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The FM23 Youth Academy Challenge

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I've been reading a bunch of this thread, but no way I can get through all 118 pages! Some really great careers on here.

I've been curious about a youth only save for a while now. I skipped FM23, but just recently started a FM22 one just to see if I like it. Posting updates in the Career Forum. Should I post short updates on this thread, or is this only for FM23?

I'm only just starting my second season, but here are some of my thoughts.

Can't wait to get some of my academy players into the first team, but don't want to rush them in before they are ready. On the other hand I'm afraid of the transition from the legacy players and how much the quality will drop off.

I also have a few questions.

Does hiring staff for the recruitment team (DOF, scouts) make any difference to the youth intake?

How much difference does it make having the club in a bigger city? Do you get better youth, or are they all taken by the larger clubs in that city?


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3 hours ago, DomD said:

I've been reading a bunch of this thread, but no way I can get through all 118 pages! Some really great careers on here.

I've been curious about a youth only save for a while now. I skipped FM23, but just recently started a FM22 one just to see if I like it. Posting updates in the Career Forum. Should I post short updates on this thread, or is this only for FM23?

I'm only just starting my second season, but here are some of my thoughts.

Can't wait to get some of my academy players into the first team, but don't want to rush them in before they are ready. On the other hand I'm afraid of the transition from the legacy players and how much the quality will drop off.

I also have a few questions.

Does hiring staff for the recruitment team (DOF, scouts) make any difference to the youth intake?

How much difference does it make having the club in a bigger city? Do you get better youth, or are they all taken by the larger clubs in that city?


You can post updates on this thread regardless of which version of FM you play on!

From my experience, usually it's better to take your lumps for a couple of seasons while playing the youth that (typically) are not up to scratch for that level. So long as you won't get sacked, it's always better to focus on the youth since they have a chance at playing at top division level, whereas most of the legacy players are not up to that standard and won't improve further.

Scouts don't make any difference to the intake, and the impact of staff (other than the HOYD) are minimal in terms of personality/ability of the intakes. The nationalities of youth coaches do affect the chances of getting foreign youth, but it's a small effect.

Population doesn't affect your intakes in terms of personality/ability, but some people believe that you're more likely to get foreign nationals if your club is based in large cities. So the theory is that a club based in London will get more youth with dual nationalities/foreign nationalities than one based in rural Lincolnshire. This YouTube video actually looked at some of that stuff recently.

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1 hour ago, The_Gato_In_Goal said:

You can post updates on this thread regardless of which version of FM you play on!

From my experience, usually it's better to take your lumps for a couple of seasons while playing the youth that (typically) are not up to scratch for that level. So long as you won't get sacked, it's always better to focus on the youth since they have a chance at playing at top division level, whereas most of the legacy players are not up to that standard and won't improve further.

Scouts don't make any difference to the intake, and the impact of staff (other than the HOYD) are minimal in terms of personality/ability of the intakes. The nationalities of youth coaches do affect the chances of getting foreign youth, but it's a small effect.

Population doesn't affect your intakes in terms of personality/ability, but some people believe that you're more likely to get foreign nationals if your club is based in large cities. So the theory is that a club based in London will get more youth with dual nationalities/foreign nationalities than one based in rural Lincolnshire. This YouTube video actually looked at some of that stuff recently.

Thanks for the excellent info!

I saw in someone's career updates that they were using affiliate clubs. Does having an affiliate, especially one from a different country, give you any benefit for youth intakes?

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1 hour ago, DomD said:

Thanks for the excellent info!

I saw in someone's career updates that they were using affiliate clubs. Does having an affiliate, especially one from a different country, give you any benefit for youth intakes?

It's unclear whether or not it improves your intake in terms of quality, but it is the single most effective way to get foreign players in your intakes. And for a save like this, most people enjoy the diversity since you can't go buying players. I had affiliate clubs in Japan, Australia, and France for the past few seasons and I've gotten 3 or so Japanese players, a couple Australians, and a French youth.

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Season review for 2023/24 in Serie C.
we win the title! I have no clue how we did it, but we finish the season with 86 points!

image.png.a85ab6781ff1f20cc00e1201ccd2354a.pngour intake was also amazing this season (for Serie C that is) Raimondo Delicato, the absolute monster, was the star of the intake, he also scored on his senior debut, 2 days after signing his contract with us!




(no transfers this season)image.thumb.png.a850e8d7e620f69e347fc126b65f4695.png

here's the squad!image.png.e37a1b26e2b5a142111244bd376bd67a.pngimage.png.2e32c7bb921711032b5e1ff5fe476563.png

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SV Austria Salzburg
Season 5 | 2027/28


2. Liga



A bit of a season that got away for us, we were genuinely fighting for promotion for two -thirds of the season and even led the league for a couple of weeks in November. However, we are still heavy reliant on the availability and/or form of a few key legacy players, especially our strikers, and when we copped some injuries and poor form from key guys in the second half of the season we really fell away. I am generally feeling a lot more optimistic about our promotion chances now, our young stars are still all on the up.



A pretty standard cup run for us - smack a Regionalliga team around in the first round, then get smacked around by a Bundesliga team in the second round.




We released a couple of long serving legacy players in Marco Hodl and Raffael Kogler as well as failed prospect Aleksandar Zivkovic, but no major transfers to speak of this season. Will probably need to look to sell players soon to keep funding our youth development.

