. Then we rolled pretty easily through the quarters and semis. My superstar striker Semesa Ali had 10 goals in those 5 games.

But the dreaded Auckland City loomed in the Finals...... and we basically sucked.


They completely crushed us. Ali got a consolation goal late to make it look a bit better. I feel like I can get *to* the Final almost every time, but getting past Auckland City is going to be tough. I suspect Auckland City just has that much better players than everyone else. In truth, I'd assume all of the New Zealand teams just have better players. But I'll soldier on. This might take one more year or 20. Who knows.

We did win two trophies though.


We won the Champions vs Champions Cup for the 2nd time, winning the first leg 3-0 then losing 3-1 in the 2nd leg, winning overall 4-3 aggregate.

Then we won the League again. This time it was much tighter, we were actually in 2nd place on the last day of the season, but we won and Rewa drew. It was very tight but we prevailed. So, I'm in the Champions League again (Actually, i think the League Champion the previous 2 seasons qualify for the CL -- Rewa was in the CL this season and there was no other reason that I could see that would get them there).


June 23, 2033. The Day that Will Live in Infamy

That is the day that we got our first bid for Semesa Ali(29a). In the end, 6 Australian clubs bid for him. And he left the club, there was much crying (mainly be me).



I don't know how good he is but that looks pretty good. Especially for Fiji, that's Messi-like. He's not English Premier League level but 6 Australian clubs tried to get him. In the end he scored 41 goals for me in 2033 and he left in July. And he won Oceania Player of the Year.


And we also lost Simione Narayan, our National Team right winger, as well. I almost lost him at the end of last season, but he left early this year. I was hoping he'd hang around longer but it was not to be. Basically anytime I play Lautoka, Rewa or Suva there are at least 3-4 of my ex star players on their rosters. I'm like a feeder team for them.


Here is the squad. We are down to one superstar in Luke Khan. Manasa Chand (32a) is looking to be a really good GK (I actually didn't start him in the Champions League as he seemed to be struggling early but I think he is the guy now). Seremaia Chand (31a) looks like the real deal in the central defense. Yes, I'm concerned these will be the next two to be poached from me.


Then we get to the youth...


I fortunately pulled a nice looking young striker so he will go straight into the starting lineup. Hopefully he can be as impactful as Ali. The only bad thing is his personality. This will be the final youth pull of my retiring Fairly Professional HoYD. I think I can hire a Professional one for next year, we'll see.



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SV Austria Salzburg
Season 4 | 2026/27


2. Liga



We settle back into our 'natural position' of 7th, we might've been able to capitalise more on a late run of form but I decided to start playing more youngsters as soon as survival was secured, with 7-8 games to go. Conceded 33 goals which is 10 less than last season and also finished with by far our best goal difference at +16. We're really starting to build this team into something special, I don't think it should take too much longer for us to get up into the Bundesliga.



We had another golden opportunity to make a quarter final, coming up against 2. Liga rivals SV Horn, but we bottled a penalty shootout to get bundled out in the Third Round. We're making a habit of playing a 3rd or even 4th tier side in a cup tie for our season opener and smacking them around, I quite enjoy it.




'Twas the transfer I was dreading but one I knew was inevitable. Adem Oguz (23A)'s rapid development from raw centre back to star defensive midfielder meant the bigger clubs in Austria and even some in Germany were circling, and he refused to sign a new contract, so with a year level on his deal I pulled the trigger and sold him to FC Admira Wacker Modling for €1.8 million. Now we watch his career from afar with interest!