Squad Stats


Best Eleven


GK: Manuel Kalman: Had probably his worst season yet unfortunately, in the second half of the season in particular he had a torrid run of form and probably single-handedly cost us a lot of points. I'm kind of desperate for a good goalkeeping prospect to show up in the intake as Kalman isn't getting any younger.
RB: Benedikt Erhard: Another consistently good season from Erhard, his production was down a bit on last season but once again having players like him holding down a defensive post is super helpful while my regen attackers come through.
CB: Matthias Theiner: Remarkably was his first season averaging less than 7 match rating in this save, as he approaches 30 his attributes are starting to decline which is why I'm giving more opportunities to my younger defenders. I still expect him to be a strong contributor for a few more seasons yet.
CB: Simon Bier (24C): Bier had been more of a backup prospect for a few seasons but I gave him more first team opportunity this season and he developed reasonably well, and didn't lower his colours in terms of performance. Definitely outperformed Hausberger and Sandmayr and has caused the former to be let go.
LB: Florian Wiedl: Wiedl is another player starting to approach the backend of his career but is still a consistent performer at left back, and provides some versatility as well.
DM: Soren Schutz (26A): The dimunitive playmaker is beginning to attract the attention of the likes of Austria Wien and Rapid Wien, he's developed beautifully in his second senior season and is genuinely one of the best playmakers in the country. His size means he usually plays more of a backseat role without imposing himself on the game.
DM: Grgica Kartelo (27D): Kartelo got an opportunity to play first team football and took it with both hands; his resolute personality has seen him improve in leaps and bounds as a footballer. One of the best debut seasons in this save yet, I rarely felt like playing a more experienced option like Schiedermeier would be beneficial.
RW: Christoph Deinhofer (26D): Another player who at times was being touted by Bundesliga clubs, Deinhofer and Strahinja Babic both trained really well and constantly pushed eachother for a starting spot. I'm hoping his on-field performances can start to catch up with his development, Deinhofer has basically been improving non-stop for 2 years in that regard.
LW: Ben Weiss (27B): I was in desperate need of some new blood on the left wing, so Ben got his opportunity early and I generally stuck with him over the course of the season instead of playing the departing Schwaighofer. He didn't have a great season in terms of rating, but I got glimpses of how damaging his speed and agility can be.
ST: Yannic Foschtl: Yannic's now on the precipice of becoming the club's all-time leading league goalscorer, and he deserves it. Incredibly valuable for this team, when he's not playing we really don't have any other good options.
ST: Din Rahmanovic: 18 goals in 22 games for Rahmanovic showed how lethal a goalscorer he can be on his day, and he was on-track to finish as the league's top scorer until he suffered a stress facture in April. Was no coincidence that our form completely well away after he went down.



Youth Development

Youth Intake


Our best intake yet! We picked up 5 top prospects including probably the best player we've ever produced.

Rene Balitsch (28A): This guy is the club's meal ticket, either he's going to drag us to promotion or his outgoing transfer is going to fund our youth development for the next 10 years. An aggressive beast even at his young age, I'm so excited to have a midfield partnership including the powerful Balitsch and the small but creative Schutz.
Josef Riedel (28B): Another great winger prospect, with a good personality as well. Due to his height and the fact we already have a number of options at right wing, I'm going to try developing him into a wing back option, I think he has the ability to play there.
Nedzad Alihodzic (28C): The unambitious personality will hinder his development but we needed left wing options and Alihodzic is one of two players in this intake I'll be trying as an inside forward alongside Ben Weiss. Has the speed and the flair required to do cool ****.
Michael Mayer (28D): Mayer is the inferior player to Alihodzic right now but I think he can develop far more, so over the off-season I'll be tossing up who I keep in the first team and who I send to the reserves.
Ljubo Jonjic (28E): Jonjic is more similar to Schutz in the first team than his compatriot Kartelo, a good playmaker without having much physicality. Might not be too involved in the first team early on but if I do sell Schutz or another centre mid it's good to know there's depth there.

Academy Players with First Team Minutes


Goalkeepers: nil
Defenders: Simon Bier (24C). Marcel Wagner (26C), Matej Lovric (26E), Benedict Bierlein (27C)
Midfielders: Enrico Muller (25A), Soren Schutz (26A), Ben Weiss (27B), Grgica Kartelo (27D)
Forwards: Strahinja Babic (24D), Christoph Deinhofer (26D), Alexander Bracher (27A), Michael Bonig (27I)

Academy Players Around The World


Goalkeepers: nil
Defenders: Adem Oguz (23A), Aleksandar Zivkovic (23B)
Midfielders: nil
Forwards: Bjorn Braun (23E), Moritz Dopatka (24B)

Finances & Facilities


The cost of our youth setup has outpaced the Austrian FA funding at this point, we will be cutting the wage budget slightly with the departure of some legacy players but what we probably need is to sell one of our young prospects, preferably a central midfielder or winger where we have a lot of depth.


No improvements to the facilities as a result of this financial squeeze, but to be fair they really are incredibly good for a club in the Austrian second division. The board is still looking for a new stadium but not sure we're going to have the funds to pull it off.




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Uruguay - Villa Teresa

2027 - Division 2 (season 5)

Season Summary

Finally! We started the season really well, winning the Torneo Competencia for the third time in a row!


That sent our morale sky high and we were able to ride the morale wave quite deep into the second divison regular, at one point being 5 points clear. The second half of the season was less good and our results were sporadic. It was in the middle of a poor run, during which we'd slipped to fourth in the regular table, I got the message we'd won promotion! I'd forgot about the combined table!





A similar preview to previous years, so difficult to tell if it's actually good or not! no As or Bs but a 5 star golden generation promised


The intake itself looks pretty good on paper




Still terrible, still around 400k in the red, so no upgrades at all. Looking at my youth intakes on the poor levels I currently have, any improvement should make a huge difference. as it is we're stuck in selling off our better prospects in the hope they get a big sell on in the future for us.

So far it's not worked! 

And, sadly, the top division in Uruguay isn't quite the honeypot the English Premier League is either!


I'm a bit frightened of Division 1 to be honest. We tend to get battered by the Division 1 clubs when we meet them in the Cup. I guess we'll have to see what happens!



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so... we were promoted again in Season 2..... and our 2nd top goalscorer in all comps (top scorer in the league) was the 17 year old CB with 16 goals....


the intake, but remember the levels, i only really have hope for one of themimage.thumb.png.b96108a5009e31ab3974250a38bf89a4.png

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14 minutes ago, Virtual Male said:

@kdavva74Rene Balitsch looks like he could be a player to build around for the future!

@pan_panic Couldn't have asked for a better start could you really. I'm sure your set pieces will get you points in the Serie A nest season, especially since you seem to have a pretty solid defence too.

our defense has fallen apart a bit, but we are currently on course to stay up midway through december, somehow we got a win over Milan too! (trying to forget about the 7-1 loss to Roma)

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Wiener Sport-Club



Competitions - 

  • Admiral Budesliga (1, 2) - It went right down to the wire this year. At the league spilt the top 4 had got a gap on the rest of the league and over the championship group both Austria Wein and SK Rapid dropped off the pace leaving just us and RB Salzburg fighting it out. Despite only dropping 2 points after the league split we went into the last game of the season, against RB Salzburg, with only a 1 point advantage and knew it was a must win, and win we did! An early goal settled the nerves and we sealed it in the 2nd half to confirm the 2nd league title of my reign.
  • Austrian FA Cup - A fairly straight forward run to the final this year where we beat one of our city rivals on penalties after spending 120 minutes trying our hardest to not score a goal despite having some of the easiest chances I've seen in a long time.
  • UEFA Champions League - Bit rough this one isn't it. Got through the qualifiers pretty easily and got what I thought to be a decent draw for the league stage with some winnable games against some smaller teams. We lost the games I was hoping to be competitive in against Getafe, Celtic, Braga and Dynamo Kyiv so that's not ideal but we somehow managed wins against PSG, Lyon and RB Leipzig leaving us on 9 points and making it into the knockout playoff round. We drew Serie A champions Inter and we may as well have not shown up if in honest, the difference was massive and they sent us packing 5-1 on aggregate.

Squad - On the whole the squad is looking very good now and the challenges are starting to move away from plugging gaps that haven't got a developed player and more towards retaining the talent that I have now. I think I'm going to have to start renewing contracts for my key players every 6/12 months when possible to try to avoid teams coming in for them and making them kick up a fuss.

Key Players

  • Fabio Kopp (27YP9) - The most important player this season for me. 15 goals and 13 assists in 28 starts and off the wing too! He's been a solid player for us for a few years now and somehow has never had any interest shown from other teams or been anywhere near a full international cap.
  • Florian Heimann (25 YP4) - The yearly update on him at this point. 30 league goals, 38 in all competitions. He's retained Austrian Player of the year (first player to do so since David Alba), came 2nd in the European Golden Boot and won pretty much everything else he could. He's the clubs all time top scorer now too with 172 league goals and I can't see him slowing down any time soon unless someone from this years intake can push him out.

Youth Intake (Full View) - A good intake again with a nice number of players that look like they could move into the first team eventually. Some new nationalities too, shame they look like they might be a bit rubbish but they've got a contract anyway in the hope my staff have just got it wrong.

  • Tobias Bierofka (36YP1) - Apparently has the potential to be a star and significantly better than Heimann. Already has decent physical and mental stats, the technicals are woeful though so lots of work to be done here.

Transfers - Another big season, we lost Dominik Danneberg (29YP2) for £35m, I'd really rather have kept him but he had a real tantrum and the whole team started falling out over it so off to Ukraine he went, there's a 50% of profit clause because I imagine he'll be off to one of the big leagues in a year of two and I think it'll be for a big fee unless he runs his deal down. Róbert Svec (27YP10) left too, don't know why he isn't on the transfer history but West Ham came in with £22.5m and the board accepted on my behalf, then used the fees to pay off the loans taken to build a new stadium in full.

Finances - The clubs at a point now where money isn't and issue, there's only 1 more youth facility upgrade possible and the option hasn't popped up for me yet.


  • We had players in the league Team of the Season  for the first time in the save this year, interesting since we won the league year before last but apparently none of our team were good enough to make it then.
  •  The team won Best Team in Austria too, don't know what this award is but it can't be a bad thig right.


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If you'd like to follow along in more detail, this is a series on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/c/CulturedLeftFoot






Season 34 was another belter. We didn't do quite as well in the League, but we did secure back to back League Cups and had quite the run in the Europa League !


First up, the League....

8th place was a little disappointing given where we had been previously. But we are in a rebuild of the first team squad.



but the Europa League was where we had our ever so close moment just losing out in the final to Newcastle!



And it was an amazing run to get there, including a fabulous win over Bayern Munich!!



Our young superstar Phil Carney picked up a number of accolades along the way.






And we won the League Cup again too !!



And not only that but our youngsters had a good season, winning the U21s Div 3 title.



And the U18s only just lost in the Youth League Final on penalties to Inter Milan



The future is looking good and the board wanted to keep it that way !




All in all, a season to be proud of with a domestic cup, a great run in Europe where we were ever so close and some more reinvestment in the future of this club !


Onto Season 35 !




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2034, Fijian Premier League

I finished 2nd in almost everything. Lost the Champions vs Champions to Rewa. Lost the Champions League Final to Eastern Suburbs. Lost the FA Cup Final to Lautoka. Lost the Battle of the Giants Final to Lautoka. Finished 2nd in the League to Rewa. We did find a way to win the Interdistrict Championship.


So, Champions League. We were again so close to finishing this challenge. We actually got put in the same group as the heavy favorite Auckland City and we trounced them. I thought things were looking up. Then they went out in the semis to Eastern Suburbs. I assumed Eastern Suburbs were good but I was hopeful. We conceded a goal at 4'. Ugh. Then we got a red card at 19'. Refs are clearly giving the game to the New Zealanders. But we actually battled back and equalized at 31'. And we played well for a good long chunk of the game until they got back to back goals at 69' and 71'. We did get a consolation goal at 90+3 and another red card at 90+5. Ugh. Ugh.



I'll put the rest of the results up.




But we did get perhaps the best set of youths since I've started this. I'm sure they are absolutely the best set of players I've ever generated but (relatively) the 28'ers might the best.


Here is Mohammed Prasad and Prashant Singh who immediately are starters (actually there are 2 or 3 more immediate starters as well).



No major losses out luckily. The first three to leave hit my depth. They all would have played some but none were starters. And I'm not sure if Luke Khan ever got a game for me, despite his name (my star right back is named Luke Khan too). (I actually now have 3 Mohammed Singh's - 2 left backs and a center back). The vultures were out circling my National Team GK Manasa Chand so he might be the next to go. I'm hoping my reputation (3rd in Fji now) will help with the defections.




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48 minutes ago, jstu9 said:


2035, Fiji

Challenge Completed!!!!!





As stated in the first message, I used a database pack in order to play Fiji. Also, there is no pro/rel under the Lower Divisions (2nd tier) so Lami was the team with the worst record when I took over. @darren1983

But other than that, I somehow completed the challenge!!!


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SV Austria Salzburg
Season 6 | 2028/29


2. Liga



Death, taxes and Austria Salzburg finishing seventh. It was an odd season for us, with some really poor runs of form where we kept losing by a goal or two accompanied by dealing out some absolute drubbings, include smacking around eventual champions SV Ried 5-1 in our last home game of the season. We finished with the second most goals scored and the third highest goal difference in the league, which I think gives a good account of our level, once we can build some more consistency. We're starting to see a bit of stability now with our some of our earliest academy players hitting 19/20, so hopefully we can make good on our promise and have a proper tilt at promotion next season.



We reached the secound round of the cup again and got our second Salzburg Derby of the save, going down 3-1 to a side that has won the Austrian Bundesliga 15 times in a row. I guess when you put it in that perspective it doesn't sound too bad.




With our squad boasting a lot of young talent on the wings and in defensive midfield, and with our finances looking a bit shaky due to increased spending on the youth set-up, I made the decision to let a couple of first team youngsters leave the club on large outlays, and with significant sell-on clauses attached as well. Both Soren Schutz (26A) and Christoph Deinhofer (26D) had pushed to leave the club and I decided against potentially unsettling the squad by keeping them around, with both players leaving for heavyweights Austria Wien. I was happy with the fees we got for them, and it opened up increased opportunities for some of last intake's most promising players.