Squad Stats


Best Eleven


GK: Manuel Kalman: Had his best season at the club in this save, with a save high 8 clean sheets and a save low 35 goals conceded in 31 appearances. Still has a fair few years left in him.
RB: Benedikt Erhard: Erhard finished up as the second most prolific assist-maker in the league this season and finished with 13 in total, breaking his personal record, another great season for our skipper.
CB: Matthias Theiner: Speaking of great seasons, the usual from Theiner.
CB: Mathias Hausberger: Hausberger managed to claw back his starting spot this season, wasn't too disappointed with his average ratings and was still able to rotate him where necessary.
LB: Florian Wiedl: Another above average season from a player that looked like they were going to bounce out of the side a couple of years ago.
DM: Nico Schiedermeier: Nico finally pulled out a decent season but ironically it's going to be his last season starting as we now have a full roster of exciting young defensive mids. His versatility will still be invaluable.
DM: Soren Schutz (26A): Schutz has developed into a 3.5* prospect and he's so far ahead of everyone else in terms of passing it's not funny. For a first year player he didn't lower his colours and he has a chance to really breakout into a superstar this season.
RW: Christoph Deinhofer (26D): He's on the radar of heavyweights Austria Wien after a great first season, chipping with 11 goal contributions off a right wing at just 16. Still has a ways to go with some of the technical aspects of his game but has earned his spot in my first team setup for sure.
LW: Alexander Schwaighofer: A less impressive season for Schwaighofer this time around, but he did pop up with some important goals. Probably coming up to his last season at the club, we'll extend him for one year and wait for a new left wing prospect to pop up.
ST: Yannic Foschtl: Yannic refuses to take a step backwards, and improves on his goal tally for the third consecutive year with 18, including 15 in the league. Him and Rahmanovic have created a great partnership up front.
ST: Din Rahmanovic: He might never get that consistency to elevate his game to the next level, but Rahmanovic was still superb in patches this season and finished with a career high 16 goals. His four goal effort against FC Dornbirn was a career highlight.



Youth Development

Youth Intake


Another fantastic intake, with plenty of options to add to the first team setup next season. I'm going to have start being more selective in who I pick up again now.

Alexander Bracher (27A): The best prospect in the intake, his work rate is a worry but he'll be able to get developmental minutes at defensive midfielder and striker which will be helpful to me and to him. I love good decision makers.
Ben Weiss (27B): A tricky, agile winger who'll play first team next season, he's the first player we've produced with serious pace to burn, should be a handful for 2. Liga defenders from the getgo.
Benedict Bierlein (27C): His determination and ability to push forward hampers him, but Bierlein should be a decent option at left back in the future.
Grgica Kartelo (27D): Kartelo has already started developing well and he adds to our strong midfield stock, I'll be fast tracking him into the first team, he could even be starting alongside Schutz (26A) next year. Doesn't really have a glaring weakness for his age.
Felix Ziegler (27E): A winger-striker with the ability to do the unexpected, he's another player with low determination that will probably hold them back but I'm willing to roll the dice and see if he can still develop.
Quirin Haas (27F): We seem to have no problem producing players who have good first touch, passing and decision making. Haas will be given more time to develop, there's plenty of options ahead of him in the pecking order currently.
Kai Bolter (27G): A big, team-first centre half, he'll need to put a bit more meat on his bones before he's ready to get more first team action,
Manfred Conradi (27H): A pretty one dimensional winger, he's quick and agile and can use the ball reasonably well but his mentals need a lot of work.
Michael Bonig (27I): Although far from the best player in the intake, he's the first striker we've produced over 6 feet which means he's gonna get fast tracked as a target man prospect.
David Huber (27J): Signed him as a developmental right back.

Youth Players in the First Team Squad


Youth Players in the Big Wide World


Finances and Facilities


Mainly thanks to the Oguz transfer, we're sitting in a relatively strong position financially now, although the increasing costs of our youth setup might begin to become a burden. I'll probably need to keep selling top prospects to stay afloat on top of those Austrian FA payments.



We made major in-roads with our youth setup, bumping both Youth Recruitment and Junior Coaching to Excellent, which no doubt contributed to our great intake this season. The board has been unwilling to approve any upgrades elsewhere since about October so I think they're still planning to build a new stadium. Our facilities are already pretty amazing as you can see below, so I don't really mind if we focus on getting out of our tiny current ground.