Squad Stats


Best Eleven


GK: Manuel Kalman: Had a much better season than last year, and kept a career-high 12 clean sheets in our campaign. Turning 34 in June, by no means past it as a keeper but I'm still desperate for his successor to emerge.
RB: Benedikt Erhard: Enjoying the prime of his career now, had another season with plenty of assist contributions and his best average rating yet. He's still got a lot of football left to give to this club which is fantastic because he'll be crucial to any promotion tilt.
CB: Simon Bier (24C): He's quietly become one of my favourite and most reliable players; didn't start off as an instant first team player but has developed into a good honest centre back and has cemented himself into my starting line-up, fantastic season for him.
CB: Mathias Theiner: Probably past his peak now, but still a serviceable centre back alongside Bier. We'll hope to get a couple more solid seasons out of him before he really starts to decline.
LB: Marcel Wagner (26C): After mainly picking up minutes off the bench for the last couple of seasons, I gave Wagner a lot more gametime to see if he could replace Florian Wiedl and although he could be average at times, he did still outperform his much older teammate. May have to fight to keep his spot with a couple of young left backs looking for minutes as well.
DM: Rene Balitsch (28A): Balitsch's season was summed up in his opening two games; in his club debut he scored a wonderful free kick to become the club and the OFB Cup's youngest ever goalscorer, and then in his league debut he got sent off within half an hour. Finished with 3 red cards for a season so he definitely has a mean streak but he is an outstanding prospect that is developing into a physical beast, I expect the mental and technical side of his game to come along very strongly as well.
DM: Grgica Kartelo (27D): Compared to Balitsch or the outgoing Soren Schutz, Kartelo is a much more understated midfielder but his strong mentality and his decision-making allows him to play a pretty important role in my setup. Rarely outstanding, but rarely poor, I enjoy his consistency.
RW: Strahinja Babic (24D): With Deinhofer out of the picture, Babic enjoyed long spells as the undisputed starter out there on the right wing and started the season superbly. But towards the end of the campaign, he dropped off a lot and Joseph Riedel from last year's intake performed really well when he got the call-up, so Babic will need to up his game.
LW: Ben Weiss (27B): Massive improvement on performance from Ben, he's become a real headache for opposition fullbacks as expected, and he's developing nicely as a prospect as well.
ST: Yannic Foschtl: After a really slow start where he couldn't buy a goal, Foschtl was lethal after the winter break and finished with 15 league goals to continue a remarkable run of consistency - he's scored 15, 15, 14 and 15 in the last four league campaigns. Also became the club's all-time leading scorer which is a well-deserved accolade.
ST: Din Rahmanovic: Din was well down on his return last season where he bagged 18 in 22, so 12 goals in 30 appearances was a bit disappointing for him. He's never going to be a particularly well-rounded striker, I did try Alexander Brascher in his spot a couple of times to varying degrees of success, but I'd like a decent striker to come through my youth intake soon.



Youth Development

Youth Intake


Frankly a pretty poor youth intake, with no 'ready-to-go' prospects, so I mainly focused on trying to pick up players I thought had the mental capacity to improve without having to pump games into them.

Wolfgang Beckers (29A): A resolute right back, I'd like him to work on his quickness before I think he'll be ready to challenge for a spot but his professionalism should see him develop quickly.
Benjamin Kaminski (29B): A dimunitive but technically sound midfielder, I've given him a chance due to the prior success of the even shorter Soren Schutz but I do fear Kaminski's physicality or lack thereof is going to hold him back considerably.
Mathis Hartmann (29C): Not a massive fan of his workrate, and he's going to be relentlessly trained on his quickness, but he might become a goalscoring option for us.
Marc Salz (29D): Saw enough in his attributes to give him a speculative longshot.
Timo Brand (29E): Signed as goalkeeping depth.

Academy Players in the FIrst Team Squad


Some notable players not included in best eleven listed earlier in the post:

Josef Riedel (28B): Largely had a developmental role trying to learn how to play as a wing back, but he did get a shot in the first team late in the season at right wing after Babic dropped off and he did really well, so is definitely gunning for a bigger role in 2029/30.
Alexander Bracher (27A): Had a big improvement in average ratings from his debut season, I'm not sure if he'll ever truly be good enough to start at either defensive midfielder or striker consistently, but he has shown he can play reasonably well in either role.
Ljubo Jonjic (28E): Pretty frail for a defensive midfielder who can play centre back, but he is a fantastic passer and played a lot of minutes off the bench. Still very early days in his Austria Salzburg career, and I do enjoy having a couple of Croats in my midfield.
Michael Mayer (28D): As far as debut seasons for a winger go in this save, Mayer's was pretty respectable. Weiss is definitely the main guy on the left hand side but whenever he wasn't available, Mayer could step up with a few great performances scattered in there.

Ex-Academy Players Around The World


Finances & Facilities


As you can see, without those two transfers at the start of the season we'd be in the red by now. Our spending has tapered off for the time being, with no upgrades to our facilities, and our board is still looking for that new stadium site. I'm going to try and not have to sell anybody this off-season though, I think given the chance to gel and develop again next season we can make some serious inroads with this squad.




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NK Sesvete - Season 1 (CRO)

First season finally completed and what a heartbreaker it was.

At the mid-season break I was top of the league and whilst I hovered around there I lost to the 1-91 favourites Varazdin 3 times out of 3 and that cost me dearly.

On the final day the league standings were as follows:


I was away to Cibalia with a W1 D0 L1 record against them at this point whilst Varazdin were at home to 7th placed Orijent. As you can se my goal difference was far superior to Varazdin but this league separates teams based on results between the teams (I had lost 3-2, 2-0 and 3-2), so I needed to better Varazdin's result and as you can tell from the opening line I didn't manage it despite an impressive 3-1 away win to third place Cibalia:


So its another season in the bottom league and still having the restrictions around U21 players (which will be more difficult as some who are currently U21 won't be next year and there are only two players currently at the club who will now be eligible next year as they are 17 or over at some stage during next season and they aren't great).

Best XI


Youth Intake











Transfers Evidence



As mentioned before Jammeh was agreed before I took over, here he is in the U19s, listed and not played all season:


I haven't been able to do one coaching course as we have never been out of the red (despite numerous cash injections) and one of my key players wants to leave at the end of his contract next season.

It probably would have been too early to get promoted but its never nice to lose out like this but maybe in the long run it will be for the best to allow some of the youth players to develop (when I can actually play them!)

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Uruguay - Villa Teresa

Division 1 - 2028 (season 6)

Season Summary

A frustrating season. We started well enough, and were mid-table after the opening stage, but 1 win in the final 22 games meant relegation was a mere formality in the end. We're an absolute mile away from the level of the top sides in Uruguay




Another nice preview and intake


but again, no superstars look inbound but three elite talents isn't too shabby. they'll get there chance sooner rather than later given the current state of our squad as well


Finances and Upgrades

So the top division has no money either, so we're still hugely in debt. But for some reason the board allowed me an upgrade! maybe as a nice reward for getting to the top division? Who knows, but hopefully it makes a meaningful difference to our youth intakes!