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Wiener Sport-Club

Facilities - Manager Profile


Competitions - 

  • Admiral Bundesliga (1, 2) - Any hope of retaining the title was lost after our worst start to a season in the save, 8 points from the first 9 games left us sat 2nd bottom in the league and I was genuinely a little for my job. A strong run left us sat in 3rd before the league split and that form carried into the Championship group, ending the season in 2nd just 2 points off champions RB Salzburg. Kicking myself for not managing to pick points up early this year because I think we'd have ran away with it if we had a decent start.
  • Austrian FA Cup - 4 finals and 3 wins now in the last 5 years, really making this one our own! I've been using the FA Cup to give some of my younger players starts, Robert Kehl (34YP3) has really benefitted from this and is in with a genuine shout of being my starting keeper next season at the age of 16.
  • UEFA Champions League - Bit harder than the other ones isn't it! Just about scrapped into the knockout playoffs with a win over a Manchester United team that really didn't turn up.... Only to draw Manchester City in the playoff, managed a 2-2 draw in the home leg before heading off to the Etihad and a 34 year old Erling Haaland did what he does scoring 4 goals and dropping us out of the competition.
  • UEFA Youth League - The kids faired better, 7th place in the league phase and reaching the 2nd knockout round before losing to FC Andorra's U18 team.

Squad - Unlike previous years I don't have any worries about depth with the team now, if anything there's maybe a few too many players knocking about. I've tried to better utilise loans this year to make sure the kids are developing and getting real game time since my B team are down in the unplayable leagues. Could be a big turnover during the summer window if I can't convince a number of players that we're actually pretty good now.

Key Players

  • Róbert Svec (27YP10) - A slight change to the system really allowed Róbert to come into his own, our best player by a distance this year but I don't think I'll be able to keep hold of him for next since Premier League clubs are circling. 
  • Niklas Ambos (25 YP3)  - Fantastic in the league, rubbish in the cups. One of our earlier talents to come through and I think how far the squad has come is really showing with the fact that this guy didn't end up playing as often as he probably should have done. Topped 200 league appearances this season.

Youth Intake (Full View) - A couple of very good players, a handful that'll maybe develop into depth players and 7 or 8 that didn't have a future with the club. Overall pretty decent, some good personalities and the first South American to come through.

  • Sven Bettmer (35YP1) - A very good personality and not too far from the first team from the day he joined, I've big hopes for him. Shame about him only being child sized but you can't have it all I guess, finger crossed there's a growth spurt coming.

Transfers - I didn't plan on making any important sales this year but when Young Boys came in with £10m for my 2nd choice striker I couldn't justify rejecting it. Ellmer left for £1.5m too, he was one of the higher potential players we have but he'd just not developed and as 21 I can't see him coming good, especially with his casual personality, so I bit Mainz's hand off when they came in on deadline day.

Finances - The Champions League is alright isn't it. £44m in the bank so I think that's any money worries gone now, but on the off chance the board decide to build the new stadium they're mulling over out of gold I'll be keeping an eye on them.

Other - 

  • On the back of the influx of money I got the board to agree to an upgrade for the youth facilities so that leaves us with only 1 more to go until everything is maxxed out.
  • One of our former players, and record sale, Paul Daun was on the move again. Marseille fancied a new fullback and thought he was worth up to £114m, We'll end up with about £16m of this from the % of profit clause that was in the initial sale.
  • Florian Heimann (25 YP4) carried on finishing 2nd in things with it being the League, Golden Boot and Austrian Sports Magazine Player of the Year this time. He did manage to win the overall Austrian Player of the Year so maybe his luck is changing now. Somehow is still being almost completely ignored on the international front though.
  • Dominik Danneberg (29YP2) is throwing a bit of a wobbly because he wants to go play with a stronger squad but he's still got 4 years on his contract and is our best player so I've told him to suck it up. I think 2 players are on his side but the majority of the team are with me so I don't think that has a chance to spiral out of control.
  • The day after I made this update the board announced the new stadium, despite having secured funding for about half the total cost the board have taken the opportunity to take the full £28.5m out of the club. Not a bad price for 22k seats though, I'm hoping that can go up to 32k-37k fully expanded, only 2 years until we move in too!! I'm hoping we'll be Austria's best team by that point.