So, back to Division 2 it is. Hopefully it's easier to get out of than it was first time round.


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FC United

Season 7- 2030/31




First news of the new season was: the stadium will be expanded by 1500 seats




And the club plans as well to expand the youth level from 4 to 3. Nice!

I managed to convice our goalkeeper Lavercomb to add one more year to his career. Hopefully this year is what our young goalkeepers need.


The season itself was unspectacular. Early outs in the cups, many draws in the league. But never in real danger to get relegated. Not really settling down on a set of tactics, much experimenting - not sure if going for counter is better than trying to play more forward here for us.

The finances don't look good at all - from the beginning I was not sure if the expansion of the stadium was a good idea, and now I can only hope that this will not cause big problems soon. 

Sad news at the end: our best striker Owen-Bird 26B will leave us. I was not able to convince him to sign a new contract. And Lavercombe as well, our GK for the last 7 years. And Grifiths, captain and main force in the central midfield . It will be a transitional year, where i can only hope that a young goalkeeper and a young striker will step up.

But some other youngsters are luckily after this year on the verge of becoming star players for us. Most notably:


Johnson 27C




Dosso 27G




















Youth Candidates

Amazing intake in terms of possible talent again, but not as good personality-wise as the 2030 one. Anyway a very good sign for the future, especially since this time many promising defenders and goalkeepers.






I like especially Akpala 31H




and Ochoa 31G - Sadly low determination




Still no chance to get a better HOYD btw. Probably have to wait until I am in a higher league




Youth Team

The U18 won its league, again. But this time it was close. They are a league higher up now 





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Season Review 2038

Här gör "Henke" Larsson comeback

Table | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake

We started up great winning the first 3 games and looked like we belonged here. But we quickly got down to earth as the rest of the season where a big struggle. We were never that close to automatic relegation but spent most time in the relegation playoff zone, and we failed to go above it which meant we had to beat Lund in a two match leg. Here we showed some class and we remain in the second tier. Just being here gives us around 850k euro per season which meant that we finally managed to upgrade JC and YR as well as upgrading our training facility for the first time! This will be huge for us in the long run. We will have a hard time keeping Mellblom thou as teams are making offers and he has made it clear that he will not sign a new contract so we have maximum one more year with him. We also lost Ryan Cross during the season because the board accepted a offer which included a loan back but we sent him to the reserves for the remainder of the season. The intake were okay, Richard Jonsson has a lot of stars but his stats are not quite in the places i want them, good pesonality thou so will make him develop with us.

Top Scorer: (13-A)Måns Mellblom 18 Goals | 30(1) Games

Most Assists: (11-A)Pontus Burakowsky-Hagsell | 6 Assists | 23(1) Games

Best Average: (13-A)Måns Mellblom | 7.12 Average | 30(1) Games

Top Prospect: (13-A)Måns Mellblom | 18 Goals | 5 Assists | 30(1) Games | 7.12 Average

Best Intake Prospect:  (16-A)Richard Jonsson



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Season Review 2039

Här gör "Henke" Larsson comeback

Table | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake

We lost Mellblom before the season started to AIK when the board decided that 92k where enough for him, bit sour as i could have gotten more if i were allowed to negotiate it. This of course made us have very low expectations on the season as our other options where far from his level. We started with 4 straight wins thou but i kept thinking about watching the bottom of the table. And we ended up having a super tough season, not on the goalscoring but we conceded the most in the league. Relegation playoff where a reality once again. This time against Skiljebo which is a team i never heard of, but i will for sure remember as they beat us with a total of 6-4 and we are sadly relegated 

Top Scorer: (10-B)Olle Edvardsson 18 Goals | 32(0) Games

Most Assists: (13-B)Ahmad Hamou | 6 Assists | 28(0) Games

Best Average: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson | 7.04 Average | 29(0) Games

Top Prospect: (13-B)Ahmad Hamou | 2 Goals | 6 Assists | 28(0) Games | 6.80 Average

Best Intake Prospect:  (17-A)Andreas Åström



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So I decided to try this challenge at the start of this FM. And it almost broke me and my will to play the video game, which I actually did for about 3 months. Now... I got back to trying like a month ago and on my 5th attempt I managed to stay up in Romanian's 1st tier. Context: money are hard to come by in Romanian's 2nd tier (read that as you have no money) and the TV revenue in the 1st league you only get from the 2nd season onwards because it makes sense I guess so the play is really just create a save point at the start and then restart until you achieve this. Then it should be easy.

Now let's stop wasting time. The team: Bucovina Rădăuți. The reason: I was born in the Bucovina region and I thought there is some special connection there. I was right cuz with any other team I would have just give up and look elsewhere.


(in most, if not all of the in game photos there will be the old, yellow badge. at some point
I will change it. maybe. I do not make promises I am not sure I will keep)

Short summary so far:
Season 0 - Save scum a promotion for Bucovina Rădăuți
Season 1 - Writing this out of memory cuz I never expected this save to be the one
>Easy promotion, we blasted our way in the regular season and a bit of a scare in playoffs due to a bit too many draws
>Lost 3-1 away to Poli Iasi which ruined an invincible
>Intake was lacking at best, only 2 players worth mentioning at that time, in the end I do not think they will be anything more than emergency backups
>Got National C licence and I think I also started for National B, if not then it happened at the very start of S2
>No upgrades of any kind to the facilities 
Season 2 - And so it begins
>Highly expected to drop straight down as it happened in the past
>A bit of background: this is the 5th time starting from scratch, 2 of them were mid table finishes in 2nd league, other 2 were promotions followed instantly by relegation. 5th time lucky as they say
>Youth intake was better this time, 4 players straight in the 1st team (mainly due to a lack of general personnel)
>Got National B licence
>Yet again no facilities improvement of any kind 

Season 3 - Smash your head against a wall and something will crack eventually. In rare cases the wall. This season the wall lost
>Europe baby. How bad can it be... (foreshadowing?!)
>I feel like I consumed most of my luck in this season, there were quite a bit more FMs than the average, mostly in the Europe Playoffs. There is a rule in Romania. The short version is: after all team play eachother twice the teams split into champions and relegation group (6 and 10 teams respectively, with the points halfed from the regular season). Then the 1st and 2nd place in the relegation group play a game. The winner plays against 3rd or 4th from the champions group (based on who won the cup) and the winner of this game gets to play in Europa Conference League. We were the team this time.
>Youth intake was questionable at best, a few squad options here and there and a new HOYD hired
>Got National C licence
>Board decided to build a new stadium which could spell not so great times ahead 

Season 4 - The current one. Updates will come when it is over (for now I am in January with a golden generation of youth lined up).


---Relevant pictures from the first 3 seasons---




Notable youth players:








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I posted previously my Champions League victory, but I decided to complete the season. So here is the rest of the season and my wrap-up to my career here. (Now I can actually start signing players and trying to destroy my evil rivals).


All of those trophies were won by me and I expect that is the most trophies I have ever won in any save ever. (I actually did just complete a Journeyman save where I won my first EPL and Champions League which actually might come close though). I never won the FA Cup, I think that is the only trophy I never won.

I actually started out in the League pretty poorly. I began 1-1-2 primarily because I was concentrating on the Champions League. I lost two games when I fully rotated my squad. Actually I got bumped out of the FA Cup for pretty much the same reason. However, once the Champions League was over, we finished 9-1-0 in the League to win the League for the 3rd time. We lost in the SF of the Battle of the Giants and the Finals of the Interdistrict Championship to Suva. Grr, Oh well, at least I have won those in the past.




Again we lost a few players over the season. Losing Ravuiwasa to evil Lautoka and followed up closely by losing Koro was not nice. Ravuiwasa was the starter at right wing, and Koro was pretty much my number 1 backup at right wing and striker.


Not that I will ever use any of these guys aside from the few games they played at the end of the season, but those first 3 look like they could be really good players. Prasad and Lal instantly become the backup at those positions and Isikeli Chand might just be one of the better center backs I've had.


I would guess a large number of my players have received a Fiji call-up (either full national or one of the youth teams). I'm not sure if this is my record but I had 23 players called up in March.


Obviously, the national teams rosters vary from call-up to call-up, but this was in early April. Basically everyone under 23 (minus 2) came from my youth setup. Not all of them are still with me though sadly. And sadly I just looked, that 23 yo DC Mosese Khan has retired. He was out of a club this past season. I was SO tempted to sign him, I think he likely was the best center back I ever developed. But he left for Lautoka and he movved to Rewa at some point.... and then never re-signed anywhere. I suspect he was just too expensive to sign and there are literally 3 teams that might be able to afford him (Rewa, Lautoka and Suva... well me I guess now).


I think this is an accurate list of all of the players I produced that got at least 1 cap for the full National Team of Fiji.



My Best 11 (though I have no idea why the stats aren't accurate)...


These should be pretty accurate. Top 20 in competitive games played for me. Only one legacy player made it on the list. Then Goals and Assists over 10+.


If you're curious, Semesa Ali is in Australia playing for Western United FC, he has 51 apps and 20 goals (worth 160k to $1.6M) with them. Pretty much everybody else on these lists that aren't on my team are with Rewa, Lautoka or Suva. Or retired. And it always bothers me when they score on me (shakes fist at Penaia Naicker 29d). Rewa currently has Mohammed Chand, Emosi Quilevu, Simione Narayan and Netani Koro. Lautoka currently has Penaia Naicker, Andrew Ravouvou, and Shoheel Ravuiwasa. Suva has Joeli Kumar, Rishal Naidu, Sterling Apenisa Anare, and Seremaia Naicker. Some of those guys might not make the lists above but they would have.

Then my head-to-head records in all competitive games against the teams in Fiji (well the teams I faced when I reached the Premier League tho I included the games in the Lower Division)



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Barbados YAC: Road View FC

2034 Season 12 – BFA Digicel Premier League

Start Post | Season 1 |Season 2 | Season 3 | Season 4 | Season 5 | Season 6 |Season 7 | Season 8 | Season 9 | Season 10 |Season 11 |


League Performance:


Cup Performance:

 We finally got the Cup back, so will see ourselves in the NACL in 2 years


Reserve & U18s:

 Won both leagues again.


 Forgot to take the regular screenshot, so don't have performance stats but here's my CA Calculator spreadsheet:





Best XI:

FM Screenshots:




  Excel Tables:


Head Coach:

 First MLS club to approach me for a job. We get 2-3 Trinadad or Jamaican clubs a year looking to hire me


Club Improvements:

Before the season started we finished our new stadium, which has a very respectable 6.9k capacity, and it generates us some serious revenue when we get close to selling it out:



We hit 2* Rep now!! That means affiliates are possible (usually). With the money I've also uped Youth Recruitment



Youth Academy:




Youth Intake Preview:


Youth Intake:


Top 3 Players:

The top 4 players are fantastic for a still semi-pro club with bare-bones infrastructure
First, we have a new attacking WB-L:

A player who will retrain as a DM-D


And most excitingly a true Target Man Forward! This is perfect as our top 3 Strikers right now are all AF type players and with his either-footed he will fill the STCL role perfectly. Yes his personality isn’t great, but its manageable.


Then in 4th I get a penalty specialist CAM, who I really wish had better passing then he’d be great as a playmaker.


Excel Tables: image.thumb.png.890eb5c7a394b103d10ccdd6813a147c.png


Barbados National Team:

Not much to say. 2033 was a year of friendlies, and the coach picked very easy nations so at least we got wins? Then in 2034 we are in our nations league group with about the same caliber of teams. We will see if they can keep up the performance to get promoted back up after that relegation.




Road View Internationals:

Barbados Main:


Barbados Youth:


Barbadian’s Around the World:

English Academy Players:

No new

MLS Academy Players:

No New

Caribbean Academy Players:

2 new Jamaican and 1 Trinidad generated Barbadians this Summer. Still haven’t seen my Arsenal boy appear


Other Nations:


Caribbean International Performance:

World Cup:

Cuba is the only Caribbean nation to qualify for the World Cup, and they got smashed in the group stage:


For CONCACAF USA made it to the 3rd ground where Croatia dispatched them 2-0.


In the end Croatia lost to France on penalty kicks, so its not an embarrassing exit.



I will have continental matches again finally! I've been traveling so haven't had much time to play the save, might take me another week or so to test my new players against some real competition in the NACL. Financially, I have to say this new little stadium is one of the best returns on stadium investment I've ever had. In 1 year its already more than 100% paid off, and will be critical for us building the bank balance to go professional. Wild we are still on non-contracts 13 years into the save...




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Finally got into a groove and my laptop craps out. Will try to update if/when I can get going again but don’t think I will be able to complete the challenge before FM24 comes out. Sucks too because I was absolutely flying along (made it to the UECL in 2027 and had some world class players coming through my youth intakes). 

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@jstu9 it is how I denote I am including the Weak Foot bonus to Current Ability. The reason I calculate it both ways is how massive of a Current Ability boost WF can give to certain positions. Weak Foot is on a scale of 1-20 like every other attribute even though it shows up as a description in game.