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New Stadium
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1 hour ago, Virtual Male said:

@kdavva74 really building some solid foundations, once your first years youth players break into the team you'll fly up the league.

My first year crop is looking pretty poor in comparison to my 2nd, 3rd and 4th year crops but we've only got 7-8 legacy players left at this point, plenty of guys who are 2.5-3* current ability. I think I might drop a little bit over the next couple of years but then should start really picking up momentum once the best guys now hit 20-21yo. Unfortunately after the sale of Oguz some more big Austrian clubs have started sniffing around my players, seems like we have a bit of a reputation now.

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Brønshøj Boldklub: Season 13: 35/36

Youth intake and updates: 

We had a great intake this year with good potential and personalities, I guess playing in the Superliga plays into this.



Schønning-Larsen looks fairly decent and with professional personality we should be able to make something of him.


Sørensen looks even better though and can play both as a winger and a striker so he fits very well into our system.


Last we have Zlatan, or well at least a Ibrahimovic and we could definetly use a defender with some potential to play in the Superliga.

We also got an upgrade to training and youth facilities with the money from playing in the top division, making things look more promising for the future


Season review:

We had kind of a poor start surprisingly FC Nordsjælland started off very poor as well and same with Esbjerg. This meant a very close race for avoiding the relegation spots. With 4 games to go we had 6 points down to FC Nordsjælland.



Unfortunately we lost our last 4 games though and FC Nordsjælland managed to get excactly 6 points so down we go... Oh well would have been nice to stay especially financially but maybe a season with lesser opponents can give a chance to play some younger players into the team. 

As a sidenote we were playing our matches at Brøndby Stadion so thats why I have stadium capacity at 29000. and we also got those numbers when playing Brøndby, which meant a nice amount of earnings from those games.



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Season Review 2036

Här gör "Henke" Larsson comeback

Table | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake

A dissapointing season where we struggle a bit to find a striker partnership as we wanted to give Måns the chance, he did okay but Tobias kept scoring on each chance, most likely we will need to find a way to let both play as Måns is developing really good. A good intake which saw us getting a new CM in our swedish-american Ryan Cross and some width on the left wing. To be able to develop our academy we will need a promotion thou. Hopefully Måns can give us that.

Top Scorer: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson 17 Goals | 20(6) Games

Most Assists: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson | 8 Assists | 20(6) Games

Best Average: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson | 7.64 Average | 20(6) Games

Top Prospect: (13-A)Måns Mellblom | 16 Goals | 4 Assists | 28(3) Games | 6.98 Average

Best Intake Prospect:  (14-A)Ryan Cross


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We've never been closer but draw Eastbourne which we never ever have beaten before in 19 years.

The match against Dag & Red was breathtaking. We were 0:2 in front in close match until the final minutes. My defense blacked out for like 7 minutes and Dag & red punished us on spot 2:2 and extra time. There we finished the job effortless.




@Cultured Left Foot congratulations big :applause:


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Am 10.9.2023 um 06:48 schrieb Virtual Male:

I'm surprised it's a nation that hasn't been completed yet tbh, there's a lot going for Austria, they're pretty high in the coefficients so they get plenty of places in Europe on top of that their youth rating is pretty high and game importance is high too. I didn't realise how well the nation was set up for this either, the top 2/3 clubs in the Bundesliga will be hard to displace though, they're spending crazy amounts on money in my save.

This is exactly the problem with my country.
Austria is underestimated and not really important for the European Football, because the country is too small (same with Switzerland).
But, Austria's Bundesliga is the 8th best in Europe .... hmmm 8 best, that's not bad.
Our National team is doing well in the qualification for the EC and I guess, most of you know Austrian players, but never recognised they are Austrians.
Alaba, Arnautovic, Sabitzer, Laimer, ...... They all play in big leagues in Europe. 

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Season Review 2037

Här gör "Henke" Larsson comeback

Table | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake

This season we showed a whole new level, winning the though games against the other top teams which we had issues with the other seasons. Måns Mellblom thanked for the confidence we have showed him by beaing an absolute unit upfront scoring for fun. Finding a role for Tobias Jonsson to be able to play next to Måns i also think were key for us as he grabbed 15 goals and 6 assists, Ryan Cross providing so many assists from the CM role were nice to see. Now we need to be prepared for a whole new level as IRL there is a big difference in the level of the organisations mostly between TIer 3 and 2. Hoping we can live on underestimation during the first season and hopefully turn the finances around so we can upgrade our academy for the first time in a long while. A okay intake, but you can start to see that we didnt upgrade for some time as they are not quite ready for first team straight of, hopefully in a while we see some of them feature.

Top Scorer: (13-A)Måns Mellblom 35 Goals | 29(0) Games

Most Assists: (14-A)Ryan Cross | 13 Assists | 31(0) Games

Best Average: (13-A)Måns Mellblom | 7.78 Average | 29(0) Games

Top Prospect: (13-A)Måns Mellblom | 35 Goals | 6 Assists | 29(0) Games | 7.78 Average

Best Intake Prospect:  (15-A)Olof Mellblom


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"Oh Captain my Captain our fearful trip is done. Our ship has weathered every rack, the price we sought is almost won." Earl of Grey

Season 19 - 42/43

Our U18s lost just one match, the one against the youth prospects. The season went well until the finish. We reached the relegation play offs first time in 19 years, 19 years (!) (What kind of manager am I?) and lost against Eastbourne in the semi finals and every other game against them in 19 years. Of course those are great achievements which took a lot of time and resources. We are still not ready to go up, surly next year has to be the year. The changes during the last years paid off, we cut wages and didn't expend every contract to every condition. That gave us the money to invest in the infrastructure. Junior coaching is exceptional now, plus we did receive an upgrade in youth recruitment and youth facilities which will be average in 4 months time.




On the pitch we improved again tactically playing a lot of games with a high press and counter press in 433 and 4231 DM shapes. The last intake and the intake before have been an improvement in quality. Samet Kaya a young (16) Turkish international (U21) is the best. He played some strong matches and at last gives us an option in Freekicks (11) we didn't had a good taker before. He already contributed 9 goals and 6 assists in his debut season. 



Sadly our long time captain Inih Sole will retire from semi-prof football at the age of 32. He captained our team in many years and lead the players with his fairly sporting nature, determination and work rate on and off the pitch. We will miss him, his attributes are still strong enough to play every game but clearly here is one who wants to finish top of his career. He missed 500 caps with 2 matches and scored 164 goals and gave 78 assists rating around 7 every damn season. A consistent and well rounded player mostly playing as IF(S). Goodbye dear friend. Despite having statistics like our beloved Rhys Platt he did not became a club icon even if well deserved.



"The Cavalry will strike again! We're determined to get up and will not give up." Earl of Grey

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Sesvete - Croatia Season 1 (Mid-Season)

Struggling to get time on the game still but trying to persevere with the save.

It's not without it's challenges:

  • Minimum of 3 players under 21 in the starting line-up
  • Can't play players under 17
  • I'm £258k in the red
  • Can't start a coaching course due to finances

However, I've somehow managed to climb to the top of the league by the mid-season break


Here's my intake preview for Season 1


I play a 4-2-4 wide counter attack with a false 9 so as far as the B and Cs are concerned it fits in fairly well (assuming the DMs can easily retrain to CM).

I'd say at the moment the biggest concern is the finances as I don't see where the money is going to come from as nearly all of my attendance is covered by season tickets (and the season ticket sales are at 417). It's the wages that are killing me and with the rules around not being able to field 15/16 year olds my usual approach of blooding the best youth at the expense of the more costly established players isn't going to work until at least season 2 at the earliest (depending on how many 16 year olds come through the intake and of course if they are any good).

Still it's nice to be back :)

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