Then like every other ability variable Weak Foot has different weights for each position. You'll notice that for the attackers it will massively inflate the Current ability if the player is either footed.


That is why you'll see a 10+ CA boost to some attackers, which is massive when you consider all my players are 60-75 CA.


I attached my current CA file, which is admittedly a mess and could use some serious revision. "CalcSheet" is where all the math happens for the CA calculations. Then "international" is where I've been building up the newer tables on player career performances. Spreadsheet has a 99 Player Max.

Also included the view if anyone wants to use it. Just export as html and save use the same naming convention I have for "Team-YEAR" and "YA-YEAR". Make sure to delete all my years first.

Road-View CA Calculations v4b.xlsx WhiteCatStats - CA Calculator.fmf

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1 hour ago, WhiteCat33 said:

@jstu9 it is how I denote I am including the Weak Foot bonus to Current Ability. The reason I calculate it both ways is how massive of a Current Ability boost WF can give to certain positions. Weak Foot is on a scale of 1-20 like every other attribute even though it shows up as a description in game.

Oh wow, that's cool. Thank you for the explanation. I'm going to go explore your sheets now.

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7 hours ago, DazRTaylor said:


Who is going to do this in Japan in FM24?  For those who haven’t realised yet, SI have got the licence for the J League so will make its debut.

I've already been looking at the JFL (fourth tier) for which club I want to take over.

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Season Review 2040

Här gör "Henke" Larsson comeback

Table | Transfers | Finance | Facilities | Youth Intake

Since the relegation a couple of key players wanted to leave but the only one we got a decent offer for where our top prospect Hamaou which we decided to sell, Our LD we also accepted a offer from the league below but he refused it. We are gonna lose or LD and GK now thou as their contracts run out and they refuse new ones. But the season went above expectations. I Thought this would be a 2 season journey back to tier 2 and the fact we almost made playoff first season is good. The intake start to show more promise since the upgrades. A new GK is perfect as we will lose the first choice and he is just about as good but 9 years younger. Got a decent CD also who will get some playing time. What we still lack is a good striker to carry us up, hoping for the next intake.

Top Scorer: (10-B)Olle Edvardsson 23 Goals | 31(0) Games

Most Assists: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson | 9 Assists | 26(3) Games

Best Average: (06-A)Tobias Jonsson | 7.58 Average | 26(3) Games

Top Prospect: (18-A)Tom Engström | 8 Conceded | 0 Clean sheets | 2(0) Games | 6.75 Average

Best Intake Prospect:  (18-A)Tom Engström


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Wiener Sport-Club



Competitions - 

  • Admiral Bundesliga (1, 2) - It was never even close this season, we hit the top after 4 games and ran away from the rest of the league finishing 20 points clear and undefeated!!
  • Austrian FA Cup - We may as well just keep this in the trophy cabinet at this point, 3 in a row.
  • UEFA Champions League - The draw for our games left us facing 2 teams that have previously knocked us out of this competition as well as last seasons winners Aston Villa. It didn't start well with a 3-0 loss to Chelsea, after that we wont the games we should have against Dynamo Kyiv, PSV Eindhoven & Maccabi Haifa, managed a surprise win against Atlético de Madrid and got draws against Inter Milan, Aston Villa and FC Porto. All of this left us with 15 points and 10th place in the League Phase, missing out on the top 8 by 1 goal. Juventus in the knock-out playoff were tough but a monumental home performance saw us advance to the last 16 for the first time in the clubs history. A 2-2 draw in the home leg left me hopeful we might actually get something from the tie, a 5-1 loss at Old Trafford brought me back down to earth and made me realise that we are still a long way away from even being close to being considered as an outsider. 

Squad - There's a good spread of ages now and I think it really showed with some of the results we managed to grind out that I think we would have lost in previous seasons. A lot of talent coming through too, giving everyone the playing time they need is starting to be an issue though, not helped by only being able to have 10 loans out in a season.

Key Players

  • Ivo Cosic (31YP5) - 25 goal contributions in 24 league games and by far his best season since he broke through, I forget he's still only 21 since he's been around the first team for so many years now.
  • Niklas Ambos (25 YP3) - Mr. Dependable, didn't play a huge number of games in the league this season but when he did he came up big, played a massive role in the cup win and in Europe too, Got his first cap for Austria as well, which was long overdue but I'm biased.

Youth Intake (Full View) - Some really good personalities again this year and new flags too! If they develop right I think the majority of these guys could play a part in the first team in a few years.

  • Mu Qing (37YP2) - Probably not actually the best of the crop this year but I'm a sucker for an unusual nationality and I don't think he's that far from the ability of the CB's for the China national team.

Transfers - Lots of money in again, no-one who went out was a massive loss since they had replacements lined up already and in the case of Popovic was moved on so his replacement could take his game time. 

Finances - £140m or so in the bank now... I'd struggle to get into trouble at this point I think.

Other - 

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SV Austria Salzburg
Season 7 | 2029/30


2. Liga



Our best ever season in terms of finishing position, points and proximity to promotion. In the back stretch of the season we sadly weren't able to string enough results together and SV Lafnitz made very few mistakes on their way to the title. A great scoring season for us spearheaded by league golden boot Yannic Foschtl, and we had a pretty stable back four albeit with a poor keeper behind them. Hopefully we can get the jump on Grazer AK and whoever comes down from the Bundesliga next season.



Bucked the trend of our usual second round exits in the Cup after we pulled off an amazing upset victory over Bundesliga side SKN St Polten, in their stadium no less. Unfortunately we couldn't replicate the giant-killing at home to SV Ried in the third round.




I said I wanted to avoid selling key players but I couldn't help trying to strike good deals for players I thought I could replace. After putting a lot of time into him I decided to let Enrico Muller (25A) leave on a free to Floridsdorfer. Then our first foreign suitors came in for a player, with Schalke 04 taking an interest in Ben Weiss (27B). I decided to let him go due to some good depth behind him. Then in January, it was a familiar face knocking on the door with Austria Wien, who seem to be keeping tabs on how our players develop. They paid 1.4m for Ljubo Jonjic (28E), which was honestly a bit surprising considering he hadn't even broken into my first team yet.

Squad Stats


Best Eleven


GK: Manuel Kalman: Definitely benefitting from an improved back four, he's starting to decline at a rapid rate as a goalkeeper, but still no viable heir has emerged.
RB: Benedikt Erhard: Started the season really well with 8 assists before the winter break, but he became a defensive liability at times in the second half of the season. I still have a lot of trust in his ability though. Been captain for 6 seasons now.
CB: Simon Bier (24C): Made some strides in his mental and physical development, he's really turned out well as an intercepting defender, and at 22 is now a fully matured senior member of this squad.
CB: Mathias Theiner: Starting to decline a little physically, but still puts in strong performances next to Bier.
LB: Marcel Wagner (26C): Not a great wing back option but Erhard creates enough on the right hand side, Wagner is just a super reliable full back. Relies on the strong mental and physical aspects of his game.
DM: Rene Balitsch (28A): Unsurprisingly, Balitsch had a fantastic season as a defensive midfielder, and managed to curb his aggression a lot better as well. Easily the best player at the club and is wanted by several elite clubs including Bayern Munich, PSG and AC Milan.
DM: Grgica Kartelo (27D): Stepped up his performances this year, still a super reliable contributor but had more outstanding games scattered through there as well.
RW: Strahinja Babic (24D): Had his best season in terms of average ratings, he's matured as a footballer and developed some consistency in his performance. Still waiting for him to make some big contributions in terms of goals and assists.
LW: Michael Mayer (28D): Stepped up into the first team slot after the sale of Weiss, his performances weren't amazing but I do think he still easily has the potential to turn into a great player for us.
ST: Yannic Foschtl: Career-best season for Foschtl, cracking 20 goals for the first time and winning the league Golden Boot.
ST: Alexander Bracher (27A): With Din Rahmanovic well down on form, I turned to our other striker options and Bracher got a much better run at it compared to the last few years. Finished with a respectable 8 goals, and also had some decent performances at DM when needed.



Youth Development

Youth Intake


Another disappointing intake, and there was only one player I felt like signing, although he could be the answer to my prayers when it comes to strikers.

Philipp Wenzel (30A): He has no idea how to play up front but I will be dedicating my time to teaching him how, because Wenzel has the attributes to play there. Looks to have a good personality for development, bit of pace, strong technically, really excited about him as a prospect.

Academy Players in the First Team Squad


Notable Academy players not included in Best Eleven

Nedzad Alihodzic (28C): Got elevated to the senior squad after the sale of Weiss, and played plenty of football with 4 goals and 3 assists as a decent contribution. His unambitious personality is probably going to hold him back.
Michael Bonig (27F): Has been simmering in the senior squad for a while now as a longshot striker prospect but he impressed me this season, with 7 goals. Developing pretty well as a player, he's never going to be our main guy up there but can hopefully continue to contribute as a squad player.
Josef Riedel (28B): Didn't develop as well this season but Babic's form on the right wing was significantly improved which left Riedel mainly coming off the bench.
Wolfgang Beckers (29A): Despite not getting a heap of minutes, Beckers developed super well thanks to that Resolute personality. He's got Erhard ahead of him at right back but I might try and give him some more minutes on the left hand side especially. He could easily become one of my best players in the next couple of seasons.

Academy Players Around The World


Finances & Facilities


We're starting to struggle to stay afloat now, mainly due to a major development that I'll talk about below. Our wage spending is as tight as it's ever been but I am disappointed in the return on investment in our youth facilities considering what a massive chunk of our budget it represents.

However, the biggest news of the season was we finally announced, built and moved into our new 11,500 capacity stadium after taking out a fifteen million euro loan to build it. The loan repayments are an added financial hassle now but I'll reserve my criticisms until I see how profitable a bigger stadium is.


Our facilities are looking good now but the board is really paranoid about us going bankrupt.




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On 21/09/2023 at 20:31, DazRTaylor said:


Who is going to do this in Japan in FM24?  For those who haven’t realised yet, SI have got the licence for the J League so will make its debut.

It's gonna be the first save for me! Bit concerned how excited I am by it

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Uruguay - Villa Teresa

2029 - season 7 - Division 2

Season Summary

So back in Division 2 after our relegation. Previously we'd started the Division 2 season strongly, kept a settled side, and rode the high morale wave through the season. This season, with a younger side, we couldn't do that, and at the midway point relegation looked more likely. We rallied and in the final game of the season had an unlikely chance of clinching a play off place. We lost it and finished 7th, our worst ever season yet!




Part of the problem was relegation led to losing our better players on stupid relegation release clauses, and the legacy players slowly been phased out. Luckily, our youth player look good, but they will need more patience than the legacy team that got us promoted first time round


I forgot to take a screenshot of the intake, but it was a good one! I liked the CA of our best prospect




So, back in division 2, looking weaker than before with even less money than before. Can we make a success of Urugauy?



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FC United

Season 8 - 2031/32



We stayed for a long time quite safely in the middle of the league. Some good results, some bad results. Some experiments with different young keepers - no one really good, but two of them turned out to be decent enough. Then i got fed up a bit with the number of goals we generally conceded - our attack was most of the times ok, the midfield medioce but sufficient ... just the defense in general was too leaky. After New Year I decided to try some more possession based football, in order to have more possession and giving the opposition less chances - after some iterations it started to work fine and suddenly, we rarely lost, most of the time drew or won our games.

And all of a sudden we were just two points behind the third place, 5 games to play. The rest is history ... we managed to grab somehow the third place and got promoted.

No idea how we will survive next season ...




Owen-Bird 23B is still here, he did not leave the club after his contract ran out. And Johnson 28C wants to leave as well - both for the same reasons, the squad is not good enough for them ... well as long as no club wants them they are going nowhere.

But we have a new good striker in Singleton 30E - not exceptional, but he scores regularly















Youth Candidates


Not an intake as good as the last two years - but i cant possible expect that. Even no one i especially like there. Makes it easier for me to not sign quite some players from this intake, dont want to clutter the u18/u21






Youth Team


The U18 won its league, again. Division 3 was too easy for them.



They even won the double! I guess the pipeline of future talent is flowing ok right now.









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 Yes, yes I know I said no more until FM24 but I can't resist.  So somewhere relatively new for me.  Northern Ireland.

Club Introduction

Crewe United

Crewe United F.C. - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

The Manager

This is me.


Personal Contract

Season     Contract Start Date     Contract Expiry Date     Pre Tax Wage     Post Tax Wage
At start          25 June 2023              31 May 2024         £400 p/w          £350 p/w

Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation            Qualifications     Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal   (0.25*)     None                 1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     4     1     1     1     4     1     1     1

Club Facilities

Season     Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At Start   Poor                 Poor              Basic                 Average          Limited            Regional   (0.50*)

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club

Transfer Sale Record

Date               Player                    Position               Club Sold To                 Country                   Transfer Fee

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles

Cup Competition Victories

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                             Position     Samuel Gelston's Whiskey Irish Cup   BetMcLean League Cup   Achievements

Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                    Cumulative Number of Appearances

Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                          Cumulative Number of Goals

Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                        Cumulative Number of Assists

Record Number of Clean Sheets (Players From The Academy Only)

Season     Player                   Cumulative Number of Clean Sheets






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